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  1.  getting better and better


    when fifa 12 first came out for me it was great but now after several updates they seem to nearly be perfect. 5/5

  2.  works a treat


    found that this item works realy well, picks up me and kids quickly and are now 2 foot closer to the tv and more room for 2 players.
    Got 4/5 as its a tad expensive but id say worth it

  3. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09

    PC Games

    1 New from  £12.22  Free delivery

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    Great game but the same problem as with the demo
    Cant change the controller to suit the game so hence i cant tackle!
    Need to get the correct controller according to the manual which is pretty much what i own already!!! Doh!



    Having got my ps3 finaly online via a wireless usb port i got i decided to get this singstar,its ok with the 30 songs you get with it but i only ever played at most 6 songs from the list,i went online and since it came out they have finaly got over 100 songs on their the last update being the biggest so far with the next update due 21st of march,i downloaded 5 songs straight away for 99p each which i belive are worth it as im always playing them,
    my kids love playing this along with the eye toy so you can get a pic of yourselfs too
    check me out my id is PJennings30
    happy singing......



    my soon to be 6 year old daughter loves this game,seems to have plenty to do,items to buy/earn etc
    when the baby cries you can at least turn the sound down!!! if only that happens in real life!

  6.  simply frustrating!


    having played this on my psp i was looking forward to playing this on the ds.....how wrong was i....when playing and moving the items on the "game square" i found it very hard to pick and move the gems,skulls etc to the correct spot and selecting the chap on the map and bringing up the menu for selecting quests,shop,tavern was a pain too,you have to be exact on the mark..or could it be i have bad eyesight??? the psp was so simple just move the directional buttons so why couldnt they have done that here as well.......
    great game but badly done on the ds

  7.  OKISH


    I agree with someones review that this isnt as good as it could have been,they dont seem to run as you have to stay warm otherwise you run out of time/heat and die so speed is of the essence tho they seem to walk around....guns are good graphics are ok but could have been alot lot better

  8.  A must buy


    Having never really playing the other burnout games i was keen to try this one out and i found it to be a great game,the open roads means you can go anywhere on the map and so many different reaces to find,i suppose the game play could have included drivers in the cars but then im sure this would have been an 18+ game!!
    other reviews say the music songs are bad...i find them ok personaly but you can switch it off but i like the music,some of the car smashes are awsome!!! i would rate this 4 and a half stars as a few improvements could have been done....overall a great game and joy!!



    Ive played this pirates game along time ago on the C64 where i played it to death as i always longed for a pirate game,then i owned it on the xbox and loved it on there and now i own it on the psp and yet again i love it
    yes its repetive but i love the fighting and swordfighting
    music is great the graphics are crisp and clear and you can do what ever you want to do in the game....
    great game that ive loved for 20 years!!!!



    having bought this for just £20 i was expecting it to be poor as ive heard the bad reviews and ive always had the fifa games due to the team i support (i.e league 1 side)
    im hoping someone will do all the english league teams via editing,
    anyway i found this quite surprising,some graphics are good,some not so good but for me this is the best version to date if indeed it is a bit slow on pace