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  1.  Super Killer


    This film is really good,the story is amazing and well thought out only the amount of bloodshed could spoil one's tea,its about a superkiller afterall but it takes a while into the film to understanding the reasoning to why he became this Crying Freeman characther,the 1st film based on Japanesse Manga so it well worth the watch but more guns than martial arts

  2.  A woman would enjoy this


    This film could raise a few passions but the erotic scene's were not so much full of nudity as just being very passionate and to be fair there was a story that is quite good but was nothing i have'nt seen on the soaps so just about worth the watch but only just and glad it was a short film

  3.  Full of adventure


    I Thnk this is one of the best acted films by a group of teenage kids and the story is good because it has so many memorable moments i could never forget.
    Its a classic because the acting is just so good you almost go through every emotion there is to bare

  4.  Basic plot


    I've seen it and its like other films where the landlord peeps through holes and sets on his resident its been done over and over but this one the plot is just so basic

  5.  Coen brothers on top form


    I've seen this one a few good times,its very well acted by the cast,i think there performance's were excellent in this western crime film and the focus is very much on crime.
    Its very brutal in places,blood slatter and nasty killings but it makes for excellent entertainment only the ending was a bit to be left desired but it gets the brain ticking

  6.  Good film


    I think the film is excellent in everyway and is quite realistic if someone had caught a wild woman and how the family would react if brought back home and tied up what they would do to her but also some parts are quite shocking but the wild woman in this plays her part really well and im sure she deserve's pin up status

  7.  Bit like Hanna


    this is almost the same as Hanna with a few difference's,a little girl that becomes a killer,hitgirl bjah bjah bjah and a different location,slightly different act but also i thought the acting was'nt as good as Hanna but the action and story was really good

  8.  About murders


    Pretty intense cop drama,production is top notch and keeps the veiwer interest, but it also does go a bit slow and is part of the true crime series so is worth watching.

  9.  He is pretty much narco


    I remember this one being a bit long winded but as always i like most of Seagals work,the production is good but the overall impression is that this is more like an excellent crime series but don't get me wrong there were still some action.

  10.  He teaches the kid to hustle


    This film is really entertaining as Tom Cruise's character is taken through the ropes by the character played by Paul Newman on Hustling in the game of pool in which he is an expert on,and i think if i remember he needs money for something but this was really a pinch in the dark and it won Newman his Oscar he'd been waiting for so long for but without Tom Cruise he might not have performed so well because they do spark off of one another.The pool playing is fantastic as well, i think it was every kids dream to be as good,you still see people in pubs or clubs trying to hustle and it helped my own game so i recommend this to any snooker or pool player without question.Buy now!