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  1.  Worth watching, but nothing new


    This is yet another dystopian based movie. The conclusion to the story becomes obvious quite early on. Although, still quite enjoyable thanks to it's quirkiness.

    This HD version shows some technical flaws in the movie, i.e. the camera is often out of focus! This can be distracting.

  2.  Good, but not that remarkable


    This movie was nowhere near as spectacular as I had hoped. The special effects seemed a bit low budget for a major title. The movie came to an end, just as the story seemed to get going.

    It's not the best movie I've seen in terms of Blu-ray HD quality, acceptable and nothing more.

  3.  Great story


    I think this film would appeal to Quentin Tarantino fans. A solid story and script which isn't too predictable. Kept me wanting to know what will happen next, from start to finish. Great acting and realism as well.

  4.  Almost believable


    Good action movie which doesn't go to far in to the realms of fantasy. The story line is a bit simplistic, could have benefited from more depth and a few twists.

  5.  All for a good cause


    There is some excellent footage which is filmed in HD, but be aware that some of the footage is filmed using standard video cameras, rather than HD.

    There's plenty of real excitement in this documentary, especially when Rob Stewart teams up with Sea Shepard.

    They do a good job at showing people that sharks are mostly harmless and deserve to be protected from harm.

  6.  Technical excellence


    This CGI movie looks brilliant in high-def, and you're soon believing that the characters are real people. I don't know how well it follows the original story, but I enjoyed it regardless.

  7.  Extreme Gore


    Be sure to watch the first movie, Hostel, before this 2nd one.

    The story line is pretty good for this type of film, with a couple of good twists.

  8.  One of the best FPS games


    If you like FPS games, then COD4 is a must have. Very nicely made with realistic AI and character movements. Both single player and multiplayer are excellent, but could do with more multiplayer maps.

  9.  Dated looking graphics...


    The PS3 version of this game is nothing special, the graphics do not make good use of the PS3 hardware.

    The game play brings nothing new to the table. But, still quite enjoyable to play.

  10.  Not so good


    Game slows down during heavy action, making the controls lag. Seems to have been roughly ported to PS3. I think the game is only selling well because the release price is lower than usual.