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    Kids tv today is terrible. People who never watched are you afraid of the dark really missed out. Besides eerie indiana, this was the greatest kids show from the 90s (which wasnt a cartoon). it was about a group of kids gathering round a fire who called themselves 'themidnight society' an told sometimes weird, sometimes creepy, sometimes funny tales. this is essential television and would recommend it to anybody.

  2.  Hear me out....


    As a hardcore db/z/gt fan, i went to the cinema with such low expectations. My friends went with high ones and in the end, i loved it. I thought as far as an adaptation of a manga goes, this comes quite high in being the best. As a core fan of the dragonball franchise, i did have to fault a couple of little things but nothing too major. I I personally think you should just give it a chance and judge for yourself. A review is just one persons opinion and should be judged by yourself. I personally enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone dragonball fan or not.

  3.  The Best Party Game Since Warioware: Smooth Moves


    Most party games suck on the wii. FACT!!! Warioware is probably your best bet for a party game where you won't get annoyed from how rushed and chep the game feels and all the waggle that really doesn't need to be there. The problem is that was a nintendo game. What about 3rd party developers? Nothing, until now. Sega have come out with Let's Tap, a unique and colourful little game from the creator of Sonic. This has 5 different games to play by tapping on the box (2 boxes come with the game if you order the special edition). This itself making it unique by not using the wii remote. The remote just sits laying down on top of the box and feels the vibrations from tapping. I was looking at this when it was first announced sometime last year and was curious then. Sometimes its good to try something new and different and see what you think. For 17.99, this is a bargain and should be played by everyone who likes to have fun with their wii when friends come round. The only problem I found with it, was sometimes it feels unresponsive, but I think that is only because of the amount of or lack of pressure you're using when tapping the box. Highly recommended!!!

  4. Jam



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     Chris Morris is an absolute genius!!!


    Jam has to be one of the funniest and under rated comedy shows of all time. Orignally shown on Channel 4 (actually based on blue jam on radio one, which soon got banned) at stupid o'clock in the morning, it consisted of a series of often disturbing, but usually hilarious sketches that would be shown with a ambient, eerie soundtrack in the background. Some scenes were that controversial, it brought up headlines in the newspaper. If you have an open mind, and like something different, then I really suggest you try this. I will say this though, if you are easily offended, do not buy this. I once showed it to a friend of mine, and he was not amused. The extras are definately worth buying it for also, as there is a little comedy sketch show done by Adam and Joe (if anyone remembers The Adam and Joe show on channel 4?) and it also stars David Cann who played Brian in Simon Pegg's Spaced.

  5.  Why has there been so many bad reviews on Chinese Democracy?


    This is a good album, not just good, but superb. After all the years we've been waiting for this, its finally here and all the top music mag reviews have been rating this poorly. My opinion to why its been poorly rated is the simple reason that the album took so long to come out, everyone had very high expectations of it. When the album came out, the hype had gone and because of that, people were left disapointed. I personally think if you just sit and listen to it as you would with any rock album, you will appreciate it for what it really is. As for anyone saying ''oh, well its not got slash in it'', think about it, GNR has always been the Axl Rose show. He's always had full control of that band, so it probably would have sounded the same if Slash was playing. Look past all the critisism and you will find that you have perfectly good rock album in your cd player. I'm not saying its perfect, but i'm saying it definately deserves a listen.

  6.  Truly Historic!!!


    Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest PPV's I've seen in a long time. So many great moments here such as ''The Ultimate Opportunist'' Edge vs ''The Phenom'' Undertaker. The 2 second match between Chavo and ''The Big Red Machine'' Kane is just silly, but enjoyable. The ''Money in the Bank'' ladder match was great just to see Matt Hardy make his return as he attacks MVP. The ''Nature Boy'' Ric Flair vs ''The Heartbreak Kid'' Shawn Michaels carreer threatening mach without a doubt steals the show. The only match that was a letdown was the Big Show vs Floyd ''Money'' Mayweather match which I think anyone will vouch for was a bit naff. Also, a great comedy moment featuring Santino, Festus and Snoop Dogg is definately worth the watch. A must for any WWE fan.

  7.  Nintendo Wii


    I've long been an avid fan of nintendo, but thats not to say that i am a nintendo fanboy. Personally, what strikes me the most about the wii is the fact, that its true to what it is, and that is a games console. When I buy a games console, I don't expect it to play dvds and cds, thats why i go out and buy a dvd and cd player, also I have to say that the wii has the best exclusives out of the 3 current gen consoles. With games like Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Metroid Prime 3, Zelda, Resident Evil 4 and Super Paper Mario, this is a console that iks crying out to the hardcore and not just casual gamer. The fact, that it doesn't play blu-ray etc, is totally fine by me, I'm just happy to get a brand new console for 180 quid. It does everything I want it to for that price. The only fault I find with the console is the ''friend-codes''. They need changing into an equivalent to xbox's ''gamertags''. A brilliant console for such a cheap price.

  8.  No more heroes (except Suda 51)


    Finally after all the hype, the game finally got released. No blood you say? hey, who needs blood to make a quality mature title? What is important is the game itself. A truly unique title, No more heroes is by the same creator of Killer 7, Suda 51. The game takes place in a town called Santa Destroy and stars Travis Touchdown, a cocky mouthed jerk who loves his wrestling and anime. He just so happens to meet a girl in a bar called Sylvia and then just so happens to be the 11th best assasin, I won't tell you how he becomes an assasin, as I don't want to ruin the games story for you. The game immediately takes you straight into the action as you fight to become the number one assasin. As you get higher and higher ranked as an assasin, you will need to start paying money to do so. You will start going to the job centre looking for jobs to graft for money. The graphics are that poor that you will fall in love with them, they are unique and different in everyway. There are plenty of little features for you to keep an eye out for. Also, considering Suda 51 wanted this to be on the 360, I think he has proved us all that the wii can produce good games.

  9.  It's ok, if you're not a Kevin Smith fan!!!


    I was told not to watch this film because it is apparently nothing like the ohter Kevin Smith films, no Quick Stop, no Dante, Randal, Jay and Silent Bob, Banky or Brody. Infact it's nothing at all like a Kevin Smith film. It was totally the opposite of what I was expecting, but thats not to say it's a bad film, because in its own concept, it is briliant, beautiful and a good, different direction for Kevin Smith. Just try not to expect anything stupidly funny and you will enjoy this.