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  1.  Wish I had listened to others!


    After reading quite a few disappointing reviews about the game I still went out and made a purchase. I had never played a soul calibur game prior to this and so went in as a neutral party. I must say I really am not impressed. The game is split to arcade mode and story mode which actually serves no purpose or reason! Paying online is tedious and unenjoyable (mind you I think that may be because I suck!) The unique selling point of this game is the star wars incoportation, if that is a big reason for your purchase (as it was for me) you will be sorely disappointed. Please take my advice and don't make the mistake I did, have a top notch Friday night instead and even treat yourself to a kebab even though you will regret it the next morning you won't regret it as much as making this purchase!

  2.  Well below average


    Firstly the prequel to this is average, the plot defeats the whole purpose of the alien and predator universe but hey we were happy to put that to one side to enjoy the movie until the predator teamed up with some soppy bird and gave her an alien head as a shield - seriously!?

    Onto the sequel the storyline follows on from the end of the first film which is the birth of a half alien half predator hybird which has a lot of potential which is not explored. The filimg is good but I think they filmed it in pitch black as me and my mates could hardly work out who was fighting who each time! I certianly think this film should have been seen in the cinema but not on DVD.

    In fairness the blood and guts part of the film is quality with good ol alien acid blood flying all over the place! Which moves me onto my next point - what do film makers have to do to get an 18 cert these days? This had blood guts and a fair amount of the F word and is only a 15!?

    To conclude, a below average film that you should wait to buy when reduced as anything over £7.00 is extorsion.

  3.  Borderline Average


    I bought this without knowing anything about the previous titles and can't say I'm disapointed nor impressed. The graphics are by far the best part of the game, the layout of levels is really good with great places to hide and catch enemines out. The game on the whole is quite short and I presume they are banking that you will continue to play online which is the main problem with the game. The online play is poor as I struggle to connect to most games and spend more time finding one that will have me than actually playing. On the whole it IS a good game but not amazing.

  4.  Burnout my weekend!


    I did look well into this game before making a purchase as I was unsure if the demo was as exciting as it got, don't be fooled this game is highly addictive. The game is sectioned into races:

    1 - 1 where you race against the comp to a check point
    Take down where you have to take out a set number of cars within a set period of time
    Race simply a race against 7 other cars to a specific destination
    Marked man where 3 cars try to take you out before you get to a set destination

    You start with a basic license and the more you win the higher your grade. Races are spread all over the course and highlighted well across the map.

    Personally I'm a fiend for online play but I have'nt even been online yet which says alot about the single player game also I refuse to go online with a pony car!

    Negatives which are really nit picking, the soundtrack is pretty lame. The paint jobs are dull and if you look at the cars there are no drivers which does not make sense. The worst part is not being able to resart an event but if your good you won't have to worry about that!

    Overall I've given this a fair 4 stars as I believe 5 should be exceptional. This game is good and great fun but I feel people get taken away with the whole 5 star rating.

  5.  Whats that bloke waffling about?


    Dunno what that bloke was waffling about this being a crap album when its actually quality. Once again Dizzee has delivered with his quirky beats and fluent ryhming lyrics. Only shame is he didn't put GHETTO or Wasteman on the album cos they are some cracking sounds. As with the previous two albums the more you listen to the songs the better they sound, that is once you get your head around his tongue twisting vocals!

    Note to the other lad: if you think a guy who repeats himself 10 times over every verse is better than Mr Mills then you need to go get checked out!