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  1.  Crikey - is this getting a re-release?


    I bought this album on vinyl (remember that, kids?) on its release in 1986 just before me and a pal went to see FGTH at Wembley Arena. Its not their best album (Pleasuredome is better) but there are still enough catchy tunes on here. Warriors of the Wasteland is the standout track, but this still smacks of the "difficult second album" - even the original packaging was a bit "cant be bothered" and was more what youd expect from a 12" single - and the first cracks of the band splitting up were there to see. Within a number of months I think they had split and Holly Johnson had gone solo. I've got to be honest and say I'm not sure how this will stand up today, and I've not actually listened to this for at least 20 years, but seeing as the 80s revival shows no sign of slowing down (Duran Duran reforming! lol) its worth another listen.

  2.  This is going to be great!


    I was at the Manchester leg of this tour, and the boys were on top form.

    Do be aware that this was filmed on the Japanese leg, so if you were hoping to see yourself stagediving, sayonara!!!

  3.  A rising star


    If you have never seen Frank Turner live (or for that matter, enjoyed the majesty of his songs), this is a great introduction to what you have missed.

    He writes and sings really clever songs in such a simple, natural style, taking influence from his loves of folk, country and punk. Imagine a posher Billy Bragg sings the illegitimate lovechild of The Beautiful South and Carter USM, and you arent a million miles off. Every one of Turner's studio albums has songs which make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with their emotional charge, their knowing truth that you recognise in your own life, and this CD/DVD has many of these on there.

    Buy it. Enjoy it. Go see him live in a small venue before the inevitable happens and you will only be able to see him in a stadium somewhere.

  4.  Played this since xmas day......


    ...and I have to agree with the dissenting voices on here. The hype surrounding this game has been huge and for the most part (IMHO) unjustified, It's not a bad game, but given the fact this was supposed to be a PS3 launch title and is 5 years delayed it should have been so much more than the average racer it is. Fun in parts, sure, but like others say, the lack of any damage to the cars is a total let down, and rather than the grown-up driving sim we were promised, races descend into hammering it into early corners to smash off other vehicles so you can get pole position early then just defend from the front. Pointless, and no variation. Some of the driving characterics also see well off - I cant believe the Mercedes SLS handles so badly in real life, or that something more commonplace like a Nissan 370Z is so tail-happy on modest mid speed corners. I've been a gamer for over 20 years, and have to say this game is the second biggest "miss" for me this year, after Black Ops. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if magazine game reviewers actually play the games or are just paid to hand 90%+ marks out.

    Dont avoid this if you are an avid racer, but I'd disagree with Jason Bradbury's assessment on the Gadget Show - this isnt the reason to buy a PS3.

  5.  Good but some flaws


    I saw this on DVD, so cant comment on the Blu-Ray transfer/extras, but can recommend it wholeheartedly to fans of British cinema or fans of gritty gangster movies. Paddy Considine is superb as the vigilante brother out for revenge, but the ending is implaysible, as though Meadows ran out of ideas. Well worth a watch though, as all the performances are top drawer.

  6.  Good solid phone


    I bought this phone today for my daughter. She's well pleased with it, and hasnt stopped playing with it for the past 6 hours! I'm more a smartphone kind of guy, but I've got to say the little SE (and it is little, well thin I should say) is very impressive. OK, so the camera is a bit under spec'd, but the walkman music player more than makes up for this, and as the previous review states, you can bang a large M2 card into it and bin your iPod Nano. The sound quality is pretty good, and well balanced - a responsive treble, and deep (if slightly boomy) bass. All in all, for a teenager who likes to text and listen to music, its a steal.