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  1.  Stunning shirt


    This is probably the best tshirt I have bought from this site.
    It looks ten times better than in the little cartoon-y picture, and it fits excellently well.

  2.  Excellent Jacket


    For 25 quid, this is probably the most stylish jacket you will find. Very nice, and although, as some have stated, it is different to the pics of the rockstars, it is still very very good looking.
    The one thing I would say is that it's advisable to buy the next size down from normal. Im normally a medium, but the medium on this jacket was a little baggy round the front after a couple of wears. Ended up passing it on, which was a shame.

  3.  Nice shirt


    This is a very nice shirt. Only complaint I would have is that the logo in the picture looks a little more faded than on the tshirt, which would have been a little cooler.
    I still like it though. Decent quality, and a nice fit, not too slim, not too loose.

  4.  A top notch debut


    I first saw this band on the metal hammer defenders of the faith tour with lamb of god this past february, and to be honest, at the time, whilst they did catch my attention, i wouldnt have thought that i would ever be a "fan " of them, if you will.

    However, i bit the bullet and bought "way of the fist", "give it a chance," i told myself, and im glad i did.

    From the very first call of "riggght??", until the very final note of their faith no more cover "out of nowhere", which, incidentally, is so much better than the original, this album is filled with chunky guitar riffs, sweeping solos, thundering drums, and not to forget ivan moody's angry, venomous vocals, screaming at you through your headphones like a young philip anselmo. And dont worry, ffdp are not all anger and screaming, contrasting the agression of songs like "way of the fist", are slower numbers such as "the bleeding".

    This album should be on every ipod in the world. And their new album is highly anticipated on my part. Long live ffdp.

  5.  Good book, recommended read


    "Waiting for the Barbarians" is a story which exists in almost two different parts. The first part is a dark and disturbing tale, in which Colenol Joll, who acts on behalf of his government, visiting the settlement run by a magistrate, attempts to find enemies of the government amongst the savages and barbarians who have been taken prisoner there.

    What follows is seen through the magistrates eyes, as he is forced to bear witness to unspeakable displays of cruelty, as the colonel interrogates and tortures the prisoners, in return for information. At first the magistate accepts that this is the way, and that it will be done, but as the colonel brings and interrogates more and more prisoners, the magistrate speaks his true feelings.

    This, when coupled with his seeming relationship with a barbarian girl, who has been left part blind and injured by the colonel's torture, means that the magistrate is soon a suspicious character to the government. His fledgling, and not in any way sexual relationship, a relationship of necessity for both, is the other main plot of the novel.

    Whilst this is not my favourite Coetzee book, as it lacks the characterisation of other books such as "Disgrace", it is still well worth a read for any fiction fan. Coetzee is one of the finest contemporary authors around.

  6.  Exquisite


    Coetzee's second Booker Prize winning novel, "Disgrace". recently made the Telegraph's list of 100 novels everyone should read, an honourable title for one of the few contemporary books on the list.

    Previously, during an English class at university, I had read Coetzee's "Waiting for the Barbarians", and whilst I had found it enjoyable, I had not been overly astounded by it. "Disgrace is another matter altogether.

    The characterisation of David Lurie is, quite simply, exquisite. His transformation, both physically and mentally from a young, cocky guy, full of his own self importance, and a maverick with the ladies, through a middle aged gent who is forced to steal the odd affair where he can, to a deformed old man, who is almost forced into sleeping with a woman he freely admits, physically repulses him, is truly spellbounding.

    The story itself, is equally gripping, from David's stupidity, to his disgrace, and his attempts to rebuild his life, which are viciously snatched away, you will find that you cannot put the book down.

    I read this book in less than a day, such is the gripping manner with which the story, and the lead character hold youreyes to the pages.

    This is a book everyone should read.

  7.  Beyond the term "classic".


    The absolute pinnacle of literature, "War and Peace" is a novel which elevated Tolstoy above most, if not all, other authors, in my view.
    Not for the "light reader" by any stretch of the imagination, "War and Peace" is an engrossing, and thoroughly invigorating tale of how war affected various young lives in Russia.
    No book before or since, has painted such a vivid picture what life was like in Russia at the time. As you read the words you almost feel like you are there. You feel the charm, desire and underhandedness of Anna Mikhailovna as if you were talking to her face to face, and the beauty of the "little princess" Bolkonsky, as if she were just across the room, such is the immense penmanship of the author.

    You don't just read "War and Peace", you experience "War and Peace"

  8.  Over hyped but intriguing.


    The adverts for this film had it billed as if it was the scariest thing to ever hit the shelves, truly terrifying and thrilling. All in all though, it was a bit dissapointing.
    The real lack of story line is the biggest dissapointment, and ultimately leaves the film without any real substance.
    The only thing going for it is the sense of suspense created when the killers are searching for their victims.

  9.  Actually Terrifying


    In all probability, the serious, hardcore horror fan will probable not find this film all that scary, but to those of us who are just casual horror viewers, it is the epitome of terror.
    I scare reasonably easily, but remakes of Japanese horrors are usually not all that scary. The difference here though, is that the director has made it so that the film actually gets inside your head, and removes all the securities that you normally feel.
    And that noise! Oh that bloody noise! Anyone looking for a good scare should see this!

  10.  Classic JF!


    Another classic album from the Chili's guitarist.
    The man ozzes class from every pore, and this latest offering is no different.
    A top class effort yet again from JF