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  1.  PlayTV Series Link


    I have been using one of these for over 2 years and up until very recently would have given the product 5 stars. However since the latest update v2.02 which followed the series link function being added by an additional purchase vis PSN the system continiously hangs and requires reinstalling. This is a real pain as you lose all your recordings which basically makes the unit NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. There are some other issues but basically the above says it all. Until this can be fixed I really would not recommend this product to anyone.

    13 June 2011 Update
    Since the lastest patch all seems to be working 98%.... a couple of schedule errors and duplications on the series link. But overall we are back to a pretty good PVR system for what is a cheap price.

    Shame there is no news on a HD Freeview version...

  2.  Kodak Pulse- Great Digital Photo Frame


    A great frame. Easily configured out of the box and connected straight the way to my home wifi router.

    The picture frame is very sleek and stylish. There is a great cover that hides the many card slots. The frame is only 800 x 600 resolution which seems to be the normal. I must admit I was very impressed with how my pictures displayed on it.

    Absolutely LOVE the multi pic option with its random fades.

    You can configure the frame to have its own email address so you/friends can send pictures direct to the frame from anywhere in the World. You can also gain access to the frame via a Kodak login which allows you to quickly upload pictures from your PC. You can also grant permissions to friends to access also. When logged in online you can also configure the power management of the frame... very swish!!
    The frame has onboard memory but this is easily expanded with the external memory. I have 1600 pictures saved on just over 100mb so you may not even need to buy any extra as it does have 512mb as standard.

    Well worth an investment. The frame has many accolades in the gadget press.... Ticked all the boxes for me.

  3.  KODAK PLAYSPORT... What a Camera!


    It is certainly the best 118.00 GBP I have ever invested in a camera.

    Having read the literature and spent many hours looking through reviews on youtube I became very interested in what the camera could offer.

    Well on opening the box you are amazed by the actual size of the unit... there is nothing on the internet that actually comes close to the real thing. It is no bigger than a typical mobile phone.... it is fairly light with enough weight to feel solid in your hand.

    The quality of the handset is outstanding. The chassis is solid. The casing is made of durable solid plastics. Nothing creaks or bends as you hold it. The buttons all seem precise and the screen is bright and clear. There were a number of comments/concerns on the internet about the size of the screen being smaller than say the Zi8. The size of the screen is more than enough for what you will need.

    The functionality of the camera is so easy. I almost question why they put an instruction manual in the box. Within a couple of minutes of switching the unit on you will be fully up and running. Recording is a one click operation and playback and delete are only another few clicks away. The sound playback on the unit is excellent with the option to switch off the audio.

    We have tested the waterproof function of the camera. The underwater filming is crisp even without the option of the H2O button.

    A 16gb SDHC Class 4 Card gives you the following record times
    Hrs Mins
    1080p 3:02
    720p 60fps 3:02
    720p 30fps 4:24
    WVGA 7:00

    I have uploaded a number of recordings to `Youtube' and the family have been impressed. Its so easy. The software that is included is fine.... obviously if you fancy yourself as a bit of a James Cameron then you may want to invest in something that's a bit more for the non-amateur

    There is no flash and there is no macro so if that is essential then this is not the camera for you.

    However if you want something that can be put in the car, chucked in a handbag or taken to the beach and will give you a great picture then the Kodak Playsport is for you.
    The 5mp camera is just a bonus in my mind!

    Seriously 118.00 GBP for the flexibility and quality of this camera is awesome......

  4.  No Problem With HD Recording


    I used one of these cards on a Kodak Playsport HD camcorder filming at 720p (60Fps) and at 1080p and had no issues with recordings.

    I would however recommend that for a couple of extra pounds a class 4 card may be a better choice for HD recordings.