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  1.  A must have!!!


    A must have for all DK fans! Very reminiscent to the first Donkey Kong country, the gameplay, map format and traditional music themes. Very simple and basic to know how to play and control. It starts to get difficult when playing the beach. Get if you ever liked Donkey Kong!

  2.  Good


    Is as good as it looks in the trailers. Repetative though as you just go round blowing up robots. Also controls are very tough to get used to as they have a complicated layout. On the arrow pad you use to switch your two weapons around and the shoulder triggers to fire them, then switch over while the others reload and switch back as well at the same time as trying to get used to the targeting lock and dodging. Nevertheless good sfx, voices and graphics.

  3.  Highly recommended for all drivers


    This is a great product! It does exactly as it says on the box (or on this page). Only downfall for me with this product which may affect some of you is that the instructions are not 100% accurate. It probably depends on the type of bluetooth phone you are using. It may take time to understand what to do to link it up because at first I could only play music from it into my car radio's speakers (via matching frequencies - very clever by the way) and it would not pause when taking an incomming call. I discovered that you just have to make sure that the bluetooth icon on the display of the device is not flashing when bluetoothed to your phone.

    So if you are someone who likes to listen to alot of music while driving but often gets calls while behind the wheel at the same time then this is what you need and at a good price! You are better off with getting this than buying a new car cd player with usb port to be fitted into your car spending from 200 pounds, which I almost did before. I'm glad I discovered this device and own one. Hassle free from switching between cds too.

  4.  The force can have a strong influence on the weak mind


    Don't be fooled this could be just a gimic! Definatly not worth the price of this much! Its a light plastic toy tower with a headset which I would estimate should be worth no more than £50. When using this, you don't always have to put much thought into it. The ball (ping-pong) just floats from the air motor at random times and hights. You can even have your mind off it and do something else with the headset still on you and the ball would be going up and down with Yoda going 'wohoo! doing well, you are'. As the difficulty goes up, its harder to keep the ball at the level you're supposed to float it at. Also the ball can get stuck at the bottom and not float when its supposed to and you will still be succeeding, so you have to shake the tower abit to get it up. So basically this is a plastic tower with a built-in fan that blows air up for a ping-pong ball and activates either by itself or signals from the headset which I do not yet understand how you trigger them. Even when you channel your mind differently or concentrate at different levels it will not respond accordingly. If you wanted the ball to go up and down instantly at your desire it will not.

  5.  A MUST buy!


    Get this game batman fans, you won't be disappointed unless you play it too much and complete it really soon. Best Batman game ever, 1st place after Batman Begins being 2nd and Batman Vengance being 3rd. Game length could have been abit longer (as long as Zelda) but they spent long enough making this game and put alot of great effort into it. Highley recommended. So buy now and enjoy! I hope there will be a sequel just as good.

  6.  Minus individual robot modes


    I got this from argos for the same price, opened it from its box to look at the instructions and discovered something disturbing. Be warned before you consider buying this that the individual constructicons DO NOT TRANSFORM into their robot modes! This is very disapointing as you would expect them to and it is possible. Even the original G1 constructicons were able to transform into both vehicle and robot as well as merging together to form devastator. I guess this is a way hasbro are trying to get you to spend more, so that you have to buy the individual deluxe class constructicons for vechile and robot modes which do not combine into devastator, only this one can. Up to you if you want to get either this only for devastator, or the deluxe constructicons for vehicle and robot modes.

  7.  A great new sims game but doesn't have everything


    A great game with great graphics and great new concept of gameplay. The sims in this look more real and less cartoony. The new personality traits feature and moodlets and their effects is a more realistic idea than sims 2 although, sims 2 is not terrible compared to this one. There are many differences with this game you have to get used to and the game itself has its good points and flaws.

    For example, objects - what this game does not have that sims 2 had which were great objects:
    diving board, pool table, dart board, large expensive telescope, tower clock, aquarium, as many statues and large paintings, multi story columns and windows, piano, hot tub, bubble blower, wardrobes (there are only chest of draws as dressers in sims 3) dj booth and probably more which I can't think of right now. Also no more alien abductions, no more neighbourhood making, your sim teleports out of the house with their car to hit the road (you dont see them step into it), and the thing I don't approve of is the swtiching between active household feature, if you do this then you lose your current household's promised wants and things you dont want to happen can happen to change things with them while you are playing a different household. They should have made it simple like sims 2 where you are able to browse around the neighbourhood and switch between households just by selecting their home then play.

    Some of you may think the lack of certain objects is a bad thing while some of you may not have noticed or aren't bothered. The less or limited objects in this game, including less hairstyles in create a sim is only trying to make you flash your wallet even more because you have to sign up to their store website and buy these things yourself. That is quite a downfall on the game, where as just before the game is released you have the awareness of this having more than any of the sims games as its the latest and superior one. Who knows if there are to be expansion packs, maybe the left out objects and features will be included?

    Now some things that sims 2 did not have that sims 3 does have which are great:
    unlimited customisation with everything! object placement between 2 squares and diagonal, being able to make 2 more (alternate) outfits in addition to what you made for your sims (you will notice this when you direct your sim to 'plan outfit' from clicking on a dresser), better music and less crazy, being able to go to community lots instantly without loading screens and adjust the speed of aging.

    So overall a great game with great features and gameplay and highly addictable for sim fans or fans to be. Although there might be some in-game errors so watch out, but thankfully not as many as I have encountered in Sims 2 which was a nightmare!

    Mainly I would give this 5 stars but minus 1 because of the few things it lacks which I mentioned above. Worth getting if you want something good, maybe better (its hard to determine how much better this is than sims 2). Enjoy and get 'simming'!!

  8.  Brilliant!!!


    I don't know what people reviewing this game under 5 stars is all about, but this game is great! The arcade mode may be short but theres more to do on it and stuff to unlock and the gameplay is great including the character moves. It sure takes us back to the old snes street fighter 2 days and easy to control on xbox, like nintendo controls. The only downside to this game is its lack of characters, I think it should have included every single street fighter there has ever been insted of the new ones. Like, where is DeeJay and T.Hawk? Who knows, but it would be a good idea to include the absent fighters into a add on pack for download. All in all, if you are a street fighter fan who hasn't played the newest since the old snes, than this is definatly worth you spending, even if it means buying an xbox (if u dont have 1).

  9.  Great but too short


    Its a great game with great graphics and gameplay but sadly so short. I spent about 3 hours a day in one week playing it and completed it. It was nice to see the same weapons from the first one re-created though and hear some of the same music which brings you back to its predecessor. And being in the robo-suit is awsome but you only get to go in it twice in single player. If this game was as long as Crysis or Far Cry 2 then I would have given it 5 stars.

  10.  Very good


    Graphics, gameplay and so on are as fantastic and enjoyable as the first Crysis. The only disapointment with this game which is why I give this 4 stars, is because it is too short. Indeed shorter than Crysis. I spent about 2 hours a day playing this and completed it in 5 days.
    On the other hand, its good to see a couple of new weapons which are awsome!
    If this game had the same game lengh as Crysis then I would be giving this 5 stars. I hope there will be a continuation in the future.