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  1.  Attitude Era carries this game


    Like many people who bought this game, I was very excited about Attitude Era. It was a fantastic mode, very fun to play with the historical objectives you had to complete to unlock stuff. However, that's all this game is. Attitude Era is the only fun thing to do. Universe Mode is no different from WWE '12, some storylines that the computer creates make no sense, like a heel and a face forming a tag team (and they stay heel and face too).

    Online is terrible. Full of cheaters who hack their characters, not to mention the TERRIBLE THQ servers. If you want to go to the Community Creations to download or upload something, prepare to battle the constant unstable servers. The servers have been terrible since THQ introduced them in the WWE series. Part of me is glad to see that THQ have gone down the tubes. Hopefully EA pick up the WWE license.

    Another thing that bugged me was THQ charging for DLC that should already be in the game. Superstars like Layla and Ryback should have been in. Also Ryback and Antonio Cesaro don't have updated attires, entrances or titantrons. The moves pack is full of moves that should have been in the game too like Lesnar's Kimura Lock and Jericho's Lionsault. It's just another way for THQ to bleed the fans' wallets dry.

    I also wasn't too impressed that I coughed up 65 pounds for the Steve Austin edition, just for THQ to release that "exclusive" DLC in the WWE Shop 2 months later for a mere 99 MS points each.

    I've given this 3 stars purely for Attitude Era. I understand that the Attitude Era was the main story for this game but it's missing a story mode for the current stars. I would have liked to play as CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler in a story. Oh well, hopefully that will be possible in WWE '14.