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  1.  Dads army


    I was given this DVD for christmas and I started laughing so much from episodes 1-5. Great comedy and really a must buy DVD

  2.  Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory


    Just very scary and violent I'm afraid but don't get put off because it still is an exellent game and the graphics are brilliant but don't forget that when I first wrote this review, I was only 11 years old so I'll probably start to like it

  3.  why the hell do those critics think it's rubbish


    I can't beleive many people were disappointed in this film but this was a brilliant film, great storyline, good scenes and loads of other exellent parts in the film

  4.  not the best game in the world


    Now if u want to buy this game ok but when u start playing on it, u probably won't find it 100 percent good but buy it if u're curious but the problems are that the cheats are limited and if we fall of a building, you die before you even touch the streets and even if we grab someone stealthly, the other henchmen get attracted. The graphics are ok and thats why I only rated it three stars

  5.  good film for your family to watch.


    I really thought this film was good and some scenes were exelent but claw looked different than the first and all inspecter gadget seemed to do on this film is make things worse but it's still good film to watch. Buy it if you like.

  6.  The best film ever


    This film was incredible and they had scenes that made me laugh alot. I was very pleased with the plot and the way they travelled through time and did missions in diferent years so you've just got to buy this film.

  7.  Why are there critics over there?


    I saw that at least two people were disappointed in this pixar film but this is probably the best pixar one yet and there were really funny scenes & if u ask me, the people who rated it only one star is a giant sucker because this film, u,ve just got to buy it.

  8.  very good but needs a better ending


    This film was incredible and very enjoyable but the ending confused me because after the underminer had come, the film just ended and they still have not made a film of the underminer so I'll tell you a better film which is rattatouille.

  9.  good though nowhere near as good as spiderman 2


    This game is ok but the levels get boring so i think it would better to have the second one because the second one's in chapters not levels but this one is still good.

  10.  Brilliant


    Well, well, well, this film was a big enjoyment to me, it was even better than the episodes of the simpsons & don't get me wrong but I don't agree at all with the people who rated it rubbish so do buy this movie.