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  1.  Excellent film, the credits had me laughing!


    For any of you who are unsure about Monty Python and whether or not you want to give their type of comedy a go, let me tell you, this film is the best to experiment with. Of the others I've seen by Python, Monty. none have made me laugh as much as this film. The script is amazing in that it's hilarious but also does have a plot to it.

    This new edition of the film is also spectacular, the quality is excellent (audio especially) and the features on the second disc are most fun.

  2.  One of the worst 'Comedys' I've seen yet.


    I bought this film along with several others, hoping that it'd live up to it's trailer (which films so often seem to fail to do these days). When I watched it I was terribly disappointed. The film follows the life of a weatherman (played by Nicolas Cage) but really, it's just the life of any man who constantly looks a fool. The plot/story is nothing we haven't heard before, new job comes along, has to consider contact with his children who live with his exwife. It isn't told particularly well and isn't ended well either. It's meant to be funny, and maybe if you're the sort that really enjoys slapstick then you might get a good kick out of it, but the dialouge is so bad that it might well even take the fun out of it for you. All in all it's a dreadful movie, I didn't laugh once.

  3. Okami



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     Not to be missed!!


    If you are even considering buying this game you should stop considering right now. Just buy it!! I have played this game start to end and can tell you it is one of the best games I have played in a long while. The gameplay is brilliant, nothing ever gets tiresome (not even running, he speeds up the longer he's running and leaves a trail of flowers! Something I never tired of seeing), it's challenging with puzzles and the battle mode is one of the msot original I've come across, being able to stop time to use your pen to add to your attacks. The characters, even the ones you only see once, are amazing. They each have their own unique and fabulous personalities and the fact that they talk jibberish (the audio) doesn't matter!
    The graphics are flawless, unique and some of the most beautiful graphics I have seen to PS2 yet and the controls are a dream. None of that annoying camera faffing that really puts you off some games.
    It probably could stand to being a bit harder, you don't really die all that often. But in saying that, battles against the bosses are a challange and the game is long without dragging on. There are plenty of side missions to do if you get bored of the main plot and is very open for you to just run around maps like a mad wolf if you want to. You can interact with everything, you can slash trees and houses and feed the wildlife, anything you can think of doing, give it a try, something will probably happen.