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  1.  Total Shambles


    They got soo many people to come in and work with them on this album. Everyone is saying oh yeah this is something different for them and their trying to bring life back into dance music.

    Erm... every song sounds the same, it's as if the whole album is a build-up to the 2 good songs which are the ones Pharrell feature on. Same drumbeat most of the time and only now and again the session drummer breaks loose into some crazy solo.

    The vocoder work is nice, but the instrumentation behind it almost feels so far back it's not even part of the song. Same bass grooves over again along with repetition in words over and over again. Seems like they are just proper milking it.

    Apart from Get Lucky which is a class song, there is no life or soul to the whole album, they haven't done anything different, and it times i thought it was an album that could be produced by a 15 year old first time producer lol. As you can tell i thought the album was almost a complete disaster if it wasn't for the songs Pharrell was on.

    I think the Tron Legacy album they did was one of the best produced i've ever heard imo and that was very minimal, but this new album felt like they did in 1 month and just rushed it out cause they had no more ideas left....