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  1.  Totally Disagree


    Compleatly disagree with the review below about the film being aimed at teenage girls. There is a reason why Taylor so called "out shines" Robert and its because the book is about his character... he is the focus!

    This film is brilliant and makes me look forward to eclispe even more. It stuck to the book really well in my opinion and portrayed the book into film very well. All the stars play there characters as they should do and some brilliant young actors are starting to really shine.
    I cant wait to get this on dvd !!! so i can watch it over and over!!!!

    MUST HAVE !!!

  2.  Woop, they are back!!!! A must have for every fan!


    I am currently listening to this cd at the moment. Its good to hear them again... God they have been missed!!!!
    The cd is great, the best of there songs like my personal fav " i love the way you love me"
    It comes in a cool book style, which has bits about all the lads and bits about the group as a whole. Also has pictures of them back in the day and now lol.
    The dvd is great to watch, brings back all the memories!
    Recomend it to any fan

    Woooo the boys are back

  3.  Good Jumper


    Although not in the picture... this jumper has a large pocket at the front. Its lovely and warm and a nice material... The picture on it is really good and a must have for any my little pony fan... Can re live your childhood by wearing it lol.
    I bought a XL and i am a 16 and it fits me fine :)

  4.  Fantastic Program!


    OH MY GOD!
    I am totally hooked on one tree hill!.
    I watched it on e4 a while back when was browsing through the telly, my brother told me it was my sort of program so decided to give it a go.
    The storyline keep you on the edge, never sure whats going to happen next. The characters are played very well and in some instances you can relate to them. Recomend it to anyone who was a fan of the OC. Have heard a lot of people say its not as good but i personally think its better. I just had to buy the boxsets and hope to have a full collection! I have watched nearly all season one and ordering season 2 on payday.

  5.  Brill Film


    Watched this in the cinema with my mum and 2 younger sisters.
    I seen the adverts and thought it looked good. But was VERY impressed when i finally watched it.
    The songs get you singing for days and days after... It makes you laugh a lot and its just all round a great film fo all the family.
    Must be good as our local cinema had to turn people away in the end as they had run out of seats 2 nights in a row!!!
    Have had friends watch it 4 or 5 times and are very eager to get it on dvd!

  6.  Good Book


    I bought this book for something to read when went on holiday. I started reading it and found it very hard to put down i was hooked instantly.
    Really good story, kind of unusual but i would recomend it to anyone.

  7.  Excellent Case


    I bought this soon as bought my first ipod as was worried about scratching it and ruining it. And most of my friends have asked where i bought it from as wished to get one 2.
    Its a very good case, doesnt make your ipod bulky and protects it well. I have the 80gb ipod and it does slip a little in the case as its made for the 160gb one as well but its not like it will fall out. It has a plastic bit over the screen so your screen is protected.
    It does say in the spec it has a metal closing bit, mine is velcro but still really good.
    Would recomend it to anyone as a case as i love it. It looks cute and i beleive it comes in a few other covers.
    My advice would be GO AND BUY IT :D

  8.  Excellent


    Great t shirt..... a must have for all spondgebob fans!
    As another review says looks fab with skinny jeans and a bargin at 4.99!

  9.  Excellent


    Very good peice of software. Easy to use and understand. The L plates are a nice touch. would recomend it to any learner drivers as it comes in very useful!

  10.  Disney pixar have done it again


    Another excellent disney pixar film. Good for all the family. It makes you laugh and smile like any good film should. Loving the character specially mater, what a fantastic character he is!
    well done disney!