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  1.  Its Criminal, so always good quality


    Very nice shorts, with a perfect fit and good quality material. As has been mentioned they are darker than the pic suggests almost more browny tinged than green but for 14.99 recommeneded

  2.  Stylish shorts


    Good quality shorts, the blues are very vibrant and the sizing was perfect. Highly recommened for the 14.99 that i paid.

  3.  A fun addictive Racer


    Why do we continually get reviews from people who have played the beta and/or demo, review the finished product it's not difficult, Rant over

    Picked up my copy yesterday, and have to say its a gem of a little game. There has been a distinct lack of quality racers before now on the PS3, but this one ticks all of the right boxes. It's fun and most importantly addictive, tracks can take a little while to load and the driving mechanics aren't really that much different to a certain other kart game but in soo many other ways it innovates. The single player mode is pretty straight forward, but a nice touch is learning about your rivals personalities, just adds a little something.

    Where this game comes alive tho is the modding. Creating a track is soo simple (you just drive a tarmac laying truck around to the shape you wish to create) but is arguably the funnest part of the game where hours can be lost perfecting a track with various accessories. I made one that took 50mins, and is great fun to drive around but after trying others creations out it can only inspire your own designs.

    If the ModNation community is anything like as friendly and creative as the of LBP then you'll be coming back to this game for months after you have completed the single player. Am sure there will also be numerous DLC to spend your pennies on in the future with a new future weapon pack (weapons are just your standard Mario type at the min) already hinted at.

  4.  Great peice of kit


    First up, the overall quality is what you expect from a Sony product with a stylish sleek finish which oozes class. The picture settings are indepth and a great suprise for a midrange TV. The one drawback is the fact that there is a sligh lag when playing games with the 100mz motionflow on, by simply turning it off the lag improves. But why buy this TV only to turn the 100mz motionflow off when you can buy the V range which is basically the same TV but a £100 cheaper but without the 100mz motionflow option. Have a look around various review sites and you'll see the issue has been noted a few times. Im still uncovinced that its beneficial to have a 100mz motionflow on TV's of this size, particularly if you are using it for gaming. For films though, perftect, and near perfect for games to.

  5.  Quality game


    Well this isnt everyones cup of tea, it's a thinking persons shooter. If you just want to run into an environment and gun everyone you can do, but its not what the game is about it and something like Resistance is probably better for people wanting a game like that.

    I read a review that complained about having to fight on the way to a mission etc, thats part of the fun, you just don't know what is around the corner. You can take different routes going to the missions, do you pull up in your jeep and take everyone out with your mounted machine gun? or sneak around the undergrowth? or maybe light a bush fire to gain cover and panic the enemy, heck you can even take a boat up stream or hang glide into the middle of a camp completely suprisingly the enemy with grenades raining from the sky.

    The graphics are top notch, the physics are quality and the animations like healing yourself and your guns degrading through use really add to the overall feel of the game. It doesnt have the same amount of polish as COD modern warfare nor is it quite as immersive but it has alot more longevity in single player.

    If you just want to rush through a game to say that you've completed it then your not going to get the true nature of this game. Start the game with a higher difficulty, not only will it last longer but will give you greater satisfaction when you finish it, afterall who plays the single player again afterwards?

  6.  Just Buy it, you know it makes sense


    Without doubt one of the funniest games of all time. Great graphics, fantastic level design, plenty of depth (trying to get 100% on all the levels is pretty tough), your always gonna come back to it just to see who has come up with a stellar level.

    It does take a few levels to get into though, so don't be disillusioned with the first couple things soon crank up.

    There are lot of dross created levels out there, but a quicksearch on the net and you can find a host of fun levels that should help get your created juices flowing as well especially with the greatest level design kit of all time!

  7.  The best footy game on the PS3


    This isn't ground breaking by any means but as the title states it's currently the best footy game on the ps3 by a pretty big margin margin. This is coming from someone who loved Pro Evo on PS2 for years.

    Unlike Pro Evo, Fifa has made progress and taken on board plenty from Pro with the controls much the same for instance.

    The game is a fun single player with plenty of modes such as Manager and be a Pro mode where you can take a created player and start him in the lower leagues reserve teams and take them right up to playing for England. A big disappointment is the lack of Champions League licenses (Pro Evo got it) and also the real lack of international competition (typical Fifa, wanting to milk you for a World Cup game in the future no doubt), but of course the domestic compeition is where it is at, and being a lower league manager is far more satisfying than in the Master League earning PES points.

    The game really comes alive online. There are some great players out there so you'll have to put your practice in against the AI first to avoid a few whippings, but you'll pick it up fast if you've played footy games in the past. There are plenty who just play as United or Barca and hold down the sprint button all game (you know who you are!), but you can have some real tense and flowing matches.

    I got this game at christmas with a host of others for my new PS3 and can say this is the game i come back to most for a quick pick up and play.

  8.  Good but not worthy of the Great One


    First up i should point out thatThe Rock is my favourite modern day wrestler and i really enjoyed seeing the great one at his best. But if your looking for great matches then the 3 discs certainly arent full of them.

    The 3 discs chronicle his rise through the WWE from his early beggining in disc 1 to his final single match agains Austin. Though there are serious admissions chronicaling the Rocks rise.

    No footage of the famous Rock v Austin mcmahon doublecross at Mania.
    No action of the Rock winning the Royal Rumble.
    Nothing shown of the Rock at Armageddon in the 6 man Hell in a Cell match
    Nothing shown of the Rock pinning Austin as the WWE defeated the Alliance.
    Theres not even his best match with Foley ( I Quit) in there nor any singles matches with Taker. These are all pretty big omissions from my point of view.

    Particular highlights though include his championship match with HHH at Backlash; anoher title match with; Angle the Triple threat with Undertaker and Angle , and of course the Icon v Icon match against Hogan.

    But there are also some fairly average bouts, the HHH, Kane and Chris Jericho bouts spring to mind, which is a shame as i certainly remember better matches he had with Jericho than the one highlighted.

    Disc 3's extra's whilst entertaining was a little disappointing. Much of his banter with Austin isnt there (including there famous Duet). Also missing was his first dialogue with Booker T which i still consider one of his best segments, instead we have a lot of messing about with the coach etc. The biggest suprise was that the party Foley threw for him when bringing out his highschool teacher etc is not in there, which was a huge suprise considering its actually mentioned in the intro as the most watched segment in Raw history.

    Maybe my expectations were too high,i still enjoyed the DVD, but it certainly isnt the ultimate Rock.

  9.  Very Disappointed


    After hearing such raving reviews about this film I thought I would give it a whirl and I hav to say it was very disappointing. Very little actually seems to happen during the film and i kept waiting and waiting for it too kick into life. The acting was good but they really didn't have much to go on.

    Someone compared it to Green Street when recommending it to me, its not in the same league.

  10.  Great film


    This film could have soo easily got a 5 star if it wasnt for such a poor ending.

    The acting is fantastic with all of the main characters putting in great performances and you genuinely dont know just how the film will end, its just a disappointment when it does.