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  1.  monster monster...


    Totally agree with the below review, the other 3 games are good fun, but I am amazed this game isn't at the top of the best seller list for Plant Vs Zombies alone - the amount of levels, plants and zombies is huge and it's a brilliant games - excellent fun.

  2.  spoilt by boosting


    I love the game, shame there are pepole out there cheating, the latest one is boosting. In case you haven't noticed someone winning the game with 30+ kills, and a "friend" with 30+ deaths, then low and behold, the next round and the other friend "wins" with 30+ deaths. Infinity need to switch off the tactical insertion perk, which allows them to kill each other and reappear after dropping the insertion, kill again etc until they win the game with a nuke. I mean, whats the point? It spoils the games for eveyone else, and is it really a enjoyable way to play a shooter?? Just to get a higher rank?

    Apart from that, just a brilliant game - boosters, just stop boosting and being prats.

  3.  Dead Cert


    If you enjoy zombie films (and most of the reviewers here seem to do) - I can't see why you won't like this. The story, acting and particually the special effects/make up were really good. My slight gripe were some of the shots were a little hazy/shakey/sepia/blurred, but thats just me. Really good, will certainly watch it again

  4.  Excellent


    Never been a big fan of Colin Farrell, but after watching this film - he has certainly gone up in my estimations. Very good film both extremely funny and sad on lots of levels, well worth £6.99.

  5.  Average


    I pre-ordered this because of all the 5 star reviews given. It's an ok film, but the reviews have gathered hype and momentum, and it really isn't the scariest movie ever, in fact, apart from a few "jump at the camera scares" it's very so-so. I'd recommend you rent first, I've already sold my copy on play.com, it's not the sort of film to watch again and again (as the wife says, once is more than enough, thanks).

  6.  Great


    really good paperweight and nice details - worth £2.99 of anyones money.

  7.  below average


    Was looking forward to this film, but a big let-down. A few good special effects, other than that it's dull, annoying and predictable. How people are giving this 5 stars is beyond me, perhaps they watched a different film and have got "a little confused". Seriously, rent this first, you will be disappointed.

  8.  Enjoyable


    Thought it was a very enjoyable film, certainly losts of blood and gore. I would agree with some of the other reviews, maybe the passing of time/isolation could have been stressed more - but as a vampire flick - you can't deny it delivers on the horror side. Why cast Neil Tennant as the lead vampire? ;)

  9.  Good, but.....


    I've always been a fan of PES. It's one of my most played games, BUT on the Wii version, what happened to the ability to tackle? I like the fact you can send players on runs, really nice, but not been able to time your challange and slid in is really poor. Just pointing at the attacker and pressing a button to tackle him is a major flaw.

  10.  excellent


    Was a bit unsure about getting this due to some poor reviews, but i am glad I did. Really is one of the best games I've played (to completion)on the Wii. Hours of fun.