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  1.  Dformed and suprisingly good.


    Wasn't sure how good this would be doe to the design (and blurry picture) but I just got it today and I love it.

    Size is as stated and the detail is suprisingly good. Not sure if it works better on Robocop because of the fact there is little need for getting the face right, as apposed to say the Rambo - which I may now even buy going by this.

    It has a nice weight to it and the finish is pretty good. It's not poseable if anyone is wondering. For 8 quid you can't go wrong.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

  2.  What a price!


    UPDATE: Google is a great tool, or ask on a forum. Don't give a product one star because you can't use a search engine. The first result I got for Nokia 6303 specs said it only takes up to 4Gb cards.

    Got this for my EDGE card. Works flawlessly. Great value for money. Cheaper than two 4 gig cards and much less than the price of a 16 gig card. You can't go wrong as far as I'm concerned. Just make sure your device is SDHC compatible. Comes with the SD adaptor too, and you can get a USB reader for the quid shop as well.


  3.  Iron Man poster.


    Nice quality poster, looks the business framed. The half face gives a subtle and dark feel which you can enjoy without the poster being too in your face.

  4.  Crosshatch T


    I'm a S/M and the Medium fitted perfectly.

    Nice T-shirt. You can see it's a bit "bling" due to all the silver in the picture. The back is plain and have crosshatch embriodered in silver on the right shoulder.

  5.  Nice design and fit.


    Sizes are pretty much spot on. The design is very good. It's got CROSSHTACH across the back from arm to arm which I like.

    Only problem is the material isn't the thickest and you can see through it a bit, as you sometimes can with white garments but I'm just letting you know. Looking but I would probably have went for the other colour, although that isn't reflective of my rating.

  6.  Terrible sizing.


    5* star for the t-shirt and price (£10 at the time), 1* for the sizing and lack of information from Play.

    Like others have said it is a fitted t-shirt, but even at that it's still very small. I bought a medium when my normal size was small and it just fit my chest, but the length was joke. I don't remeber fitted meaning your cats have died. I'm a 6' guy so beware, I'm not sure if the large will be much longer, heck I wonder what the small was like it must have been a boob tube.

    Play were helpful and refunded me for the item.

  7.  Good way to bring back the series.


    I've got most of the Bonkers albums on CD. As of late we've been hearing the same stuff over and over again. I don't personally mind this as hearing a good track re-mixed keeps it somewhat fresh.

    This album is almost completely fresh, I like what they have done. It's not a decent compilation with a few really good and well known overdone tracks it's just good and fresh from start to finish.

    I've never particularly likes Sharkey's cd but it's just as good as the rest this time, for me anyway.

    Finally a Bonkers album I can put on without skipping tracks. Though sometimes I just can't help myself :P

  8.  Best game on the DS? I think so!


    I've been a big fan of the sanbox genre since GTAIII which is my favourite game of all time.

    Chinatown works really well on the DS, utillizing the consoles features while keeping the Grand Theft Auto magic.

    Everything is there, and more. They've brought bask the old taxi missions which were wrongfully left out of GTAIV. The game has been seriously updated to include things like a PDA and home delivery from AmmuNation. All these little touches set the game apart from it's 3D counterparts and gives it it's own identity.

    The touch screen has been implimented really well too. Everything is a mini-game like making Molotovs to searching dust bins for weapons.

    I didn't find the game that hard but it's fun and there's a lot to do. If like me you like to spend a lot of time mucking about in a sandbox game then this should last you ages.

    The only problem I had was with the cut scenes. You've got to read all the dialogue, however that's the same with almost all DS games. Sound wise it's pretty damn good from the sound effects when you DS console from sleep to the pretty decent radio channels.

    Buy it, you've got to. Argueably the best game on the DS.

  9.  Very nice.


    Being a cheapskate I waited for the price to drop back down from £13 to £10. To my luck it did so I stuck in an order.

    They're just what I expected. The colour of the lens is more striking in real life, green in the center blending to a purple outer. I think they are made for a smaller/thinner head though.

    The hinges are good, they don't flop about, they are pretty strong and they expand a little to allow for a slightly bigger fit. They come in a nice pouch too which doubles as a cleaning cloth.

    The lenses are small height wise. I make them 34mm. So the sun could probably sneek in above the lense. This hasn't been a problem for me though. The lenses also give of a nice shade when viewing, it's not overly dark like you get on some other sunglasses which turns a summers day into midnight, they give off a pinkish tint and make everything look very clear.

    Recommended from me. Now all we need is the weather (UK).

  10.  Great for phone and PS3.


    This is my first Bluetooth headset and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I decided to go for this because of the amount of stuff you get for the money. Having received it I can say the quality doesn't justify the low price (£8). I use it both in-car and on the PS3.

    I can't use 'in-ear' earphones because they fall out. No I don't have big ears. This headset has a bendable arm so you can bend it to fit round your ear perfectly. Top marks there. In-car and home charger are both great to have. You can charge it up in the house (great for PS3) and have the car one in the car if the bat runs low. The little car universal holder is very sticky and adjusts to the size of my phone with no problems. Volume is good and the mic is great for people to hear me. haven't had any issues with low sound etc.

    To set it up for the PS3 you need to search for the device on the console then hold in the button on the headset until it goes blue, this puts the headset into like a pair mode. PS3 should find it straight away.

    Great buy, couldn't be happier.