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    What can i say about this adaptation.......easy its amazing! The story is the classic story told exactly how it should be! The acting is amazing and the scene is set so perfectly - i have to watch this every year! Not only that but it is so so so cheap - buy it and you will not be upset!

  2.  Changed my life - amazing book


    This is such a great book - i found it easy to read and hard to put down! Danny writes a great story i read this book on the bus and got through it quickly because it was so good - i wanted to know what happened to danny on his quest, if you have seen the movie dont hold that against it (although i liked the movie - but it isnt as good as the book) its such a gripping funny and great book.
    I found myself saying yes to more things - and from my yes's i got a job so yes it did change my life.
    Buy it read it and then read it again - great book!

  3.  Remastered??????? Unseen Material - where??????


    This review is written only to save you from the upset i had when i bought this with the promise of "unseen jamie hewlett" material.
    I should have known from the page count!!!! There is no jamie hewlett material in this that is unseen in this entire book.
    If like me you have the 2002 edition from titan or the penguin edition dont expect anything extra apart from 2 pictures (very small pictures) from an early comic which was already released in deadline and then countless other magazines or websites.
    My advice - if you dont have this in one form get it, but if you do have it already dont waste your money again.
    Great comic but nothing rare or unseen here!

  4.  these are amazing


    Wow - i have to say i got one of these after watching a review show and its amazing, you can even set it on fire and everything is safe inside (dont try that however)

    Amazing the best in the market.

  5.  wow


    Ok this is possibly the best album i have heard all year (2008) and im sure i will be listening to it for many years to come
    For any one that likes green day, fallout boy, frenzal rhomb, nofx, simple plan or any great pop punk bands buy this album its the debut for mike tv and im sure its the first of many.

    Buy it buy it buy it

  6.  1 for the collector


    I only review this at a 5 star for fans of propagandhi, this is not well recorded! But a piece of history - how the band has shaped themselves - from the really early days up until about 96, with some old songs from early early early ep's and 7"s and different edits from album tracks of the early albums - i love this cos it adds an extra little bit to propagandhi.
    Well worth it if your a fan - if not become a fan and buy 'how to clean everything'

  7.  The BEST Punk band ever..........


    Again Harder/Faster and more technical, propagandhi have hit home hard with this new album each song is brilliant the lyrics are hard hitting and the music is fresh, you have not heard punk like this before, the first track has some of the best guitar shredding ever and it does not let down after that, plus with this album you get an old cover song as a secret track, what can i say - this band is flawless.
    Not one bad song ever even the bad covers are good.
    Buy this album

  8.  Can they get better


    Wow again they have got harder, again they have got fater and again more technical, with such brilliant songs about politics ontop of hard thrash punk blasting through-out this amazing album you would be stupid to miss out on this.
    I loved it so much i got it tattoo'd
    Buy it

  9.  Harder faster


    This again is pure brilliance, as before with each release propagandhi get harder more technical and faster, this is a mix between hardcore/thrash and punk with the perfect balance.
    I loved it so much i got it tattoo'd on myself.
    Buy it

  10.  Amazing Amazing Amazing


    This is such a flawless album slightly harder than the first album but with new flawless songs, i cant tell you how good this is apart from again i have listened to this album for over 10 years and there is not a week that passes when i do not listen to it!
    I loved it so much i got it tattoo'd on me.
    Buy it