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  1.  Undoubtledly the greatest and most precious album existing!!


    This is the worlds greatest music album by the worlds greatest band. If you met an alien and s/he asked to hear earth music you would pull this out and immediately that alien would die and go to heaven due to the effects an eargasm caused byt the music s/he is listening to is just that amazing and! This is the kind of music that you don't get much of nowadays and will take anybody to a level of satisfaction that many think is illegal and deadly. This should be the remedy for drug addicts, alcoholics and manic depressants. Buy this album or you won't have lived!

  2.  Not for any gamer


    Now first I would like to say that this review is coming from someone who though all shoot em ups were typically the same. The reasons I don't like this game are as follows:
    1. Very Easy to die: You can't go running into a fight or you will most likely be killed.
    2. The action is spread across a map which is absolutely HUGE! Now I know GTA does this but at least they fill up the space with cars and people, you could be wondering for hours helplessly and not have any action in this game.
    3.The Story, I found myself getting into a story in the first 5 minutes of the game then after that it was like "Ok...what now?". If you do somehow manage to follow the story then most likely i will bore you anyway.
    4. Navigation System gets confusing: If you want to go somewhere you cant just follow the dot, there will very likely be a giant mountain in the way which you can't pass.
    5. The whole Malaria thing is worse than it turning to night in Simon's Quest (Harsh?). Say your in the middle of a fight then wham, the malaria hits you it's very off putting!
    6. Now I know most games are like this but shooting a guy in the leg should knock him down, i've always hated how when you shoot a bad guy in the leg, or even the chest! even with high caliber sniper rifles they seem to be able to stand and mow you down with a round from their AK47! Also when you lose your health it's not just press a button and its up, it's press a button watch a guy shove a needle into himself probably while getting raped with bullets (most likely resulting in death which is very annoying) and then it goes up!
    7. Why are they all black the bad guys? I mean it's quite annoying how they are black, usually bald and terrorists apparently!!

    There are some small good points however, you get plenty of guns, you can upgrade them, I suppose it's fun killing the rarely seen animals like the zebras, it's fun setting things on fire until your flamethrower breaks! But what I like most about this game is that it has a Quit function!

    Now I know this seems a bit Harsh but if your not a fan if the Far Cry series or if you have little patience then I would not reccommend this to you.

  3.  Money Saver


    Goodbye Batteries! Save your Money and buy one of these!

  4.  Super Duper Mario


    has to be in the top 2 best Wii games with zelda tp, while still grasping many of the classic mario controls, it is a very unique and entertaining game and can have u hooked for hours.

  5.  Smashin'


    The introduction of the special effects makes it funnier!

  6.  Great Game


    This is a great game, the only problem, though, is that after you complete the story mode thoroughly it gets very boring, even during the "Julius Mode" you are going through the whole game again. But apart from that, the gameplay is good, the graphics are very good for handheld and the adventure is fun while it lasts!

  7.  Rockin


    Awesomely addictive and challenging, great for all the family, loads of laughs watchin granny rock!