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  1.  Watchable


    Hardly scary and mostly tame, The Number 23 is a film that neither succeeds as horror nor as a thriller. The numbers and incidents indicating the enigma of 23 are so far-fetched that it is difficult to believe any of those. The film is better in the first half when the suspense is built up using some slow, but occasionally intriguing, storytelling. By the end, the director tries to pull a Nolan-esquire twist to turn the story on its head and turning the movie into a sub-standard affair. Too much time is spent explaining the twist, quite contrary to classic thrillers that invite the audience to use their intelligence (and imagination). There are some nail biting moments, but they are interspersed between too many lifeless moments to have any impact. Left completely at the whim of a placid story, the actors struggle to perform in any memorable way. While Jim Carey tries to carry the film on his shoulders, we have definitely seen much better performances from him (comic or otherwise). Too convenient in its explanation of major plot elements and too slow to help you suspend disbelief, this movie is a mediocre fails to thrill. Watch it only if you are obsessed with 23 (and bad thrillers).

  2.  Great family film


    This is movie is very funny, I remember the first time I saw this movie, I was laughing over and over again!

    I really love the scene where Kevin was getting prepared to give Marv and Harry some Booby traps that they weren't going to forget! When Marv climbed through the window and with no shoes on stepped on those ornaments! That had to hurt, especially the five-pointed star!

    Another one of my favorite scenes was where Kevin had put on Angels with Filthy Souls to scare Marv away. But then Kevin made the mistake of going outside and Harry discovers that they were: "being scammed by a kindygartner." This movie is very funny!

    All of you who haven't seen this movie, need to!

  3.  Brilliant


    In recent times British mainstream comedy shows have been nothing less then appalling, bad scripts, acting, etc. But if you look just off the mainstream you'll find gems like The Office, Black Books and this beauty Phoenix Nights. Peter Kay the main man responsible for Phoenix Nights, is arguably one of the best comedy minds and actors in Britain if not the world today. Everything is brilliantly observed and done with great affection for the people and places involved in the club scene in England, now and in the past. I think one of the reasons it's so funny is that we all have seen these places and have experienced the 50 something guy down the road in the 20 year old suit and fake tan singing standards to the people in the audience who turn up every night simply for the company. This is sort of a tribute to a time and tradition slowly disappearing from our landscape, sort of like the British sitcom, (that is until this came along).

  4.  Loved it


    One of the Funniest LOL movies of the year, I am not a big fan of Recent American Comedy Movies, but this was funny from start to finish. A great Pop Corn Flick.

  5.  very intense


    The Hurt Locker is a serious character study and a taut, suspenseful action thriller at once.

    The subject matter itself - the work of a bomb expert, possibly one of the most nerve-racking jobs on the planet - yields most of the suspense but Bigelow manages to squeeze out every bit of tension of the premise.

    This film to me was very apolitical - though set in Iraq, it is distinguished from most of the Iraq-themed war films in that it concentrates much more on the job itself than the political environment. Iraq seemed more like a backdrop - any other war would do, The Hurt Locker does not preach about this one specifically.

    The story is deeply emotional, depicting a thoroughly disturbed individual's life in hell. Jeremy Renner gives an incredibly powerful performance as an EOD officer completely hooked on adrenaline stemming from his everyday close shaves with death.

    All aspects of film-making are top-notch, from the brilliantly subversive screenplay through vivid cinematography, masterful directing and perfectly paced editing.

    In its storytelling the filmmakers wisely break with traditional Hollywood narrative techniques. There is no clear antagonist, no rising action, no obvious character development and no climax. And yet the film manages to be more interesting, tense and suspenseful than any Hollywood action thriller I've seen in years while making a powerful, yet subtle statement about the insane addiction that is war. Kudos for everyone involved for making this film without compromising.

    This is pure quality, cinematic storytelling at its best, a thinking man's actioner

  6.  My Favourite Cartoon of all time


    As the title says i love Scooby doo and now in my twentys and still watch the Cartoons, Lucky for me i have kids and have the excuse to put on the DVD.
    Based around 4 teens and there trusted Dog who travel around the America and sometimes the world to solve mysteries involving Ghosts.
    I have seen all the episodes many times and never got bored. A definate 10/10 for me!

  7.  A delightful exercise in farcical chicanery,


    What a film! "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" has a really clever plot, in which Lawrence, a high-class playboy (Michael Caine), and Freddy, a petty con man (Steve Martin), make their living by seducing and cheating rich ladies. However, the little French town is too small for both, so they decide to set up a bet in which the loser has to clear the area. Pretty and naive Janet (Glenn Headly) is the object of their contest, and each one of them engages in ever-more ingenious tricks to try to rip her off and win the bet, yet with unpredictable results.

    The movie is hilarious, and despite its 15 years' of age, it is as fresh as it has been when it was first produced. Steve Martin of course is the funniest character of all, with his fantastic "Ruprecht" performance being unforgettable. Go ahead and enjoy this film. It is worth it!

  8.  Amusement


    Not a great horror film but very watchable.

    The story did not make much sense as it had 3 stories rolled into one. The part with the Clown was very creepy.
    Overall if your a big Horror fan i would give it a go, otherwise give it a miss.

  9.  A Very Cool Holmes


    I am a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories, having spent a good part of my teenage and college days reading Doyle's books multiple times over. I have also tremendously enjoyed the Guy Ritchie films that I have watched so far - Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels, and Snatch. So, needless to say, I had huge expectations from the Guy Ritchie adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. And this movie did not disappoint me, though I did not adore the movie as much as I thought I would.

    Guy Ritchie has given Sherlock Holmes a cool new makeover and transforms him into an adventure loving action hero (though Doyle gives an impression in the books that Holmes was more a man of languor than a man of action), while keeping his methodical logic and meticulous attention to detail, intact. In fact, there is a lot of focus throughout the film on these well known and other little known Holmes traits, and other quirks that are trademarks of the Baker street detective. But what is most striking is the beautiful interpretation of the Holmes - Watson relationship. Since the books are narrated from Watson's perspective, the neutral perspective of the film throws new light on Holmes's emotional dependence on Watson and his possessive love for his loyal sidekick. Jude Law plays his part to delightful perfection and is often more charming than Downey Jr. Downey Jr. though good, is still more Downey Jr. than Sherlock Holmes, but the two actors share a great on-screen chemistry.

    Ritchie continues to delight with his fast paced staccato style narration of a complicated plot, though the execution here is not as perfect as in Lock, Stock... and Snatch, and there were phases in the movie which felt abrupt and left me a little confused. In keeping with the style of the books, the storyline remains vague for the major part until Holmes offers his traditional logical explanation of the case in the end. The makers, however, seem to have tried to emulate the success of the Batman franchise, rejuvenated by Nolan, and at times, I did feel like I was watching Sherlock Holmes in "The Prestige".

    The cinematography is brilliant as with the other Ritchie films, and so is the background score.

    Overall, a good film. Would I watch it again? Yes. And a sequel? Definitely, yes. I am looking forward to Guy Ritchie making a better Holmes film.

  10.  Steven Seagal Best Film?


    This is perhaps Seagals best film. He Plays a cook on a Navy ship who happens to be a ex Navy Seal. The ship is then taken over by a bunch of bad guys who then takes the crew hostage. Luckily for the Hostages the COOK is around to save the day. As i said this is perhaps Seagals best one of the reasons for this is that the main bad guys played by Tommy Lee Jones & Gary Busey have so much fun in there roles and still scenes at will.
    The only problem with this Dvd is that its cut but don't let that put you off this gem of a action Film.