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  1.  Love it!


    This album is realyl good. I am normally a classic rock (80s), metal and punk type of guy, but when I checked this album out (I liek to check new music out), I really enjoyed it, he has a good voice and the music is very party/bubbly - puts a smile on my face...and he is sexy which makes it that bit better.

  2.  Improving with age


    Bon Jovi are one of those bands where they improve as they go on, I have always loved Bon Jovi and have all their albums, this album is definately excellent from start to finish. I only wish I had tickets to see them when they come over London. Well done Bon Jovi an yet another great release :)

  3. Endgame


    Megadeth - CD

    31 New from  £4.69  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.89

     Another great album from Megadeth


    This album is awesome, just like the rest of them. Very good vocals, guitaring and drumming by this legendary band. The Head Crusher track is very electrifying.

  4. Malice


    Through The Eyes Of The Dead - CD

    14 New from  £8.31  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.98

     Totally Insane!!!!


    If you like Cannibal Corpse then I strongly suggest this album, they are very heavy and are very similiar to the legendary Cannibal Corpse. This starts off insane and finishes even more insane :)

  5.  A must have upgrade


    If you own, or are thinking about buying a PS3 then this is a must buy really. If you go for the cheapest PS3 available (40gb), it will not last very long as you need to install a variety of games. So this 320GB upgrade is well worth the money, and play.com delivers extremely fast.

  6.  Good


    This cd has many long tracks which are awesome. However, this is not as good as Inhuman Rampage...in my opinion anyway that is their best album. However this album will keep you rockin and Dragonforce know how to give the electric energy.

  7.  Their BEST Album!


    This is Disturbed's best album. FACT! All tracks on this album keep you rockin!!! Well done Disturbed on such a great metal album.

  8.  Death Metal!!!!


    This is the best cannibal corpse cd so far, their live music makes it sound so much better to listen to. Super sound quality and a good price for 18 tracks. This is a perfect album to play full blast in the car!!!

  9.  Great Game


    Some may say it is the best of the series, others will say its the worst. I say its awesome and is worth the money, graphics are good, soundtrack is good and a new selection of nice fast cars make this game exciting.

  10.  This Film Rocks!!!


    I went to the cinema to see a pre-release showing of this and it was well worth it. This film is great from start to finish and is a must see for anyone who enjoys a good comedy and loves rock!

    In my opinion, its better than School of Rock and Tenacious D the movie... and I am a big Jack Black fan too. I hope they make a number 2 of this film with the same cast.