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  1.  A Classic


    Everything from the soundtrack, to the tiniest of graphical details, strikes me as a work of art. Every aspect of the game seems so well thought out, with pure, unrushed creativity being poured into it.

    There are numerous levels of the world to explore, each with their own unique items and creatures, all of which are scan-able, using Samus' scan visor.

    There are plenty of power ups and addons to find for Samus' suit, and there's an array of challenging opponents to test your mettle against, so you won't ever go bored for long.

    The graphics are top-notch. Everything shines and looks like it could actually be real. Loads of fun can be had with the different visors that are acquirable, and the beam weapons fire beautiful colourful blasts of energy, that illuminate their surroundings.

    The sound effects are good. Nothing is repetitive, or over done. Everything is done just right. The music is well composed, setting the mood for various parts of the game; boss battles are accompanied with fast paced heavy music, whilst casual exploring is accompanied by soothing ambient beats.

    The controls are good. The primary method of fighting enemies is through a lock-on targeting system, but manual aiming is also possible, if there's nothing to lock onto.

    Story-wise, if you're willing to read through the vast Space-Pirate logs, and Chozo Lore inscriptions that are scattered throughout the environment, then the story can become quite interesting. If you're like me, you'll find yourself hungering for more things to read, to find out what happens next. If you don't like reading, then you'll probably miss out on a lot of vital information throughout the game. There's no dialogue, apart from the occasional warning or piece of information relayed by your suit warning system.

    All in all, Metroid Prime is a stunning game. The only flaw I could think of, is that there's not enough of it! Although the game is quite long, you'll wish there could've been more. But that's where the sequels come in.

    A must-have for any Gamecube owner.