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  1.  Fine, not the best


    Good sound quality, but for in ear don't really fit that well and fall out with the slightest movement. Don't really eliminate external noise either. They are fine, but for this price I would rather go for Sennheiser - even at the lower budget the material quality is better.

  2.  21st Century Masterpiece


    ...I really didn't think they could better american idiot, but i shouldn't have doubted that the best punk band - no the best band - in the world could pull it off. The title track is brilliant but so are before the lobotomy, east jesus nowhere, last of the american girls and 21 guns is so melodic and poignant. Green day have evolved yet again: This album is a serious, intelligent message wrapped up in darkly humorous lyrics as usual, even more intense and passionate and the better for it, interwoven with their trademark catchy tunes, but somehow the music is even better too. Yes, it's political but each track stands on its own on more than one level and all completely relevant and yet timeless. It's like woody guthrie for the new millenium and more appealling and impressive for being rock rather than folk. Ok i love them so i am biased, but this is stupendous and if they thought there was pressure to equal american idiot, that's nothing compared to what they'll have to do now. They think it's the best thing they've done and so do i, long may they continue - green day are what music is about.

  3.  At last a contender for the gap left by Buffy & Co


    This has been compared to Harry Potter by the New York TImes - ridiculous as this not a kid's book, although it will appeal to all ages on some level - it has layers, excellent plot and character development as the main characters deal with complex emotions and whether right and wrong are really so black and white in a supernatural world that exists alongside the everyday in small town America. Move over Mr Darcy, Mr Rochester, Romeo, Heathcliff - after three centuries there's finally some competition - Edward Cullen is passionate, intelligent, brave and selfless - oh yeah and he's a beautiful vampire with a soul! This is a real page turner and a great story, surpassed only by New Moon and Eclipse (the follow up books, with Breaking Dawn the last one) as the story gathers momentum and thunders to a conclusion - it's a great series of books.

  4.  Excellent supernatural tale


    Another really good book from this author, concluding the story of Bella, Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf. Plenty of action, suspense and bodice-ripping style romance as Bella finally grows up; culminating in a tense confrontation with the vampire law enforcement (and self-appointer rulers). A very good page turner as usual: I gave it four stars as I found the ending a little trite and unsatisfying after the three previous books, but I suspect it leaves the author the opportunity to return to the familiar characters, and some newly introducted ones, at a later date - I hope so anyway, I haven't had enough of this vampire family!

  5.  Oh well...


    ..they tried, but Catherine Hardwicke is no Peter Jackson. The Twilight books are moody, suspenseful, romantic - with great character and plot development. Although most of the acting was good, this film didn't really cut it by comparison - the biggest problem was Edward, who is supposed to breathtakingly, flawlessly beautiful - Robert Pattinson doesn't appear to have the range to show the emotions Edward should have been feeling, and he definitely doesn't have the looks. However I am looking forward to New Moon, when the Quileutes get more involved - the Jacob character looked as if he might be able to pull it off, I hope he gets the chance.

  6.  iTrip for iPod


    This does what it says on the tin until recently - the LCD has gone and I can't seem to get it to do anything now. As I've only had it a few months it's not good.