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  1.  Good looking case


    I previously had one of the 'S Gel' cases that you can buy quite readily (and cheaply) on a certain internet auction site. I had no issues with that case other than it added bulk to the phone's slim lines. I bought this expecting it to be similar but I was pleasantly surprised. This case is a very nice looking case which doesn't add much bulk to the phone at all. It fits very well and feels very nice in the hand.

  2.  Excellent


    This is a well packaged, well built speaker of diminutive size yet very powerful sound. This is as good, if not better, than the x mini II.
    If you want good sounds from a speaker that you can carry in your pocket you won't be disappointed with this!

  3.  Engrossing


    This game is absolutely fantastic. I had my reservations when I first slid it in my PS3 but as soon as I started playing I knew I was on to a winner! Thankfully, I did not know the twist before I played it (and I'm not going to spoil it here!) but when IT happened it was truly shocking! The graphics are great, the voice acting and lip syncing are spot on! Well done Naughty Dog for creating a masterpiece, roll on the sequel!

  4.  Classic Bottom


    This is a compilation of violent parts of the show (I'm sure about 95% of each episode involved violence!!)
    It will make you laugh and cringe in equal measures!!! If you love Bottom you will love this! It shows parts of their live shows too!

  5.  Great arcade action


    Best way to describe this game is to say it is Sega Rally with guns!!!

    Idea of the game is to go through the stages of the game getting as many points as possible by shooting enemies and trying to keep a chain going. There are several different game types; for example there is Sprint where you have to get from the start to the end as quick as you can whilst still shooting enemies etc.
    Then there is Siege where you have very little space to play in (go out of this space for more than 5 seconds and the explosive implanted in you explode and it's game over) and you have to stay alive whilst waves of enemies come at you, again you have to shoot enemies and keep a chain going to get high points.
    The graphics are great, the sound is good and the gameplay is fantastic if a little repetitve.
    This is no Half Life, it is a game that you can just dip into whenever you want, there is very little story to it and it is perfect for busy people (like me) who have very little time to get into heavy story driven games!
    Go buy it; you wont be disappointed!

  6.  Fantastic


    The five (5) games in this one pacakge are all absolutely mind blowing!!
    If you've played Half Life 2 before then you know exactly what to expect; a storyline that is engrossing, graphics that are amazing and lip syncing that actually looks reasonably spot on! This pack includes Half Life 2 and then the two further 'expansion packs' -episodes one (1) and two (2). You may have played Half Life 2 and episode 1 before but episode 2 is a new game that ties up some loose ends as you would expect.
    The other two games are Portal and Team Fortress.
    Portal is a fantastic puzzle game which consists of you having a gun that fires two different portals into walls, a blue portal and an orange portal. Go through the blue portal and you will come out of the orange portal and vice versa. It is then a puzzle of how to get to the exit using these portals and other objects in the level. You have a computer voice int he background which adds humour and either supports you or tries to put you down. This is going to be a classic game!!
    Team Fortress is an online only multi player first person shooter. It works using different classes of soldiers for you to take advantage of meaning team work is the name of the game (well no, actually it's Team Fortress, but you know what I mean!).
    The only reason this didnt get a 5 out of 5 score was due to the horrible loading times which apparently didnt occur on the Xbox 360 or PC versions!
    Other than that it is a fantastic game, I have heard that there is slow down on the PS3 version too, but I haven't come across any, so far.
    Buy it, you wont be disappointed!!!

  7.  Very engrossing


    Another WWII shooter!!!!
    There are loads of them out there but that doesnt stop them being good!! CoD 3 is great, not the best, but still great.
    The graphics are excellent and the storyline is engrossing. The game is stuck to using historical weapons which lessens the fun.
    CoD 4 is much better but that's because the team can be more inventful with the story (not recreating history) and the weapons are much more 'fun' to use due to the variety of weapons available to the military nowadays.
    If you want a great WWII shooter then get CoD 3, especially at this price. But if you want an excellent shooter then get CoD 4, if you're loaded, why not get both, you wont be disappointed.

  8.  Average


    Very average.
    Some shocks no and again but also some glitches!
    Storyline is ok and graphics are reasonable. COuld've been so much better!!!
    If you want an FPS get CoD 4, if you want an FPS with a bit of horror get Darkness. Both are better than this (CoD is 10 times better).

  9.  Amazing


    Everything in this game is fantastic. It has great graphics, storyline(s), controls and gameplay.
    Even the introduction to the game (cargo ship) is breath taking.

    The idea of the game is very much like any other FPS out there (you have a gun, go and shoot bad people) but the execution of the storyline and the excellent graphics means it feels so much more than just a game. You play as one of two characters, Soap who is attached to a small SAS team or Sgt Jackson who is a part of the USMC (a marine) I personally felt more attached to Soap rather than the marine as the game didnt really give the marine much character. I think this was probably down to americans being gung ho rather than a close knit team like the SAS. These two characters have seperate missions like 'rescue a hostage' etc. The missions of each character are related to one another, however, which makes the whole game a rather good story seen from differing perspectives. I wont go into anymore detail here as it would spoil it.

    If you havent got ths yet then what are you waiting for!!
    You wont be disappointed.

  10.  Fantastic


    I've got the 1986 version of this book and read it ages ago. It is still fresh in my mind 'cause the storytelling is so good.
    It's a wonderful turn on the normal stories of Batman and his enemies throwing them into old age and the inherent vulnerabilities of aching bones etc.
    Batman tries to remain as strong as ever throughout even when he faces much more superior enemies.
    A great graphic novel that, if you like Batman, you will definately enjoy.