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  1.  LOVE IT


    Got this really quickly and love it, the colours are gorgeous and it's very soft material-I think for £5 it's a brilliant buy and you can't go wrong!

  2.  Lovely and sweet


    This is a lovely little gift, does exactly what it says. My nephew loves this, the added extra of a toast cutter is brilliant. Think this is a fabulous little egg cup holder and would recommend it for any little child who loves eggs.

  3.  SO MUCH FUN!


    I love this game it's all about keeping to the beat whilst tapping+sliding to the rhythm. You have numerous levels which are all very creative and different yet all hold the same purpose...keep to the beat. It's great fun and will keep everyone entertained.

  4.  Keeps everything together


    I got the pink one and it's great, brilliant quality and does what it says. I personally find it handy for storing my keys and my phone as I'm always misplacing them. There is even a little pocket at the back for letters which could be handy:-) I think this is a good little product and very helpful for the forgetful, it loses a star because although it's great I personally feel it's a tad pricey!

  5.  Don't knock It Till You Try It


    I was never the type to be into films such as Star Trek, but after being convinced to go with my friends I admit I was wrong to label it as "never want to watch". It was brilliant. I found it really enjoyable as it kept you on your toes and yet added some funny moments! I recommend this to anyone:-)

  6.  Does What It Says


    This is a great little memory card and with 8gb I've been able to store loads of files. As always Play.com delivered it very quickly - The cheapest I saw this for in shops was for £19.99 and that was their sale price so for £10.49 it's a steal:-)

  7.  Fun for the kids


    Got given this because I am a disney fan and thought this would be fun answering disney trivia questions - it is a fun game with the family, but it's just a bit too childish and easy. I would recommend this for someone with young children as you get to play as a disney character on a game show (just like Buzz, but with Genie as the presenter).

  8.  Beautiful on the outside


    This phone is without a doubt lovely looking, but I have found the battery life to be terrible I even bought a new battery just incase the first one was bad, but nope - I still had to charge it every day! The camera is quite good quality and it has a built in memory of 512mb which may not sound very big but I stored around 300 photos, 20 mp3s and a few short videos. the front screen has touchscreen but only for 3 buttons, which is great when playing music. I think if this phone had a better quality camera and much better battery life I would love it, but unfortunately it doesnt so I'm afraid that's why I've only given it 3 stars.



    I love my C905-it's practical and stylish! The camera function is fab and easy to snap a shot-the slider is great for protecting the lens! You get lots of little extras like a 2gb memory card, earphones, usb cable, memory card usb adaptor, wrist strap and of course a wall charger. This is my favourite Sony Ericsson so far as the battery life has been really good, it's not too fat and it just looks sooooooo nice! Having read some reviews I noticed a headphones query-my headphones work perfectly when playing music. I recommend this to anyone wanting a sturdy yet lovely phone!

  10.  Lovely!


    This is so much better than the original case that came with the blackberry as it's easier to get at your phone! The leather looks gorgeous and looks very smart. I'm very happy with the quality and the look- I really do recommend this if you want to answer a call easily without the fuss of sliding it out of the case to find you took so long and missed the call! The flap is optional but I keep it on to protect the screen!