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  1.  Good family film with a flaw


    With CG animated films becoming more popular than ever, more studios are investing into this area. Pixar and dreamworks set the standards very high and a lot of CG animated fall flat from the start.

    Rio is one of the rare exceptions. Being from the creators of Ice age (I'm not a fan of that franchise) I was a bit skeptical. However the film is full of luscious colours ,as you'd expect being set in rio, and had a charming story that had some good laugh out loud moments.

    However there is a flaw with the discs and I looked online to see if I had a faulty disc but it seemed to be a common fault. For some reason the film can freeze for a second or two at random spots (they won't necessarily be in the same place if you re watch it). It's kind of fustrating they allowed this to happen and perhaps an update to your blu ray firmware could and possibly may already be available to eradicate this issue.

  2.  Surreally Good


    I've got this film on DVD and it is an amazing piece of imaginary storytelling. Captures the bizarreness of dreams (that i'm sure we've all had at some point) and infuses it with reality. The animation is breathtaking as you'd expect from the guy who brought us perfect blue and as such you can expect a story that keeps twisting daring you to keep up.

    Well worth a watch and warrants a purchase if you're into your manga or animation.

    I doubt there's much difference between the dvd and blu ray versions but with the blu ray version being good value for money on play, I'd have to recommend the blu ray hands down.

  3.  An Introduction


    While the film lacks all out action is does entertain in places. This is more of an introduction to the characters and the story suffers because of this. Rise of the silver surfer will better this effort easily but if you want to see how the characters got their powers, a bit of their back stories and you haven't seen it already it's a good evening's viewing.

    Overall an okay superhero film but there are better ones out there.