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  1.  possibly worst driver ever made


    this game is so bad to play in every way possible . I think I would be just as happy if I was robbed at gun point .. truly shocking

  2.  how not to make the same game over


    Same old boring gameplay and design but this time even worse than ever . Worst cod yet . When will they learn and change it up abit . No one wants to keep buying the same game over and over for full whack every few months . The call of duties have become abit of a joke . There has been no change in gameplay or game since call of duty 4. A lesson to em all . Dont get greedy for money and dont get lazy cos u will destroy what u created and thats whats happened right here . Lazy money grabbing greedy developers .. Shame on u all

  3.  Worst film he has done


    I am a massive Statham fan but this movie was so bad I almost didnt finish watching and Jennifer Lopez also helped kill the mood ... Just thought I should warn people who enjoy his usual titles that this is below par . Infact its a triple boogey .

  4.  Really enjoyable rally


    I have enjoyed all 3 wrc games . I feel they are more realistic then the arcade style dirt's . They play at a speed which allows enjoyable cockpit driving . This game is great fun behind the wheel . I am sick of seeing dirt fan boys slating this game so I give it a top rated review which it deserves .. Still play these games all the time .



    Hood is made of a material that doesnt sit with the woolen look that well. Collar is a bit odd but if u roll it round the collar of jumper and pull it so its straight its ok :)



    Took me 4 attempts to get a working watch . And then a button was dodgy .. Avoid ....

  7.  dont see whats not to like


    MULTIPLAYER REVIEW .. If your a fan of call of dutys then this is another good shooter . Nothing more nothing less . I enjoy playing free 4 all most and found the levels on mw3 good fun for this mode . I dont feel the game deserves such low marks from people that state they love modern warfare 1 & 2 and black ops cos this is much of the same . If your looking for something new and fresh feeling that cod is stale then why not try a different game all together . I recommend this game to any one who loves fps online gaming . U can grab it cheap enough now and no worrys of those online passes with this game . A GOOD SHOOTER :D

  8.  dont think of golden axe and its good


    Loved riding all the beasts and the game has a good combat sytem that feels like you are really fighting countering and blocking than button bashing . A bit slow in places but if u like walk along beat em ups then give this a go for 5 pounds . Bad points are wheres the classic music and charecters to play as .



    NOTE::: MY REVIEW IS FOR THE ONLINE SECTION OF GAME ONLY 5/5 :) As soon as I heard that the battlefield boys would be making the online for this I was interested...And online does not disappoint .Even though I had only rented and was not using the vip pass its still got lots of online maps and features..I have now purchased and can not wait to get into the whole multilayer experience as it has already blown my socks off . Single player is a bit disappointing though and feels very different to online which is AMAZING . The whole single player feels like a totally different game just slapped on the side of an ONLINE BEAST . All the people who moan about getting shot to much by snipers .Have u every heard of cover . Since gaming online has become more common we now have many many noobs trying to run and gun on all shooters thinking that they are playing that very arcadey modern shooter [not mentioning any names ] . But don't get me wrong , you can run and gun on this game taking out 3 to 4 enemy's easy . Its just all about timing and using cover and flanking . A GREAT ONLINE SHOOTER THAT FEELS SO REAL . I got mine at &17.99 and to think you get all the new DLC for free with vip code just like BFBC2 with the viatnam pack [WOW] Its a no brainer :) . This game online is basically battlefield 2 but a bit quicker and lots more action and shooting . With great levels that start to feel like home after a while with your own special hiding areas and a new perk system giving bomb strikes etc . Just bare with it practice and like me u will be coming out of games with 30 kills and 4 deaths HA HA

  10.  works great but start up trouble


    my only problem was when it turns on it then turns off....found out if you don't have headphones or socket in lock position [nice feature]it turns off to prevent waisted battery [makes sense really as if its not in pc or headphones why does it need power [apart from voice record] .
    NOW TO THE GOOD STUFF......This is a really good mp3 player with great sound and no back hiss.Easy to use settings etc ,music can be browsed by artist,album,folder etc.unlike i pod shuffle you can see what you doing when browsing music and choose folders of music ,which is great as you dont get name clashes .If some music has same name [eg track 1,track 2 etc]just make a new folder on pc name and drag and drop .My first music port over was 4 folders named differently all with track 1,2,3,4 etc and it played them all fine with no song name clashes.Who needs an over priced ,no display ipod shuffle when you can have this.....