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  1.  Did you ever know that you're my Hero?


    This game is brilliant. Any guitar hero fan should buy it. Any music fan should buy it. Any gamer should buy it.

    Well , you can see my attitude towards it, I shall tell you it's good features.

    First of all the graphics have been improved a lot since gh 1. That means the characters, environments and the guitar neck. The guitar neck has been made smaller than before on the screen which may sound like a bad thing but is is actually better. The notes come at you a lot faster and the game is overall more challenging.

    One new feature is battle mode. The pro game reviewers said that this wasn't a good feature but I believe its a good feature as it's fun and unique. It also introduces the concept of real guitarists in the game which are Slash from G N' R and Tom Morello from RATM. These are both unlockable characters that come with their signature guitars and moves.

    Another good thing is that the setlist this year is a lot bigger and a lot better and most of them are now master recordings unlike previous games. There are a lot of classic rock and heavy metal songs on here that are well known. But theres also modern well known songs like Knights of Cydonia by Muse. These songs get more challenging as they go along which is a good thing as previous Guitar Heros didnt spread the difficulty between songs very well.

    Overall a fantastic game: Well worth the buy especially at such a low price.

    Gameplay: 10/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Setlist: 9/10
    Sound Quality 9.5/10

  2.  Fantastic Album


    After One Hot Minute (1995) which was a dissapointment (probably due to Dave Navarro and his creative differences) RHCP return with a masterpiece of an album even if it is a bit more mainstream than their previous albums.

    1.Around the World 8/10 (s) - A good rock/rap opening track with a catchy chorus and well driven riff.

    2.Parallel Universe 8/10 - A loud rock song that doesn't sound like their usual stuff but a good song nonetheless

    3.Scar Tissue 9/10 (s) - First single off the album and a strong song with a brilliant guitar solo towards the end

    4.Otherside 9/10 (s) - Another great single that speeds up as it goes along with a brilliantly written chorus

    5.Get On Top 7/10 - Alright song that can be a bit annoying with the repeated line but not bad after you get into it

    6.Californication 8/10 (s) - The title track with brilliant rhymes in the verses and a catchy chorus

    7.Easily 7.5/10 - Good song. No idea what the meaning is but has a nice rhythm and energy to it.

    8.Porcelain 3/10 - The only song on this I dont like. Slow. Droney. same all the way through. Everything I don't want in a song. Doesn't even go with the albums flow. Avoid.

    9.Emit Remmus 7/10 - Nice song about the differences between California and London (summer time backwards). Rocky Chorus.

    10.I like Dirt 7/10 - Won't explain the meaning. A little rude for play.coms liking. Brilliant guitar solo towards the end and not a bad tune.

    11.This Velvet Glove 8/10 - A nice rock song which changes its tempo and melody all the way through

    12.Savior 7/10 - Ok song. Took me a while to like it with the cowboy style background with a christmassy sort of verse. Weird combo?

    13.Purple Stain 7/10 - Didn't really appreciate this song until I heard the live version. Good chorus but all the verses are in spoken word

    14.Right on Time 8/10 - Short fast paced rock song with slow melodic song. Shortest song on here but a strong one.

    15.Road Trippin' 7.5/10 (s) - Good acoustic song about a road trip which is good given you don't listen to it too much.

    Overall a good album 8/10. Well worth a purchase if you're a RHCP fan. Try it out even if you're not.

    (s) = single

  3.  Best RHCP Album


    1.The Power of Equality - great opening track , fast & angry 8/10
    2.If you have to ask (S) - Catchy chorus and great guitar riff 8/10
    3.Breaking the Girl (S) - Great lyrics and acoustic guitar 9/10
    4.Funky Monks - good song thats funky and with brilliant guitar 8/10
    5.Suck My kiss (S) - good lyrics and fast paced song 8/10
    6.I Could have lied - another sad song with brilliant acoustics 9/10
    7.Mellowship Slinky in B Major - brilliant opening riff,strange song 8/10
    8.The Righteous & the Wicked - Good song with catchy tune 8/10
    9.Give it Away (S) - Possibly their most famous song ever 10/10
    10.Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Good chorus but verses are lame 7/10
    11.Under the Bridge (S) - Absolutely brilliant great guitar and everything 10/10
    12.Naked in the rain - Good song , fast paced and lyrically good 7/10
    13.Apache Rose Peacock - Not that good the first time but grows on you 7/10
    14.The Greeting Song - Another great fast paced rap even though AK hates it its still alright 8/10
    15.My lovely man - good chorus could be better in verses but generally ok 8/10
    16.Sir Psycho Sexy - A bit O.T.T with the sexual theme but a masterpiece 8/10
    17.They're Red hot - Not really a very good song but it only last a minute so you can't complain too much 6/10

    Overall a generally good album with the odd exception easily the best RHCP album. 9/10

    (S) = Single

  4.  Truly Outstanding!


    This game is a clone of gta and it sucessfully delivers what it promises true driving , true fighting and true shooting. This is truly an outsatnding game which is challenging but achievable. The story has a bout 4 different paths with 6 chapters in each which all combine to the overall story. In these missions you either have to free roam (and solve street crimes which is fun),have a high speed chase or have a massive shootout which is also fun. There are other usual cop tasks you may have to perform. There are some flaws in the game as Nick can't swim or survive a jump of 10ft unlike the gta games. You also cant really go into any buildings in free roam mode just drive around and explore the map. The music isnt really good either as most of it is rap or hip-hop and they should vary the music genre. But apart from those minor flaws it is a brilliant game.

    Overall 8/10
    Shooting 8/10
    Driving 8/10
    Graphics 9/10
    Physics 7/10
    Music 6/10

  5.  Good game!


    Apart from star wars I'm not really a sci-fi genre fan. This is the only game I have in that genre.

    This is a very good game and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants o combine comedy,guns,aliens and politics in one game. You play an alien clone who's been sent to eath to infiltrate the humans. The first few missions get the ball rolling and introduce most of the abilities you can use. There are lots of cutscenes to see which relate to the whole story.

    Overall 8/10
    Gameplay 8/10
    Graphics 8/10
    Sound 9/10 (Adds real depth to the gameplay)
    Comedy 9/10

  6.  Very Good


    This is the first sword type game I decided to buy for my psp...I made a good choice. At first I didn't have a clue what was going on and I thought it was one of those pirate arcade games. But after 5 minutes of gameplay I was relieved to find out because I was thinking oh dear I've made a bad choice.

    The sword play in this game is vey good, one of the best I've seen and it combines well with the acrobatics you can utilise with the combat skills. The story is a bit hard to understand if you're not a regular Prince Of Persia fan(like me. The in-game graphics are very good, not brilliant but good. The cutscene graphics are excellent though looking nearly HD.

    Gameplay: 9/10



    The person below who rated this not that entertaining Link1254 whatever his name is definitley didn't give this a chance. This game is brilliant and is so addictive you just don't want to take it out of your psp to swap games. Now I'm not a hrdcore Syphon Filter fan as this is my first game from the series but it's made me want to buy one of the others.

    The graphics,voicing,cutscenes,gameplay everything is just incredible. I don't know how they pulled all of it of in one little tiny disc.

    Gameplay 9/10
    Graphics 10/10
    Cutscene Graphics 10/10
    Overall 9/10(Not an average)



    Wow!!!!what a great game with lots of missions,moves and a great story. This game is a must have for psp owners and star wars fans.

    Story 9/10
    Force unleashed 8/10
    Graphics 8/10
    Force powers/moves 9/10
    Gameplay 9/10
    Overall 9/10

  9.  CLASSIC!!!!


    This game was the last tony hawk I had to buy as I had all the others. Its brilliant and I go on it everyday because of the goals and the good realistic skating. The tunes on it can let it down apart from some of the songs which I love(Iron Maiden-Number of the Beast Sex Pistols-Anarchy in the UK System of a Down-Shimmy and AC/DC-TNT). The graphics are good but some of the skaters look like they've had less realistic work put into them.If you see this game fairly cheap I advise you to get it because its worth the money and repaly value.

    Overall 8/10
    Graphics 8/10
    Physics 8/10
    Soundtrack 7/10
    Skating 8/10

    Overall a good game



    This game was without a doubt the worst game I've ever bought(even more than Full Spectrum Warriors which was pretty crap). If you're looking for a stealth action story than never get this. Theres no story just ten little stages for the entire diffuculty that take less than 30 seconds to complete each. I completed this game on easy and normal within an hour and a half. The first chance I got I traded tis game in. WARNING!!!! Do not I repeat do not buy this game for danger of boredom, frustration and annoyance. If you do want a stealthy story game get the version that does have storyline(Metal Gear Solid:Portable Ops) or Syphon Filter. NEVER get this game for risk of head explosion from boredom. I think i've made my point quite clear.Eh? (By the way I'm not Canadian)