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  1.  DLC due soon removed side missions


    Can't list any Pro's for this game other than it plays well enough and looks good enough, as it has too many Con's.

    So in its bad books are:

    1. Content that was suppose to be in the game has been made DCL Only, most released about 2 weeks after it. Looks like 2k is trying to Out cash cow EA.
    2. It _Requires_ Steam to play. Why? this is not a on-line game like the GTA series, so why do I have to install Steam to get it working.
    3. Lack of QA, it feels rushed. Missions fail if Not done in a set fashion. One if you try to earn money before going back to your friends apartment you get stuck as it won't allow the friend to leave the building, forcing you to replay it.
    4. AI batteries not included, any escorts or help you have get in the way at times Stopping you dealing with attackers. Other times they Attack random walking NPC's causing you to get police agro when you are trying to run
    5. Zero free mode as there are No side missions, they removed them and made them all DLC.

    Game has been rushed out with DLC due soon that should have been in game, which will cost an extra $US10 each. After playing the original Mafia to death this is one game I won't

  2.  Good game with 2 Main Annoyances


    Other reviews have covered how good it is so posting just to point out 2 things I find very annoying with this game.

    1. Zero options to target nearest monster/attacker via a key, only method to target anything is via mouse click.

    You normally have 3 companions so you have to avoid clicking them when you also have 5-15 attackers swarming around them you have to target.

    Ok some will say the game has auto targeting, but its far to slow to engage attackers when your taking hits and you can't switch to a target that has the least health to kill it quickly.

    2. loading ...

    Get used to it you will see that far too much. Moving between area's on my semi decent pc takes a good minute and longer sometimes for the story line area's.

    So get used to seeing "loading ..." you will soon hate it.

    Other than those two issues it plays well and has about the best story line for a RPG and I'm no were near finishing after a week, wish I could have said that for the Gothy Fallout 3 version. Ok half of my time is stuck in Loading screens but same issue The Witcher suffered from till it was patched

  3.  5 stars for a Oblivion Mod 2 as a Game in its self


    Glad I waited for the Gothy version now, as the standard game is very short but helps having all the expansions.

    But and it's got a few Butt's.

    It is an Oblivion Mod, nothing more nothing less. So it suffers from the Oblivion issues, e.g. lack of combat, mash the attack button till it's dead. So unless you play it on very hard it's not hard to play at all.

    So to keep the console market happy they added VATs a auto aim feature, as you can't Aim in the game its all pure luck. So if you want a FPS game this isn't it, look to the Stalker or simmilar games for that.

    As for Vista issues yeah its suffers but running in compatablity mode helps, as atleast then when it does crash it gives and error window to kill the game from, if not you have to ctrl alt del then right click the icon on the desktop menu to be able kill it.

    So nice Oblivion mod but thats it

  4.  Frustratingly Good


    For a console port is a Good game.

    It has its niggles and sadly normal console fare of Frustration Missions, as some can Only be done in a certain scripted way[console limitation], which wouldn't be an issue with the extra power/memory from most gaming PC's so having items you just got rid of as there explosives respawning as there part of the script and having to find out there back as you drive near them thinking the way is clear as you go around a corner.

    Graphically for me its a bit colour-less or bleached out like Halflife, colours just don't stand out.

    Game play, on my pc which is higher spec than most I see no loading lag or slow downs at all.

    One bit of advice for this game is don't buy a controller for it like I did, unless you broke your gaming teeth on consoles. Other than flying the helicopters using a keyboard and mouse is a lot more intuitive I found for the most part.

  5.  EA Cash Cow


    Wheres the game?

    It stops with a sudden ending when your just getting started ie same as HL2 just waiting for a Paid expansion to Feed EA.

    Ok looks good but its been hyped and EA-fied wait for the Crytek Far Cry 2 not this poor excuse for a FPS.

    Ballistics issues all through the game:

    Headshot from close range and target has the chance to run 50 meters.

    Empty a clip into someone at close range from any of the weapons and again they run away, even accounting for armour but not the starter soliders just in combats.

    Then theres the AI its worse than Farcry's. Soliders don't investigate noises anymore unless they See something linked to the noise, no more throwing something to distract them to get closer.

    Then theres issuses with saving at the wrong point and getting stuck as the game has no way out e.g. the VTOL flight missions, lets just say at one point if you stop moving you cant complete the mission as theres a barrier you can Not pass.

  6.  Over Written


    Script writers got a free reign in this series. So many soap opera sub plots that lead no where.

    One to watch just to watch, episodes 14-22 were particularly painful to watch full of fluff.

    hope series 4 pulls it back but Series 3 is definatley one to buy once the price drops.