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  1.  80s Classic given a makeover


    Finally someone has released this classic 80s sleazy vigilante flick on blu ray. Given that the source print itself would only be up to a certain standard this looks suprisingly good, probably as good as it ever will. At last we get a few extra features which have been sadly lacking from all previous dvd releases. The movie itself was released as the 70s was ticking over to the 80s and much in the same way found footage films are all the rage now, vigilante movies were big back then and this is as good as they came. A very sleazy and violent depiction of post Vietnam New York City. If you want to own this movie, this is the version for you.

  2.  Incredible


    This came to me highly recommended,a friend told me it was 'up there with the first 2 Nolan movies'. Given that it an animated movie I was very sceptical. However, it really is that good. Extremely violent and a great, great story.

  3.  Simply awful


    As with most horror franchises you know it will have ran out of steam by the third or fourth installment. This pitiful movie follows that trend with aplomb.

    The first Wrong Turn was excellent, the second was enjoyable though silly, by the third the cracks had well and truelly begun to show and this one, the fourth, is a lazy attempt. Of course I wasn't expecting oscar performances but the acting s shocking as are the terrible cgi effects. I know it costs money to hire a decent prosthetics guy but cgi blood and guts really doesnt work. Add in a poor storyline, unlikeable characters by the bucketload and voila, you have Wrong Turn 4.

    If you need some recent trashy tongue in cheek horror get yourself the first 2 Wrong Turns or the Hatchet movies instead, leave this well alone.

  4.  Depraved, offensive, twisted, bizarre, brilliant??


    This is a really tough one to rate. I imagine it will fall under the 1/5 or 5/5 category depending on your taste in movies. I give it 5 because I love 70s and 80s grindhouse and expoitation cinema. Now, I have seen many controversial movies and this is up there with the best (or worst?) of them. I won't go into the plot, it is so bizarre you wouldn't believe me anyway. Suffice to say 99% of viewers will find this repulsive and sick. I think it is a monumental achievment based on a $10000 budget with many of the actors being the writers and directors of the movie. The movie was made by a group of 5 called Astron 6 and funded by Troma. Think Hobo with a shotgun, Terror Firmer, Poultrygeist, Nude nuns with big guns and take it up about 12 notches. If gore, sleaze, genital mutilation, chainsaws, male rape, head squishing and a non existant budget is your thing then I recommend it highly but if you are easily offended steer well clear, hell even if it takes a lot to offend you you may still want to steer clear.

  5.  Not bad but not great


    With me being a big Family Guy fan I thought I would love this. I didn't. It was humerous without being hilarious. The idea was good one but something about the movie left me disappointed. Was it a good idea poorly executed? Family Guy works as a 20/25 minute tv show, I'm not sure a 100 minute Family Guy episode would work, which is essentially what this is.

    Enjoyable but instantly forgetable. Give it a year and it will have faded into the background.

    Decent try Seth but either stick to tv or step up your game.

  6.  Superb


    Knew little of the books or tv series. Friends had been going on about this show for ages (friends with normally notoriously bad taste) so I ended up picking up this box set to see what the fuss was all about. I was transfixed within minutes. This is without doubt one of the best tv shows I have ever seen. The storyline, acting, costumes, scenery are top class. Moving in parts, gruesome in others, shocking and sometimes sexy. Sadly, I got through the 10 episodes within one weekend. Cannot wait for series 2!

  7.  Poor Build Quality


    Was reasonably pleased when the item arrived. Hooked it up to wifi nicely, screen was good and responsive. First couple of apps from Getjar downloaded nicely. Then as I delved into Getjar further only 1 out of 4 apps would download. I tried using an sd card but it wouldn't recognise it 50% of the time. Finally after about 2 weeks, say 25 hours of use it failed completely. Upon switching on it wouldn't get past the 'Disgo' screen. Now useless. I have returned it to Play for refund. In my experience this is a poor quality product.

  8.  A class above your standard ipod headphones


    Having had 2 sets of the standard ipod (classic) headphones fail on me I thought I'd try a 3rd party set. The previous decent reviews led me to these. Glad I did, these things are excellent.

    They feel solid and well built. The wires are roughly twice the thickness of my bog standard ipod phones. I rekon they are a good 25% louder. I listen to mosty rock music and they work perfectly, throw on some bass heavy Rage against the machine or something to really get the bass working.

    Comes with 3 different sized rubber type attachments for the earpieces. I must have slightly mutant ears as I had to use a small on one ear and a medium on the other, but they fit perfect and do not fall out. They do stick out of the ears more than the phones they were replacing but I don't see that as a problem (some might).

    I have been really impressed by these little beasts, I never imagined such an improvement in sound could be attained by spending so little money.

  9.  Something of a let down


    This was a movie I was really looking forward to, sadly it fell some way short of the hype. Sure, the performance by Hailee Steinfeld is superb but she is the one and only bright light in this dull movie. Jeff Bridges mumbles and slurs his way through the movie as a poor Rooster and Matt Damon (who I highly rate) looks as bored and uninspired as I was watching it. The cinematography and score work well but when 2 of the 3 main characters are so weak its difficult to pull the movie much above mediocre. Not the worst movie I have seen and some will like it but if you ask me it was a massive missed opportunity.

  10.  Missing a few gems


    Solid enough box set, a half decent representation of the late, great John Candys work but it inexcuseably misses 'Stripes' and 'Planes, Trains & Automoblies' which are 2 of his best movies. And if they are including the blues brothers, how about National Lampoons vacation? where he has a similar, short, but influencial cameo.