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  1.  Outstanding!


    If you like good heavy rock this is for you . If you dont this album will make you see the light . Truely outstanding!

  2.  brain crunching!!!!


    Zakks back with a killer album , way and above anything Ozzy,s done lately !!!! This is metal in its purest form , long live BLS!!!!

  3.  A weapon of a game!


    This game is fantastic on the Wii , I played it with the zapper and nearly got shellshock , its that realistic ! If you like WW2 first person shooters this is for you!

  4.  What do you want to hear?


    The best Sourthern Rock live album ever, in the top ten live albums of all time too.You can feel the power,feeling and passion involved here , its just unbelievabley good. I saw the revamped Skynyrd recently (again) but this live double will not be beaten , sadly.Seem to recall paying 5 or 6 quid for the vinyl in the 70,s , this is sssoooooo worth the 9 bats Play are asking , buy or die a poorer man!!

  5.  Awesome!


    This Lizzy record is the first of the classic,s , its also very under-rated. I remember hearing an interveiw with Lynott about his new album "Foitin," in his Irish brouge , if you are new to Lizzy this is a damn good start , then move onwards and upwards to Johny the Fox, Bad Rep , Jailbreak and one of the greatest live albums of all time......................



    This is is Lizzy kicking ass like it was going out of fashion, a proper good Thin Lizzy record from the 70,s . If you,re a fan or just curious this is well worth it for a fiver.

  7.  Definatley a grower.....


    After the awesome Angel of Retribution , and as a Priest fan of 30 years , I had high hopes of this one .At first I thought it was a joke , however after a few times it does start to sound better . Yes its pompous in the extreme but fair play to the Priest for exploring new ground and as they start the current live show with Dawn of Creation and Prophesy they are clearly proud of this opus. If you,re looking for classic Priest this one aint for you , if you,re looking for ,er, prog-metal, this is bang on!! As I say , not what I was expecting but a worthy effort none the less.

  8.  The Irish Blues Wizard!!!!!


    This record is just awesome, a live blues show that should be required listening on any music education list!!! If,n you into the blues in any way ,shape or form this is for you , if you just into music with a passion then ditto, this is a great way into the late ,great and sadly missed meastro Sir Rory of Gallagher. Buy it.