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  1.  a must for any fan


    Well what can you say except its one of the best albums of the 90s.
    Most people i know have grown up with this band and all have this album ,there is so many classic songs and it still stands up today as great easy listening music.this is a must for any fan of this band and if your like me you will love to listen to this when you have had a drink with family and friends to sing along too.

  2.  best movie this year


    dont need to say alot as the guy below me was spot on i agree with his review,would deff say go c this movie best i seen this year so far.

  3.  very good


    i really liked this i read the book and thought would be good if they made a film and i have to say it was as good as the book. sean bean plays the part really well,he gives the feeling of the person hes playing and the dark humour is all there. all in all a really good watch.

  4.  better then first online


    i have played the first one for ages now and have to say vegas 2 beats it but only on online play. the story isnt great but its ok to play but the big improvement is online in first game it was to long to get in a game and so few servers, on this game there is so many servers for co op or team based games its what ive been waiting for and its very easy to set up a co op game for your friends now.

    all in all a good game mainly for online play fantastic.

  5.  great show


    i have just watched the full season off american tv and have to say it was fantastic.the twists and turns are great typical story lines what keep you interested every week.
    this show ties in well with the movies as we all wanted to know what happens inbetween, a must for any fans of the movies and if not a good show to watch anyway. just a shame they didnt do the full 13 or 14 shows as planned but 9 will have to do, fingers crossed we get a second season.

  6.  great movie


    This is a typical chick flick, but i have to admit that its not a bad film. Basically a reversed version of some kind of wonderful!! Classic film.

  7.  break his heart, i'll break your face


    Typical tale of boy from wrong side of the tracks who falls for popular babe. This kind of storyline was done so well in the 80's... This is yet another classic film and the soundtrack's great aswell.

  8.  Dont mess with the bull, you'll get the horns!


    This film is all about the acting with the brat pack in finest form!! Great soundtrack aswell and there is a classic line from the film, one of my faves, where judd nelson says "does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe."
    A must see for rebels of the 80's....

  9.  She's alive!!


    Such an awesome 80's movie... still stands up today as a very funny classic movie!! It's filled with great one-liners and is worth watching just for kelly lebrok!!

  10.  Hey you guys!


    Its the ultimate kids film that you can watch even as an adult and still remember when you were little and wanted to find your very own treasure map, along with sloth!! It's an adventure that never fails to deliver, again and again!!