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  1.  Improve your gameplay!


    This Wii gun is an essential part of your gameplay if you really want to have fun with those shooting games on the Wii. I use it for all my shooting games (e.g House of the Dead, resident Evil). For those games where you need your Nunchuck you can plug it in and away you go. Makes it so much easier just pressing the trigger.

  2.  A must have!


    Although there are games where you don't require the Nunchuck it is always handy to have one or your gameplay will be limited. Easy to add on to your controller and allows you to play a whole range of games.

  3.  Relaxing!


    This game is amazing. What a great idea for a game. I find this game so relaxing when exploring the ocean. There are so many things to see and do with all the little challenges you are set. The graphics are also really good and you can learn so much about what goes on down in the ocean.

  4.  Good stress reliever!


    This is a really good shooting game especially if you play it with one of the Wii guns that are on the market. Two games for the price of one you can't complain. Good arcade action that you can keep coming back too. I found its only downfall was there was no save option during gamplay but other than that I would say go and buy it.

  5.  Another classic!


    I find it very hard to fault anything in the Resident Evil series and this is no exception. Amazing graphics and a really gripping story line makes this game hard to stop playing. If your a fan of other Resident Evil games in the past then don't hesitate in buying this game. Brilliant!

  6.  Needed!


    This is a must have to play anything on the Wii. One of the best controllers I have used on a games console and a lot more fun than the standard ones we are all used too. The more controllers you have the more people, and the more people the more fun you get to have!

  7.  What an amazing console!


    Nintendo have really excelled themselves this time. The controllers they have for the Wii are unlike any of the other consoles out there. The range of games out there makes it so everyone has something they like and its for all ages. The Wii is at an affordable price unlike some consoles I could mention plus you get a free game included.

    Wii Sports is a fun game that any age can play and with more controllers the more fun you can have. I have had my Wii for awhile now but still play this game now because it never gets boring.

  8.  A Must Have Game For All!


    This game will appeal to all ages that own a DS console. The gameplay and graphics are excellent. It is easy to get the hang of, and will give you hours of fun. Once again the Mario fans will NOT be disappointed.

  9.  Excellent Game!


    This game is a must buy for any DS owner. At this brill price everyone should have a copy. I spend hours on this game because there is just so much to do. Brill!

  10.  Really cool game!


    This game was one of my first games for the Wii. I really enjoy playing this game. It is very simple to play and the storyline is a good one to follow. If you are new to the Wii and its controls this is a good game to get started on as it makes the most of what the Wii has to offer.