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  1.  Lots of mini game fun!


    I loved these games on previous consoles and thought it would deliver on the WII. Apart from your standard one player game, i brought this due to the high amount of minigames!!!!
    I enjoyed them and didnt get a lot of time to spend on this game, but i was having trouble with the sensor on the game (and no it wasnt my WII!) The game asks you to center your controller for most/every minigame to make you aware of where your cursor is...but the game is way to sensitive for my liking and certain games i just couldnt play.
    Buy it for the minigame fun, lots of muyltiplayer madness there!!!

  2.  Once you play it once its hard to play again...


    Well after buying this as a pressie for my family, i thought it would be excellent as a multiplayer game.....
    Although that line is true, its a shame the gameplay is appauling!
    a few sports games (which i like to add are slightly different from you normal ones which was nice) is all you get in this game which dont last long at all. I wouldnt liek to say "buy this" as you will be bored after 1 try of each sport.... which i did just to humour the game!

  3.  Just misses 5 stars...


    Well being a lover of the cod series since the first i always wonder when they will find it difficult to make it exciting each time.....yet they are somehow!
    having heard mixed reviews, one side stating "To go from modern back to WW is boring" and the other "well COD started this way and its how it got its name" i was curious to say the least.
    In all a brilliant game with as per usual amazing graphics and life like gaming. Multiplayer is the main reason i buy and the main thing i use, so i was actually disapointed with the rank structure for Multiplayer...
    Like in cod4, the more you kill and the more challenges you complete, the more ranks you gain and unlock weapons etc. iin waw, the online servers set their own exp rate, so within half an hour you gain the max rank which i find a bit boring.
    In all, brilliant game and a must have for fps fans!

  4.  4 Star but a couple of down sides...


    Well as a lover of RPG, this is my first for the 360. the graphics are brilliants and the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable. The storyline is good although slightly hard to grasp if you are someone like me who just wants to have the gameplay!
    There are a couple of downsides which for me should of had a few more hours trying to prefect.... One being the out of sync cutscenes, nothing big i know but its always nice to have. Secondly, it will start to get abit annoying when the main character always announces the move you are using... but again no biggy!
    In all a very good game and for the price i recommend. I suggest playing with a large LCD for better gameplay as on my smallish screen its had to read!

  5.  Brilliant


    Well after being a GTa fan for many years, i was looking forward to one of the only games that has really challenged it. Although i have yet to play GTAIV, i can honestly say this game is brilliant!
    Obviously there is a main story line, but the extras you can do along the way are pretty good. From throwing yourself in front of cars to get insurance claims to racing your car round the city, it has pretty much everything. Well worth the money to spend on this game, im still hooked on it now...

  6.  Amazing!!!


    Best game ever!!!
    Well what can i say, that line says it all. One of the most unique games ever made. Its really the only online game i have experienced with such a huge veriety of things to do! Highly addictive and you will spend hours and hours on your little character. From different races and classes to choose from, if you dont like one, try another.
    Even get your character a little part time job such as mining or crafting. Superb game, online fees might put you off, but since there are regular updates and additions, you will never get bored. Must have game!!!!!!!!!!!