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  1.  Fantastic


    Years after I have first seen it and this film still remains my favourite animated movie of all time. It keeps you entranced from start to finish and the ending is incredible.

  2.  Good Movie


    I saw it in the cinema when it came out, and it is pretty good. It lacks the spark that some older animated movies have but compared to the drivel which I have become used to seeing over the years, I can really not complain about this.

  3.  Not Bad


    The last game I played, which was similar to this, was a Tekken game years ago on my Playstation 2. I enjoyed that but it did frustrate me due to the game mechanics of it. This game is no different.

    On the whole, it is not a bad game. The combos can be quite daunting for newer players due to how quickly they must be thrown together to make them actually usable during a match. Certain characters also seem to be untouchable, if used correctly, when fighting due to their long range.

    This leads me on to the game mechanics. The most effective way of fighting in this game seems to be 'spamming' the same combos over and over, which effectively renders every move other than that one, useless.

    The character creation on this game is fantastic though. The possibilities are literally endless and as you gain levels, you unlock even more items to customise your characters. You can have 50 character creations which means that there is enough room for you and a whole posse of friends to each make a character.

    Overall, this game is not bad but I am glad that I did not spend 40 quid on it. 12 quid does not seem like a bad deal at all.

  4.  Incredible


    This game probably has one of the best singleplayer campaigns I have played since Bioshock 1. It takes a great turn away from the world of Rapture, while still maintaining the same atmosphere which I loved. The game feels a lot brighter than number 1 and 2 but has a dark undertone. The combat has improved hugely with the addition of the skyhook, allowing use of the numberous skylines around the city. It can also be used for exciting melee moves.

    The game quickly makes you form a bond with the companion you have throughout the game, Elizabeth. This means you have a real feeling of dread when you are apart. She also adds layers to the combat by allowing the openings of different 'tears' which can place different structures into the battlefield such as cover.

    Just like in Bioshock 1 and 2, enemies can be fought with both weapons and vigors (called plasmids previously). This means that fans of the series will already be used to part of the combat system, while newer players should not find it too difficult to adapt. There are appropriate difficulty levels depending on whether you are a casual or hardcore player.

    The best thing about this game though, is the ending. The ending blew me away. As you progress through the storyline, you learn subtle things but even with this knowledge, few people could guess what would happen. The game mixes moments of combat and exploration to intensify the combat furthermore. I would recommend this game as it provides a fantastic escape from your everyday shooter game.

    5/5 without a doubt.