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  1.  What a let down


    People have brought this game for either Pro Clubs or Ultimate Team. EA servers have been awful since I brought this game, kicks you out mid games, servers go down for hours and has got even worse since the Sims has been released. Pro clubs has some major issues, which they will not fix as pro clubs does not bring in extra money for them unlike ultimate team, which is constantly being shut down due to cliches etc... I will definately be returning to Pro Evo next release If they have improved it. EA are a joke.

  2.  Good bag for a starter


    Ive been looking for a bag for ages, seen this on amazon, which was cheaper until I saw the postage, play then became the the cheapest.
    As for the bag im really impressed. I fit my dslr with 50mm lens on, also my 300 zoom lens and my 500 sigma zoom lens aswell as various other things like a couple of books, cleaning stuff, remote and spare battery. lots of room and comfortable to wer, the best thing about it is you can strap your tripod to the bottom. Could not recommend this more. happy buying.

  3.  Awesome


    What a cracking game and a breath of fresh air and released ahead of COD. The single player is fantastic, great game play and graphics, people have moaned about the story line but as far as I am concerned you dont buy porn for its story line and thats what this is. Online is solid, but good. I have suffered with very little lag at times but overall this game is ahead of its times and I think will prove itself against COD when released. Buy it.

  4.  My first XBOX360, the pro's and con's


    My wife recently brought me the 250 gig XBOX 360. I already own a PS3 and love it, its great for photos and the blue ray player, however most people I know own a 360 so for the online multiplayer reason I got this and I have to say im quite impressed with the online play with multiplayer on cod and left 4 dead.
    What I am not too impressed with is the fact you have to pay for xbox live when you dont actually get anything extra than the PS3 offers you for free infact less. and I am dissapointed they are looking to put it up by 12 pounds, which i think is discusting. Also there was no HDMI Cable with the 360, which in this day and age should be in without question.
    I am mostly happy with the console but still can not undertand where microsoft get off by charging for xboxlive.
    One last thing on cod if your playing americans their internet or server is quicker so they shoot you before you have a chance.
    I really do like the joypad though and Sony should really look at a re-design.

  5.  Good to Average


    Im not sure where to start, i really got in to cod 4 as it was now and not ww2 as its been done before by medal of honour. i would of prefered another today setting, there are alot of cliches on the online mode and the levels do seem to get boring especially when it keeps timing out and you end up doing the same level 2 or 3 times. the guns are not the greatest, i think i could even shoot better in real life than on this as it takes alomost a whole mag to kill some mother, and you get respawn in front of the enemy quite often leading to frustration. they have done well with this game as it is although artilery strikes are almost useless, even with radar. i really hope that they go back to modern warfair on the next game(not the future PLEASE). All round worth getting and playing with your mates.

  6. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


    9 New from  £1.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29

     Fifa 09 ps3


    I must say although being a pro evo fan since the playstation version years ago, i quite like this fifa, i like the power bar for passing, which pro should look at, the overall look of the game is good and i like online play, which pro has never bee good at. I do agree that i dont like using the analogue as it is very uncomfortable and i have no thumb ( only joking). It can get better, i just think pro's gameplay is always better but the look and improvements fifa have made are good and can only get better. However i dont like the camers angles especially on close attacks in pro mode, what is that all about. By the demo of pro i would also give that 3* too. Both must do better in the future.