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  1.  Peerless Brilliance


    This is without doubt the best 2d platform game since the release of Super Mario World on the SNES18 years ago. Whilst many of today's games take graphical preference over playability NSMBW overwhelmingly spoils you with the latter and then some!

    What starts out as a fairly straight forward challenge soon turns into an addictive level-by-level quest for survival. You'll breeze through some stages whilst whistling along to the quite brilliant background music whereas others will have you wondering why you even bothered to get out of bed and play the damn thing!!

    The multi player mode can be good fun but should not be taken too seriously because it can at times be frustrating. However the single player mode is truely superb and worth the price alone.

  2.  Pure Genius


    Before I go on I would like to state that I am playing this game on a Toshiba L300-1CU which is a pretty basic laptop with an intel family chipset graphics card and the game still runs like a dream.

    I must have spent a thousand hours on Street Fighter 2 as a kid and just had to purchase this on release! The gameplay is outstanding though it does require alot of practice and patience. All the old charcters are there and there are a few to unlock too. Online play is brilliant and there is barley no lag at all. A brilliant purchase and for 18 quid you cant go wrong,

  3.  Great Without Motion Plus


    I have been playing this game for a week now with and without motion plus and have come to the conclusion thats its a lot more reliable without the motion plus providing you use a wireless nunchuk. You can use the nunchuk with motion plus of course but you have to use the wired model and this makes it akward on your swing and it becomes off-puting and frustrating. Another great tip is to use one of them add-on racket heads (you may have to file some of the lower end off to accomodate the wireless nunchuk adapter) and position the racket head so it is in line with the side of your controller, I use blue tack to keep in tightly in place. With all this in place and a bit of practice you will still be able to make the shots you want as it all comes down the the timing in which you hit the ball. Motion plus is a great addition but with a wired nunchuk it is a hassle and without a nunchuk at all its too eratic so untill they introduce a wireless nunchuk to work alongside the motion plus your progress will be limited. Hope this helps.

  4.  Outstanding.


    I have been waiting for this game for months now and boy was it worth the wait!! This is exactly what the Nintendo Wii was built for. The motion plus is a brilliant device and really works in tandem with the game, while it may take a good half an hour to get used it, it is more than worth the effort! You can play any shot you would on a normal tennis court and you actually get the feel that you ARE on a real tennis court. It also has a calorie burner meter within the game too!! Well worth the brass and if you think any man can beat a woman think again, Serena Williams just smashed me to bits!!