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  1.  Brilliant


    Season 1 was good, season 2 was slightly better, this season is brilliant. The plotpoints of the past 2 years come together as the shadow war comes into force. Loads of great episodes, but 'Severed Dreams' was my favourite, best ep of the entire series so far. If I could award 4 1/2 stars I would, as the only negative points are the occasional naff episode ('grey 17 is missing') and that the finale is a bit underwhelming, but all in all this is complex, intelligent sci-fi with an epic scope.

  2.  Not Quite as Good as Season 1


    Much has been made of how B5 takes a while to get going, personally I found this season less enthralling than the first. New Captain Sheridan is a bit annoying at first, and many of the early episodes here have a more pronounced cheese factor than anything in season 1. It does get better as it goes though, and The Coming of Shadows episode is very good indeed. Some stoylines just appear from nowhere (the Talia exit story is just weird) certain characters disappear for many episodes at a time, and you still get the feeling that much of it is groundwork for when the 'real story' kicks off in season 3. To be honest, I was considering giving up wth the series at one point, but the final set of episodes are pretty good and the finale really got me interested in the next season. So now I'm converted to a B5 fan and will be getting season 3.

    At this price any sci-fi fan should give it a go. You may not like it all, but the strength of the writing shines through most of the time

  3.  A Solid Start


    I've heard that B5 is "the greatest sci-fi series ever!" from many people and so gave it a go on DVD. Gotta love play.com, a tenner for 22 episodes is good value for money. Anyway, after the pilot (The Gathering) I was not particularly impressed, but this first season is much better. Each story is pretty much self contained but its the scope and depth of characterisation that really shines through. There are faults (some wooden acting here and there, and J.Micheal Straczynski does have the occasional tin-ear for dialogue) but they are far outweighed by the strength and depth of character and ambition to do philosophical and political stories set in space.

    Being the first of a planned 5 season story, there is a lot of set-up going on, and that can get fustrating at times, but most of the episodes hold up well on their own. The special effects could at best be described as 'vintage' but after a while they take on a curious charm. All in all, very watchable and I was even won over by the guy who plays Sinclair by the end (so much so I was SPOILER ALERT gutted to find out he's not in season 2 at all)

  4.  No Point


    I loved BSG almost all the way through. Yes it kind of stumbled through season 3 but 4 is a return to form. This TV-Movie is pointless though, it adds nothing to the first 2 seasons, destroys much of the ambiguity of those early episodes by explaining things that required no explanation, and for some reason they add a whole load of sex and nudity just because its on DVD.

    It gets 2 stars because finally Rick Worthy gets a storyline as underused Cylon number 4 (Simon) and the opening scenes of destruction are quite good too. Otherwise it just feels like a cheap knock-off and the lack of many of the main characters from the show just adds to the feeling of pointlessness. For completists only.

  5.  Hmmmn...I hope it gets better


    Having heard great things about B5 I decided to take the plunge and get it on DVD, Play.com had it cheap so I bought this (the pilot) and season 1. Having watched this, I really hope season 1 is better. The acting in this movie is awful, from the bland secondary characters (the Doctor and 1st officer) to the monotone of the main character, its just naff and comes off as cheesy. When the aliens are the most believable characters, you have a problem. Now I've heard the series proper is much better, and I hope so. That said, even this gets better as it goes on and there are a few interesting ideas, but the awful music, poor acting and stilted dialogue makes this unintentionally hilarious at times.

    Someone told me you can pick up the first season and not bother with this movie as most plotpoints are re-addressed and there are cast changes, if thats the case, then I'd advise skipping this. Very poor.

  6.  Agree with the other guy, better than season 1


    Mad Men is just brilliant. The writing and performances are faultless and this series pushes the characters further than in season 1. Quite simply, its the best Amercian TV series in production.

  7.  Its very Average


    I saw this at the cinema. It started off creepy enough, not scary mind, but creepy. Then when all the supposedly scary stuff starts happening it gets a bit naff, to be honest. It doesn't help that its all done with CSI-style flashing and swooshing and jump cutting, after a while its just distracting and nauseating. Saying that, it did get better as it went on, so its watchable. Not scary though.

  8. Bayani


    Blue Scholars - CD

    4 New from  £2.83  Free delivery

     Perhaps not quite as good as their debut


    ...but still BRILLIANT. How has no one reviewed this yet? These guys are almost criminally unheard of. If you like proper hip-hop, that is, stuff thats actually about something, and not just guns, hos and money, this is the stuff for you. Geologic is a poet master and Shabzi's beats are second to none. Highly Recommended, So Much So In Fact This Last Sentence Is All With Capital Letters.

  9.  Decent series. Rubbish ending.


    Difficult to score this, as the first 10 eps are pretty good, slightly higher than average TV fare. Unlke the 1st series, this one is not based on a book, and suffers for it. The drug thing is interesting at first, but it goes nowhere, Keith Carradine is great and Michael C Hall nails the character of Dexter. The problem is the ending, to put it simply, its rubbish. Everything is wrapped up too easily and its like they hit the 'reset' button. Not really interested in a 3rd series now, as its obvious the writers are committed to keeping the character dynamics as they are, and not mixing it up. Don't be fooled into thinking this is the Next Big Thing. Its not. Its good. Just not that good.

  10.  Still the Best


    Season 5 is just as good as the rest. Brilliant in fact. The ending is superb, just don't expect all your favourite characters to get there....