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  1.  EGGcellent. if not balding.


    I liked this movie for two reasons. one, it got me into a world of escapism and two, it had that snap to it in editorial that The Fifth Element did. The scenes ran off the screen one after the other as if you were in an arcade game in real life. dmitedly there are a few continuation elements that could have been reproduced in post with a little digital touch-up. Timothy Olyphant plays the part perfectly and let's face it he has the background to do it having just come back from doing Die Hard 4.0. His female co-star in the movie was also chosen to be in the latest Bond film, what's its name now? "Quantum of flopped at the cinema house." Anyway I found this more enjoyable than that or any other Bond movie.
    Themes like Hitman are done with such tongue in cheek and the ones like the Bourne movies are taking over the Box office now. The ideas were born out of the Cold war and the issues that go with them. On top of that you get the Orphaned Bond movies which do little but give a bit of female flesh a flash. Casino Royal was not bad but the follow up is a no brainer. The Hitman is a brilliant passage of thought and I only wish that they would follow it up.
    It took them a few years to follow up on Hell Boy but they did that and that has been a success. I hope they can build on this and perhaps give us a few easter eggs this time.

  2.  Must have for Sci-Fi Noir


    I have this movie and unlike some I have he correct setup to playback the sound and vision. For a starters Anyone with only a Dolby Digital setup should select PCM and Bitstream, but for those of us who have DTS decoders let it rip.
    I was a bit confused when this film was first released why it had a voice-over at the start. In the many extras on this disk you will find out the point in great detail.
    The good thing is that the bits that were missing are now replaced and there is much more of a foreground as well as a background story.
    The interchanging between scenes is much more smoother this time round with care and clarity placed into the project. Proyas learned well from doing I, Robot with the editing process. I don't think it makes the film any easier to understand but puts the chronicle of events in better detail and you the viewer are able to evaluate for yourself what is going on.
    The story of the film and its basics in what the psychological effects of the mind do over time are several of the questions raised by the film, but like a rolercoaster each has to take his own journey.
    The Cast support each other very well and some along the way have even picked up Oscars, The principal Cast of Keifer Sutherland, Rufus Sewel, Jennifer Connelly and John Hurt. Though there are more these are the hub charcters but when you climb on this ride you are riding with John Murdock (Rufus Sewel), Persued by Detective Bumstead (John Hurt). Keifer Sutherland sneaks in like a slithering Doctor from a Harry Potter movie, Connelly is put in as his wife. The rest is in the film. Enjoy.

  3.  A bit Arcadey


    I purchased mine from play when they were first lauched . Roughly a year ago now. I was one of the ones who had to wait over 3 months for a retrofit due to a faulty power circuit. It came with PGR3 ff version.though this didn't make my day I had to refrain from using the ForceFeedback until I got the retrofit. While waiting I brought myself the Madcatz MR2 and played forza 2 with it. Once I got the retrofit I soon reduced my records in the racetimes etc with this steering wheel. In PGR you have no control over the ForceFeedback (3&4) whereas in games like Forza 2 you can reduce the feedback so it is not so arcadey. The same more recently with Racedriver Grid. and Dirt. I don't mind having the Feedback weight on because that is more like real driving. The ability to control aspects of feedback allows you to concentrate on playing the game. I use the wheel either with my PC or with my 360 and it can be almost realistic sometimes. I have driven on real tracks and raced some but I'd rather sit at home than waste the money going to a track and poluting the air. OK so what I leave a small carbon footprint playing the game but not as big as the one I'd leave driving the real thing. Back on subject- As long as you don't mind playing round with the forcefeedback you will have a good time with this, especially when I paid £80 for mine and had to wait impatiently for 3 months to use it. A good price at £53 and well worth it.

  4.  No Script, No Plot and no idea.


    I am very disapointed in this episode of what was a promising trilogy. The scriptwriters were right in saying that they put everything into the first film, and they did. No fresh ideas, and no real plot construct were the main faults of this film. They should of finished with the first film. Most of the film is made up of the actors mumbling about wondering what they are doing there let alone what the hell they are doing. I feel very let down by Disney. I cannot go to the Cinema so I watch in HD at home and this is one film I wouldn't let the cat,Dog or Mouse suffer through. Both the cat and dog would have pulled their hair out by the end and been more entertaining about it.
    If by any chance you purchase this watch the featurette first and it actually mentions the fact that they didn't have a script until the last minute. On top of that half of it was missing. Disney are usually so organised about these things but this just goes to show how badly this was put together. I have never rated a Disney film so low before but this has to be an all time low. This has put me off the next episode of the adventure for sure. I feel sorry for the Actors whom put a hell of a lot of hard work into the art and are presented with this utter fodder.
    Disney have got a big re-think ahead of them. Get decent screenwriters for a start. Their location managers are excellent in their field and CGI very impressive. I am only sorry that the actors had to make a pleasant effort out of a poorly driven script with little or no direction to it.
    Jerry Bruckheimer is usually a brilliant conceptual producer. He even keeps a tight budget. Think of all the TV series concepts that have been snapped up by big networks from his drawing board. CSI one of them. But I am just putting this down to a bad mistake with a bad director whom had no script and Actors that looked llike Zombies for most of the film. I'd get more excited watching paint dry.........

  5.  Brilliant Idea and well conceived


    I was a great fan of the first Matrix film which knocked my socks off. This Idea, taking a British Comic book Idea and turning it into a modern day conception of 1984 is well presented and brilliantly acted. Natalie Portman coming out head and shoulders above the rest. The other British members of the cast like Stephen Fry, John Hurt among others made this a unique format. There is even a scene which pays Homage to Benny Hill, but the stunts and special effects translated from the Matrix to this format work well. The Plot doesn't have an ounce of boredom in it. In fact I would say it was a successful Gunpowder plot. The Pathos, Drama and comedy are well combined to carry off a film which depicts the British government as a dictatorship. The Cinematics are well carried off and has some momentus stunts and special FX which have to be seen to be believed. If you like drama with a sting definitely add this film to your collection.
    I would have given Natalie Portman a C for acting and carrying off a roll convincingly before I saw this Movie. After this I give her an A. I am not flustered by a pretty face, in fact in this film they actually shave her hair off.
    Overall I would say this was a film that had a beginning, middle and end. As well as entertaining and well performed. I would have liked a few more extra's on the HD-DVD but I would still put this at the top of my Chart for any movie Hi-Def or not.

  6.  Good Cinematics, Bad Idea


    Taking a film and making a remake of the remake is blindingly stupid and the way it was made made it prolonged and boring. I don't know what Peter Jackson's Idea was? He had hardly anything origonal in the film but the plot was tedious and long and would have been better served by doing the film in Black and white and keeping to the origonal plot. The Cinematics were well conceived and the scenes well lit and directed other than that I cannot state anymore positives for the film. To be quite honest I'd be happy sat down watching the original cornball. At least its a good laugh. In this version the actors took themselves too seriously.