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  1.  This game rocks!!!!!!


    I absolutely love this game!!! The guitar works (most of the time), and the game is challenging without being annoying (most of the time). The songs are good, and as with other Guitar Heros, it is really, really ADDICTIVE!!! But you can't help thinking that the weeks playing could have been spent learning to play a real guitar.

  2.  BUT HOW!!!!


    This is incredible. You can think of anything and it knows 99% of the time!!! Literally anything, from a TV to the kitchen sink! It must be able to hear you/see you, there's no other explanation!!! So be careful walking past it at night! MWA HA HA!

  3.  It's bigger on the inside...


    How could I give this anything other than a 5-star. Doctor Who is the BEST show on TV, FULL STOP. Christopher Eccleston is fantastic in his role, and Billie as Rose is fantastic. Some of the best episodes of the new series are in this boxset, such as the chilling Empty Child and Aliens of London! The Daleks return and new enemies pop up. The only reason I watch BBC. This boxset is great for hardcore Doctor Who fans (like me) and newbies alike. Now, where'd I put my psychic paper?

  4.  Can't stand up to FIFA


    This game is good, but too similar to other PES games. The ameplay is fast, but it is difficult to score goals, you mostly end up 0-0. The team names are still weird. (Man Red? Merseyside Red?) The commentary is, frankly, the worst on a next-gen console. The online is strange, and I could hardly ever find any matches. So basically, where to be on this game is offline 2-player. This is really great, and providing your friend/relative agrees, you could play for hours. For this reason, I am giving it a four star, but it can't beat FIFA. It is much better. This is just a poor man's version.

  5.  Time controlling fun!


    The first person, let's be honest, is not too good. No match for Call of Duty, Rainbow Six or any other game, really. But the time controlling bit is so great! You can stop time, rewind it, and slow it down. This is great for puzzles, saving lives and in battle. It is really intuitive. To be honest, I don't think it deserves an 18 rating either.
    Just a pity you can't fast forward time, because then it probably would have been 5 star.

  6.  It's A Theme Park people!


    I don't know about you, but I always find this type of game really bad, but addictive. This is no different. It's the sort of game you pretend you hate, but inside you quite like it. Definately for ages 8-15. It's all been done before, and personally, I think it's worth no more than about £20

  7.  Laugh out loud!


    This gameplay is frankly nothing to shout about. It's good, but it's all been done before. But where this game counts is the story. Written by the real writers, voiced by the real actors, animated by the real animators (or it looks like it anyway). The jokes are incredible, reminiscent of the Lego game series, only funnier. I love the way that they take the mick out of other games, like Medal of Homer. Buy this game for a low price and your laughing, literally laughing. HAHAHAHAHA!

  8.  So much to do, so little time.


    Simply lots to do and a good game. So many options. What else can I say?

  9.  It's PGR4!


    I was going to give this game a 4 star, but there is so much good about this game and only one bad thing. The in-car display is actually better than the outside view, and doesn't restrict your view as in other games. The range of cars, bikes and tracks is huge, and the weather conditions look realistic and affect your car/bike realistically. The online races are great fun, and different every time. The vehicles look incredible. The controls are simple to pick up and play. The only bad thing are the bikes. They swerve for no reason and flip repeatedly. Looks cool, but nothing else. But this game is amazing, even your gran would like it. I assume.

  10.  Being evil is good!


    This game is great. It's great to be the bad guy for once, and this game uses the concept really well. The minion ordering is simple and fun, not as tactical as you'd think, and the jokes are really amusing, in a dark sort of way. Spells are really brilliant. But there are problems. The camera is SO ANNOYING, as you cannot change it manually. And considering that you are an evil devil-like creature, you are a lot weaker than a bunch of 2 foot tall gremlins. But to be honest, this game is really fun, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and it is just as enjoyable every time you play.