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  1.  Worse Than Season One!


    Pretty much the same as season one, with even more views up girls skirts. Really can only appeal to young boys.

  2.  Pretty Bad!


    It's not very often that I rate a DVD as low as this! It's a pretty good series of stories, but the entire series is marred because almost every shot is up a girls skirt. Way, way over the top. Obviously aimed at young boys, and really I can't see anyone else being interested in it.

  3.  Difficult To Fault!


    An outstanding series, that really is difficult to fault. family feuds, battles, dragons, giants, it has everything. Not only is this a great ( and intricate) story, but it's superbly directed, acted and produced. Worth every penny! Buy it! Just don't let the kids near it because the level of sex and violence is way too high for a younger audience.

  4.  Anime at its best


    The first series is up-beat, really funny romantic comedy. But be warned that the tone changes completely for the second series. Many of the original elements of the first series are changed and the entire tone spirals downward. The film should be watched last and really is just a compact version of the series, it is, however, a little easier to understand. I just love the two seasons OVA's. Highly recommended.

  5.  Hilarious! Buy it!


    Really great story with a wicked sense of humour. Be warned though that it's a little inappropriate in places and some may find it offensive. And if you get the chance, watch an episode or two of the excellent anime.

  6.  Very Watchable


    Set in the far distant future, this series has just about everything to keep you glued to your seat. The series is not suitable for kids because of the rather disturbing way that young Renton is treated at various times by the crew of the ship, and also, the animators, for some very strange reason, decided to have masses of blood like fluid pouring out of the robots at times.
    Oddly the dubbed version has copied the Japanese pronunciation of the name Eureka, and it sounds very weird mixed in with English, and in addition, Renton can sound tiringly whiney at times, but apart from that the dubbing is great. Dialogue for the small kids is annoying, but luckily they dont feature too much!
    The plot is a little difficult to follow at times, especially at the start of the series, but all in all this really is an excellent anime. Very definitely one you should add to your collection.

  7.  Delightful!


    Delightful comedy that is fun from start to finish. A young girls demure and gentle personality comes head to head with a family full of deep rooted problems. Suitable for all the family. There are one or two violent scary scenes that may be unsuitable for the youngest of viewers.

  8.  Good Series!


    Boobies is something you can't really ignore in this series, and honestly I think they have over-done it here. You can't help but spend half your time wondering what type of kevlar construction would be necessary to constrain these ladies. However, it's still a great fun series and not one to be missed. Reminds me very much of H.O.T.D.

  9.  Great Series!.


    Chobits is a relatively gentle anime love story. It is not, however, suitable for children. The series has a great story line, and starts off very promising indeed, but in my opinion fails to develop the main character; Chii. The relationship between her and Hideki is played down too much, and leaves you wanting so much more. For this reason, it doesn't get five stars from me! But it's still well worth a watch.

  10.  Delightful Series


    The plot is a little complex at times, but nothing really detracts from the underlying, delightful, yet intricate and and at times wonderfully subtle love story that plays out between the two main characters. High adventure this isn't, but it surely is a wonderfully touching and romantic tale.