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  1.  Simply brilliant


    Set in 2010/1955 (youll understand once you play it) you take the role of a US solider that is sent into a secret Russian base off the cost of the main land. Your mission, return 2010s time line back to normal.

    What an excellent game. Very smooth graphics and game play with a gripping storyline, I could not have asked for more out of a title. This is not your standard FPS game, as you can manipulate objects from both the past and present to help you overcome the enemy thus adding a slight twist to the genre.

    If youre a fan of Bioshock or Timeshift then this is a game for you. This is a defiant game for any collection.

  2.  What a disappointment


    There are only two positive things in this game; the scenery, very detailed and realistic and the bullet cam, quite funny at time, other than that there was very little else to praise. The lack of depth in game play, low AI, glitch infested maps and an absolutely awful script left my jackal suit smelling of damp swamp.

    I would not recommend this game and I would certainly not pay and more than 4.99 for this unfinished garbage.

  3.  Could have been better


    I had really high hopes for this game but it turned out to be a nit of a let down. I'll start with the graphics, what can I say they are superb but the biggest turn off for me is the awkwardness when in combat, slow and sluggish. The script is badly written and and out of sync. The main factor for me is that I never felt like I was in the game (if you know what I mean) hence the 3 stars.

  4.  Not bad at all


    This is the first game to actually push my system.
    The graphics are superb and its using NVIDIA PhysX engines which really show off the lighting and shading of this game. The game is an FPS with a twist that being you also have an aerial combat perspective with the ability of hijacking the Watchers (bad guys) vehicles and close ground combat as well. If I was to compare this game to another I would say Tomb Raider with a hint of steroids. The down side to this product is the script; its predictable and lacks depth though you do get to rescue a dame every now and then. Also the AI isnt the best but if you increase the difficulty that accounts for it as you dont get time to observer what the Watchers are doing. Overall not a bad release from CAPCOM. It could of been better but still an alright title. Im not quite sure what game monkeyboyxbox was playing but I am certainly enjoying Dark Void.

  5. Trine


    PC Games

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     Short but beautiful game.


    This is a linier screen scrolling game an old genre classic given a modern tweak.

    This is a very dynamic game with excellent artwork, playability and ambiance. Unfortunately, I don't believe it is worth the current price of £24.99 due to the shortness of the game but it is worth a go.

  6.  Save your money


    Normally, I play through a good couple of hours so to get a feel of a game but this felt like a sweaty pair of pants on a summers day, not good. Graphics are awful, game play limited and a cheesy script tops it off. I had high hopes for this game but this is just not worth the time or the money.


  7.  A must have game


    If you were ever a fan of Doom then this game is for you.

    Dark corners and aliens never help the heart rate. A mixture of puzzles, large beasties to fight and FPS carnage make this game a winner. Zero gravity and airless areas make a good change to the the genera.

    For me a must in my collection

  8.  A maybe


    I have played this over a week and I just can't get into it. Too much sub's to read and plot to follow. Not a bad game but not worth the price asked for. For me the game has no direction or substance.

    I recommend downloading the demo and giving that a try before buying the game.

  9.  The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure


    When it boils down to point and click adventure games, great titles such as Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken sword stand out from the crowds. Comparing the Lost Crown to these games is an insult to the genre. The Lost Crown is a badly scripted, slow action, basic point and click an 8 year old could complete. Based in Anglia, UK, this game will take to on a rollercoaster ride of tedious and pointless puzzle solving, repeated scripts and poor quality graphics. I normally enjoy this type of game but this is probably the worst I have ever played.

    In my opinion, avoid.