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  1.  Great little product


    Owned one since April 2011, which is about to die because it is now failing to recharge. Good enough for me to buy another one. Has anything better has been released? Nope, so another MW600 it is then.

    MY USE
    - Windows mobile v6 phone (yes it;s old I know - see below)
    - HTC Sensation (non beats audio version)
    - Windows7 laptop
    - 30min walk to and from office (5-hours a week) plus some evening and weekend use
    - 17 months of this level of use seems acceptable to me

    - Easy to pair
    - Good sound quality
    - Better headphone amp than most mobiles phones (drives headphones louder)
    - Decent bundled ear bud headphones (I don't like this style, but accept they are not nasty make weight headphones)
    - Shows caller number (or name on many devices - not my Sensation though)
    - Shows track name if your MP3s are tagged correctly (again not on my Sensation)
    - Battery usually lasted between 1-2 weeks based on my usage above
    - Seems to work with the music/video app in current use; i.e. MXVideo player app, YouTube, or built music player
    - Can use your own headphones

    - Fiddly touch (in)sensitive volume control (no gloves allowed)
    - Sometimes got its knickers in a twist receiving or just after a text/call
    - Sometimes needs to be switched off/on to get working again; or turn mobile phone Bluetooth off/on (not sure if MW600 issue or my phone)
    - Charge time is longer than most mobiles (overnight is still fine though)
    - I found the FM radio not too great and didn't use it (I am based in Central London)

    - Great device, decent features and good price
    - I can live with the faults
    - I am buying another one to replace my soon to discharge one
    - Why only 4-stars? Because it is good, not perfect.

    I hope this helps your decision.