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  1.  Its okay, I guess...


    Its just a minor update to the DSLite.

    The bigger, brighter screens are nice, as well as the louder and better sound quality. The matte finish is nice and doesn't collect fingerprints like the DSLite's glossy one.

    The thing I like the most about the DSi is its web browser. Its faster than I thought it would be, but that's not saying too much.
    The DSI store isn't a bad idea I suppose, but right now there's not much of interest on there.

    While on the subject of Internet. You can connect up to the internet and download games from the store, but you still can't play your DS games online, its an entirely different function, so you're still going to need a good router or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB.

    Anyway. I bought mine to replace my old DSLite that was starting to die. But other than that, there's really no reason for you to buy it.
    In my opinion, its not worth its steep price tag, as its only a DSLite with a camera and slow Internet.

  2.  Awesome.


    This figure is insanely detailed.
    And due to the fact that its metal it feels real too.

    Its hard to put into words.
    I'm a massive fan of the Alien franchise and this is an excellent addition to my collection.

    Personally I don't recommend this version; the one with the Bishop torso, he doesn't really do anything and isn't even the correct scale in conjunction with Ripley, so he is sort of an odd accessory.

    I'd recommend the version that comes with the Flame-thrower and Pulse Rifle, at least that way you can set Ripley up on her own with these weapons.

    Both the loader and Ripley are very articulated and can be posed in a variety of ways. The weightiness of the metal makes the loader very sturdy, and the working pistons and shocks are incredibly awesome.

    A word of advice though -

    Out of the box you'll need to attatch the hydrolic black pipes yourself, its easy enough as the instructions are clear.
    But I recommend you use a pair of everyday tweezers as connecting the pipes can be extremely fiddley, especially as you add more and more.

    Other than that, its brilliant, and for its current price, its a steal!

  3.  Where have you been!?


    The Sixaxis was nice, but the lack of vibration feature meant that its casing was about 60% hollow, meaning that when you held your controller tight the plastic would creak under the pressure, plus it felt a little too light in comparisson to my Dual Shock 2 (Which I also sometimes use on my PS3 via a converter plug).

    When I got this it felt much sturdier and better made than the first generation of Sixaxis controllers.

    Apart from the slight addition of weight and sturdiness there's no other difference between the two.

    If you need a new controller or are just buying another one then I recommend this over the original Sixaxis any day.
    Even though I said in my Sixaxis review that vibration isn't really needed in today's gaming, its still nice to feel the vibration of a gunshot or an explosion when playing.

  4.  What a beast!


    I bought this to back up my PS3, and it works on the PS3 straight out of the box, no messing around with system formats.

    To answer most questions about this Hard Drive regarding movies and such -

    You can transfer movies/pictues/songs to this ahrd drive and play them on your PS3, most pictures (Jpeg, Bitmaps, gifs, PNGs, ect) will work, the same for song files too (MP3, WMA, ect) but it can be picky about movie file formats.

    I download episodes of LOST and watch them on my PS3 via an external hard drive like this one, they are usually in .avi format, so I know for sure that those work.
    With recent firmware updates to the PS3, the variety of formats it can play have been broadened.

    But if for some reason you have a format it can't read you can find a PS3 file converter on the internet. They are usually free software that will convert movie files that the PS3 can't play, into ones it can play. They're easy to use, no hassle; its how I got movie files to play on my Wii.

    As for the drive itself, its great.
    Its deadly silent, really nice to look at and it matches my PS3 perfectly. It has a power-save function, as soon as you unplug it from a device (PC, PS3) it turns off, so it won't be chugging away with nothing plugged in to it.

    It comes with software on it for Macs and other stuff, which I won't use, it does come with an icon file, that way when you plug it in you get a little icon version of the drive for your desktop, which is a nice touch.

    The AC adaptor is a strange little gadget, it is a typical transformer black box that you'd get with any electronic device such as this, but it comes with inter-changable socket pins, you can slide off the typical British three-pin plug and slide on a two-pin for use internationally. Its nothing I'd ever use but its handy if you travel around.

    Overall the price is a steal, get one while you still can!

  5.  Not bad.


    The gameplay can get a little repetitive, mainly just the combat.
    I guess its not all about combat though, its more about the exploring and wall running.

    The visuals are really nice in full 1080 and the music is quite moving. You move from land to land, purifying the corruption that has infected the land, defeating the bosses that try to stop you.
    The battles become harder upon each encounter along with the obstacles you have to overcome when exploring, for example, you start off with simple wall running and climbing but as the game goes on more obstacles such as moving walls and harder jumps.

    You never actually "die" in this game, rather if you fall Elika, your partner saves you, this can become really annoying if you keep falling in succession at a certain jump.

    You can visit all the lands to being with but you can't access certain points until you gain powers after collecting a certain amount of "light seeds", which appear after you heal the land.
    The gameplay is pretty linear; Go to a land, heal it, collect light seeds, it unlocks a power and head to another land, repeat.

    Its kind of repetitive but its still fun.

    The characters are enjoyable but a bit out of place, he has this modern wit to him, which seems a bit too modern for the setting, but once you get used to it, its okay.

  6.  Great, but not as good as the original.


    Don't get me wrong, I -really- enjoyed this game, but to me, sequals just can't beat originals.

    But with that aside, the gameplay is nice, the visuals are very good and the game keeps you moving, so you're never hanging around for too long, which is kind of a downer 'cuz the game is shorter than I expected, its definately shorter than Fall of Man.

    The weapons are pretty much the same with a few additions, I found myself just sticking with the weapons from the first game; Carbine, Bullseye and grenades.

    The storyline is okay, but because its told differently from the first, the game sort of feels like...well more military, a bit Halo-esque if you ask me.

    The graphics are nice but I thought they were going to be much better than they were, some things like debris and orniments like furniture in houses are a little bland. The water physics are good but not as good as say those from Half Life 2, the water looks too "thick" to be water, looks more like mapel syrup and it doesn't splash when you shoot it, instead it kinda does this weird ripple, like if you were to drop a marble in custard; doesn't splash just ripples.

    R2 has online play, although I don't recommend playing it. Sure it boasts 60-player online play but its just too much. Rather than an organised fight like Call of Duty 4, its an uncontrollable brawl, far too many players in one session.
    As for online co-op mode, its not like Call of Duty: World at War - playing the solo campaign with friends, instead its whole different missions, which is really good, but they are really difficult at times, I have yet to get through to the end of one as the game just throws so many Chimera at you in one go.

    Overall, the game is really enjoyable, I will definately be playing it again and again on harder modes, and the trophies are really satisfying to get, even if they are kind of easy.

    Its an enjoyable game, not to be missed.

  7.  Trendy!


    I was just after a basic watch, nothing gadgety or anything special.

    But this watch is really really nice. Its really comfortable, in fact you can't even feel it on your wrist, its very lightweight and doesn't resitrict your hand movement in any way, due to the "strap" being pliable.

    I really like the top-down style of the screen, its like no other watch I've ever seen. Its very clear and easy to read in all types of light.
    You can adjust the time from two small buttons underneath the "face", but these are out of sight when you're wearing it.

    It says water resistant, but the instruction booklet states not to wear it in the shower/bath or submerge it in any hot water, just so you know. But seeing as its resistant, it'll hold up against every-day things such as washing your hands or even accidental spills.

    If you're after a watch that's out of the ordinary then I recommend this.

  8. BioShock



    1 New from  £29.90  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £20.98

     Would you kindly buy this game...


    I can see why this won so many awards.

    This game is incredible.
    The story has amazing depth and shocking twists, this is what i'd expect from a tv series like lost.
    When playing through for the first time, you question alot of things and go along with them, but by the end...wow...they've all fitted together like this epic jigsaw puzzle.

    The visuals are brilliant, from the effects of electricity and fire, to even the water or ice.

    The vast array of abilities or "plasmids" you can obtain, they're just so much fun. You can electrocute multiple enemies who are standing in water, set enemies ablaze, turn them against eachother or even freeze them and shatter them into pieces. And that's just a small example of the plasmids.

    You also have the ability to upgrade your weaponry and customize it with several types of ammunition, such as armour-piercing, exploding rounds and even electric buck for your shotgun.

    I must also mention the very creepy selection of enemies this game has to offer, "splicers" are very mad indeed, they talk amongst themselves when they are not aware of you nearby and when they see you they'll scream insane things at you. I can only describe it as an experience you won't see anywhere else.

    This game is both terrifying and delightful.
    If you like creepy storylines and first-person shooters, then i highly recommend this game.

    Its hard to put into words what this game is actually like, but there's so much to do, its somewhat overwhelming when you first start, but soon enough you'll fit in as a citizen of rapture.

  9.  Trendy, snazzy, gadgety...y'know typical Apple stuff.


    Firstly, wow.
    If you're like me and jumping from a previous generation Nano, then you'll be wowed before even turning it on.
    The slim design is nice, coupled with the curved effect of the outer casing, even the screen is curved, which is signs of a good design.
    The screen is made of glass, making it almost completly scratch resistant. So this time around I won't be buying a goofy rubber skin cover for it.
    You'd think "oh, the screen is rather long, don't you think?" but believe me, after using this iPod for an hour, you'll be asking yourself "how did I get along with such a small screen on my last iPod?"

    What it has to offer-
    Well, we all know that gadgets and gizmos love to hook us with a gimmick, this being the accelerometer inside it (seems these days every designer is jumping on the Nintendo band wagon for motion sensative hardware).
    You'll barely use it. If you're like me and just stick the iPod on shuffle, then you might as well just turn the function off, as it can be a bit annoying to take it out of your pocket to adjust the volume or switch song, to find it in its horizonal "cover flow" mode.

    As for shaking it to shuffle songs...its just not necessary.
    I shake it once to enter it into Shuffle mode, but then just use the arrow button to toggle songs.

    Cover flow is really nice, and the ability to see the album covers while playing a song from that certain album is visually pleasing, the crisp picture the screen offers, as well as adjustable brightness is great. I wasn't a person who listed my music by albums, but I did just for this iPod, now I can never go back to the bland layout of an old iPod, the new nano has converted me. 8D

    Downsides -
    Battery life. We all know that iPods are infamous for battery life issues.
    I honestly though Apple may have sorted out a solution, but it you can't escape the fact that the smaller the iPod, the smaller the battery has to be.
    I find that after a few minutes of use, the battery starts to drop slightly.
    But this battery drain can be slowed down by obvious things such as turning down your screen brightness or setting the backlight to a timer, rather than keeping it constantly on.

    Movies -
    iTunes is very picky about what type of files you can put on and play, so you'll have to download a software format converter in order to successfully put movies on.
    But in my honest opinion, don't buy this iPod to put movies on. The battery life for movie files is four hours, which is terrible, and do you honestly want to watch a movie on such a small screen?
    If you really want an iPod for your movies, then buy the iPod classic.

    Other than that, this iPod is awesome.
    I have yet to experience any problems with it.

  10.  Terrifying


    Seriously, don't play this in the dark, at night and by yourself, you will scare yourself.

    The atmosphere that made films like Alien, The Thing and Event Horizon what they are is present here. This game has to be the creepiest I own.
    The feeling that's built up when you play the game is so intense, you don't know when you're going to be attacked (especially on your first play through) I was on tenter hooks the whole time, and when something jumped out to attack it really shook me up. THe game does a good job of drawing you in to the fiction.

    If its not the incredibly creepy sounds and voices you hear in the distance when walking down a barely-lit corridor, or the scuttle of something above you in the air vents that will get your heart beating, then seeing a horde of necromorphs charge towards you will. These things are seriously creepy and will redefine horror for you in ways you couldn't imagine.

    If you don't like horror movies because you don't like being scared then seriously, don't buy this game, to put it bluntly, this game will mess you up, you'll be a nervous wreck after playing it, paranoid that things are going to jump out and get you at any moment (in the game that is, not in real life :P)

    But if you are like me and love all of that, and welcome the horror genre with open, bloody arms, then seriously buy this game.
    The freaky visuals coupled with the amazing sounds and voice acting will leave you wanting more.

    The game also has replay value like that of Resident Evil 4, you can go back and start over with the weapons you had and upgrade them through the game's Store, or you could just trade them in for different weapons and change your experience.

    As for weapons; this games has a great variety of them, I won't spoil it for you but "strategic dismemberment" is awesome.

    You can also purchase weapon upgrades in the Playstation Store on PSN, as well as new suits of armour to help you in the game, such as the Obsidian suit, exclusive to Playstation 3.