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  1.  Absolute Gem!


    I took a chance on the Frighteners when it arrived on DVD many years ago, wasn't disappointed then, looking forward to my Steelbook Bluray dropping through the door in the next few days.

    This really has everything, such an entertaining film, one of MJF's best. One of those you can watch over and over again without getting tired of it.

    I'll re-post when I've had a chance to look at the Blu-ray, fingers crossed!!

  2.  Great Steelbook, shame about the edition!!


    Really just want to echo what's already been said. The movie and Bluray quality are excellent, this Steelbook leaves a lot to be desired, feels like a money-maker nothing more, nothing less.

    The case is excellent, then again, I'm a Steelbook collector!! It's a damn shame that this only contains Disc 1 of what should be a 2 disc set.
    Steelbooks should be the pinnacle of a Bluray release, this sadly, is not.

  3.  Camp it up with Flash Gordon!!


    Had been a while since I'd seen this, pre-ordered this 'cause it's a steelbook. Get this out of the way, the titles scenes and the special effects are pretty poor, they've done nothing to sort the badly faded left side on the opening credits. All/most of the space scenes are pretty bad, you can see the square colour difference around the various space craft. Right on to the rest of the movie. The majority of the scenes actually look pretty good all things considered. The colours are great, detail is pretty decent too and there's a DTS soundtrack for those who have the technology. The first Blu-ray too to come with the Soundtrack CD by Queen.

  4.  Excellent case, does the job nicely!


    This is the official Blackberry case which comes with the 9700. The case is shorter than the 9700 but purposely, it makes it easy to remove your Blackberry, and lets you see the led for when you've received a message, but also leaves the speaker free from obstruction. The nifty feature is the sensor, when you put the phone away, the screen automatically switches off, saving battery power. As soon as you remove it, the screen switches back on.

  5.  Excellent movie, even better Blu-ray!!


    Really enjoyed this movie, big fan of Kevin Spacey. Great story about card counting in Vegas. The picture quality of this Blu-ray is immaculate, we'll worth a try.

  6.  Whole mix of Tim Burton, rolled into 1 or should that be 9?


    Was looking forward to seeing this movie, enjoy anything where Tim Burton has had a hand. This is extremely dark, totally suits the story and characters. The end & re-birth of the human race, hardly gonna be be bursting with colour!!! On first look this is Terminator & The Matrix rolled into 1. Burton's influence is everywhere on this, from Nightmare to Coraline to Beetlejuice, they're all there. It really is an excellent movie, some scaryish scenes of danger, but the youngest of kids should be fine with this. THe Blu-ray as expected is excellent, picture is fantastic, DTS soundtrack is brilliant, crank up the volume and secure your ornaments for the actions scenes!!! This version is great, the book has some excellent drawings and text from the movie, the back cover holds the disc securely too. Well worth the extra pennies.

  7.  Funny movie, fantastic Blu-ray!!


    Had seen bits n pieces of Semi-pro before buying, was looking forward to watching in full on Blu-ray. The movie is really funny in places, might not be to everyone's taste, it Will Ferrell doing what Will Ferrell does best. The Blu-ray picture is flawless, picture perfect, accompanied by an excellent 70's soundtrack. I don't have HD audio, those who do, are in for a real treat.

  8.  Fatastic Series on better Blu-ray!!!


    I'm only half-way through watching this nicely packaged boxset, can't help but preach at how good it is. This is excellent, story is well told and acted, looking forward to watching the remaining episodes. The blu-ray is excellent, the detail and colour on the landscape shots is brilliant. The sound is excellent also, the DTS sound is enveloping. The battle scenes are great, both visually and for audio. Every bullet whizzes past your ears, every explosion shakes your seat!!! Such a good price too, if you're serious about blu-ray, you need to buy this!!

  9.  Pixar UP their game...again!!!


    This is a fantastic movie for young and old. There's laugh's and tears, more of the former in another original Pixar movie. I'd imagine the Blu-ray to be immaculate. The only dilema? - waiting for UP (and the other Pixar movies) to go full colour 3D in your own home!!!

  10.  Good movie, Out of this world Transfer!!!


    Hadn't heard much about District 9, only that Peter Jackson had a hand in it, wasn't expecting much. The movie is an excellent sci-fi offering, a little different from the usual Aliens invading Earth stuff. The acting is excellent, the documentary style of filming makes a nice change also. Good story, good acting, for me the transfer steals the show. For the most part the filming was done during the day, full of bright, superbly detailed scenes, this transfer is phenominal. If your looking to impress or convince someone, look no further. I'll need to watch again, found the quality of the picture a little distracting, it really is that good!!! 4 stars for the movie 10 for the transfer.