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  1.  Gd game but too short


    Altho its really short and quite easy even on the hardest difficulty its still worth a play, i recommend you rent it instead of buying or wait till it costs the same as Beowolf or something poo like that.



    The best game out this year, without a doubt.
    I feel sorry for ppl with xboxs that cant get this amazing piece of gameplay lol.
    If you dont have this then BUY IT!!!
    Only one issue with the online game play is i keep getting Error Message 5021.... If you know how to get rid of this then please help me..Thanks.
    Apart from that issue the game has outstanding graphics and superb gameplay.
    A must have for any collections!

  3.  Awesome Gore!


    Love the gore in these films. cant wait for the 3rd.

  4.  Great Sequel


    If you are a fan of the 1st game then you will love this one as it is much better. Can get a little repetative at time so sometimes its good to have a little break, but you can also play this for hours.
    Graphics are a bit grainy but compared to the first theres a massive improvement.
    Better story mode.
    Online play is good but can be really annoying as other playing have ray guns that will kill you with one zap.
    Still a good game and really enjoyable.

  5.  Must Have!


    A must have for all Mixed Martial Arts fans, especially if you are a fan of the legendary 'Huntingdon Beach Bad Boy' Tito Ortiz.
    A great insight into the life and upbringing of an MMA star.

  6.  AMAZING!!!


    The best novel i have ever read!
    I love this book, theres so much attention to detail its unreal and it gives a true insight into a serial killers mind in a black comedy sense. Patrick Bateman is such an amazing character. I thought the film was superb (One of my personal favourites) but the book is brilliant. The murders are so detailed they will make you cringe but if your like me and love the gore you will love this book.
    It takes about 130pgs to get to the first bit of gore however this book will keep you reading all the way to the end...
    Superb writing from Bret Easton Ellis.

  7.  Recommended!


    I highly recommend this game while it is so cheap.
    Unlike most short PS3 games this is full of hours of fun and will keep you wanting to play more. Im a Batman fan and this game is great.
    Play as Batman and Robin, then as Joker and Various other Baddies then do it all over again with all characters to unlock every hidden item.
    Super Game although because the Lego characters dont talk the game lacks a good storyline.
    Get whilst its cheap if you want a good long game!

  8.  Funny Stuff - Friend!


    This is the best British comedy in years, absolutely Hilarious and the cast are superb.
    Cant wait for the 2nd series to be released on DVD.

  9.  Great Game!!!


    Since getting my PS3 iv been waiting for this game as i am a massive fan of the first game.
    This installment is brilliant and will give you hours of fun and a few jumps along the way.
    Superb Graphics and great story really make this game....HOWEVER, the down sides to this game is the fact that is set in chapters where as the original was a solid straight story which i preferred and also Sheva likes to get in your way quite abit and needs a whack sometimes.
    The controls can be hard to get used to if your not a fan of the series but i highly recommend this game and always look forward to playing it.
    Worth the price!