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  1.  PS3 at its best


    I put this game off for quite some time I thought it would be another tomb raider a series I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of. But eventually I gave in after ready good reviews I thought what the hell and picked the game up for the small price of £13.
    The first thing you will notice is how fantastic the graphics are even a year or so after the games release the game still put some newer games to shame. As you walk or run your clothes move and crease with you if you get wet so do you clothes i.e. when you walk through a puddle only the part of your body submerged in water will appear we, the landscapes and water effects of the game are some of the best I've seen as are the character models.
    The graphics aren't the only thing going for the game it has a fantastic story with a tomb raider meets Indy meets national treasure story line and action. You will want to play through until you've unearthed the full mystery.
    The game is played in chapters HOWEVER at the start of each chapter you don't have to sit back and wait for it to load up the game plays as one straight through without any loading or waiting even the auto saves happen without you knowing without slowing down the game it's scary how the game plays through without any hassle without any slow down.
    The game will take you about 6 -7 hours to complete but there are a lot of unlockable to uncover. Finding treasures, killing enemies with certain weapons, making head shots all help towards unlocking medals/ trophies.
    This game is great for action and adventure gamers everywhere if you haven't yet played it then go out and buy it, rent it or borrow it its really worth a try and who knows you might be surprised. The price you can pick it up for now is well worth it.

  2.  earn your wings


    There last few medal of honors where nothing new nothing special.

    Along comes airborne that offers the chance to start and progress through the levels in any way you can. The choice is yours. If you land in one of the safety zones you'll start off the level easy, if you land in an enemy heavy zone the game will feel a lot more challenging.

    Either way you go once you've landed you will be given various objectives to complete which can be completed in more or less any order you like again the choice is yours.

    The levels themselves are quite big and offer a few different ways to tackle each objective either take on your enemies head on or look for vantage points to take your enemies out from a distance or sneak up behind them. There is a lot of freedom in the game.

    Another addition to the game I liked was the chance to level up your weapons. the more enemies you kill with a certain gun the more the more powerful that weapon will become well up to three levels anyway which included better accuracy, bigger ammo clips, enhanced fire power etc. even better is that you carry these enhanced weapons along with you the harder difficulty levels.

    The graphics aren't the best I've seen but they are still quite good especially on the environments.

    Each level you will also find 5 bonus drop zones for you to test you skills.

    This is a great first person shooter that offers a lot of freedom and can be quite challenging in places leveling up your weapons can be fun and also a challenge to themselves. If I was to pick faults with the game it would be its graphics and although levels can last you quite a while there isn't a great deal of them to play through. A very good game that you can pick up very cheap now.

  3.  Not the best but certainly not the worst FPS


    There are a lot of mixed feelings about this game but is it as good or bad as people make out?

    Well after all the hype building up to this game you'd hope the game would be great and even though the game starts off quite good showing a lot of potential with good graphics, interaction with your squad good steady paced action and the basis of what could be a good story you soon start to feel a bit robbed.

    At first you don't actually fight any aliens you will be up against humans while the game goes through the controls and techniques. I was really impressed with the game play and the graphics looked very good on weapons and the landscapes even when I fought the first lot on aliens/ creatures I was impressed and thought I was in for a very good game.

    I first started to get annoyed when I first had to drive the bloody truck the controls for this where quite terrible and awkward and I just wanted to hurry and get off to get back to some basic FPS killing. Unlucky for me I didn't realize this part of the game was going to last so long.

    After the first half of the game or so the story starts to become rushed and predictable ... I stopped caring after a while.

    There are a few weapons to get your hands on throughout the game however you're not really going to need them I played though practically the whole game with the machine gun I started the game with and found nothing else as useful really.

    The games other problem is it's far too short and doesn't really offer much in the way of a challenge even the last boss was disappointingly easy.

    The game isn't a total loss though there are some good actions levels mainly in the form of rail shooters and the graphics are still pretty good to look at.

    Overall the game feels rushed and is very basic it starts off promising but after a while lets you down. There is some good action and you may find enough fun and enjoyment to get you through to the end but you're unlikely to want to play through a second time. It's a shame blacksite didn't live up to its hype but it's not the worst FPS on the market at the moment ... I enjoyed it more than Jericho hence the 3 stars.

  4.  Good or Evil you decide


    To start with this game is a great improvement to Spiderman 3. Unlike Spiderman 3 web of shadows has a totally new and original story for the game which helps break the game away from any restrictions from a movie or comic deal.

    You're thrown into the game with the city in chaos over run by symbiotes shield solders trying to hold them back while you're trying to find MJ. After a quick intro you're taking a few days into the past where the current events started to unfold.

    After this intro part of the game the next hour or so you will meet up with Luke Cage who will help train you for the game, doing various missions/ tasks and training spas etc and once you have completed these tasks Luke Cage will join your allies list which is a new addition to game that allows you to summon certain characters you meet through out the game into battle to help you take care of the games many enemies which can prove quite useful.

    You have total free roam of the city ground a sky there are a lot of random crimes that pop up on your map and can help stop if you choose to. Some of these crimes help you complete optional bonus missions such as stop 10 bank robberies etc in previous games where stopping gangs you've never really got much out of it but yeah doing so will gain you valuable experience to help upgrade and obtain new movies.

    In previous games transporting someone to a hospital used to just appear on your map as an extra job to do in web of shadows though you won't find this instead while fighting enemies if a civilian gets in the way or is trapped in a car while is explodes then you must try and save them and get them out of harms way or to a hospital adding a more heroic feel to the game rather than people in need popping up on you radar.

    The graphics have improved from the last instalment as well rather than trying to look to serious the game has a nice comic book/ cartoon feel to it that works really well.

    Another good thing with the game is that you can either play down the path of good of evil. Through out the game you will have to make choices which will lead you down one path or another meaning you could essentially play through the game at least twice to get both sides of the story.

    The biggest improvement to the game has to be the combat its very fast, there are a lot of moves to learn and upgrade and both you normal suit and black suit have their own moves in addition to this you can web zip onto your enemies and fight in the air which is fantastic. No longer do you have to worry about falling to the ground while fighting flying bosses and enemies if you do start to fall you can web zip back up to that enemy and start pounding him again with little effort.

    The game does have a couple of faults. 1 the camera now and again decides to have a mind of its own and will keep looking up to the sky easily corrected by pressing the R3 button. Easily solved but still annoying. 2 there are a few graphic glitches in the game enemies will sometimes get trapped in walls or cars or even turn invisible altogether.

    Overall though this is a fantastic game, fans won't be disappointed and will welcome the new improvements. The game looks and plays great and is a lot less irritating and fun than the last.

  5.  the game that demands respect


    I've owned this game twice, completed 3 times and still think it's a fantastic game. This game didn't have to go too far to find a story after all it based on one of the best gangster films ever made.

    You don't play as one of the main characters in the film however you play as a character that was on the side lines as the first film progressed. You can interact with all the main characters, and see some of the major and most memorable scenes from the film.

    As I've said I've owned this game twice the first time was on the ps2. Playing the ps3 version though you can see a hell of a change. For starters the family houses are all different where as in the ps2 version the houses and layout are the same here you get different landscapes and houses making the game that little bit more challenging, ... and fun. Also with this version you can get missions directly from the don which gives you a better chance to interact with the main characters and hear their story it also makes the game last that little bit longer. There are also a couple of other extra missions in this version to help extend the game along with all the original missions of the ps2 version are here.

    The only problem for some ... mind it didn't bother me that much playing it ... is the graphics. Apart from smoothing those out them are more or less the same as the ps2 version. Don't let this put you off though the game itself is fantastic.

    The story is great, the game is true to the film, and there is plenty of action, some fun weapons to get hold of which is even more fun when you unlock unlimited ammo. Another fun moment with the game is that you can hire hit men to join you to help you complete missions. Bank jobs etc. This game is fun and can be enjoyed time and time again ... the reason the 4 stars is because they could have took the time to improve the graphics evne though this doesnt effect the actual game it still would have been nice to see.

  6.  re-live the dbz saga.... well upto the cell saga ayway


    Ah Dragon Ball Z what a show ... what a game? I've play a few Dbz games over the years from snes mega drive ps1 and ps2. Is this game up to scratch? Is it true to the DBZ name?.....Hell yeah.

    I've played up to Budikai 3 I've never played a DBZ game since then until now. This game is very true to the anime, the cell shaded graphics are superb and although I may get egged in the street for saying this but the animation in the game actually looks better than the dbz series... mind it is showing its age a bit even though I am a huge fan.

    The action in the game is very fast they've made the game easy in terms of pulling off combos, no more left, left, right, right, x square triangle stuff, all you need to do to pull off a big combo is left and circle, or right and circle, or to pull off a super powerful combo is up and circle once you power gage is full. What's better is you can choose you super combo, from kamahama has to final flashes the choice is yours... well as long as it's one of your characters trademarks. To power up and pull off extra super powerful combos is press L1 then quickly press up and circle when your power gage is full. Sounds easy... well maybe it is but god does it add speed to the game you don't have to worry about pressing certain buttons to pull off complicated moves you can just flow through the game.

    The story mode only goes up to the cell saga... a bad thing? Depends how you look at it really... on one hand there isn't a load of characters to play or unlock ... on the other hand is that important? Doesn't this mean that we can expect another fantastic game like this in the near future? Just because we only play through about half the series doesn't mean the game is any less fun.

    One of the new and best features of the game is the drama pieces. If you complete a certain objective within a fight you are treated to a short cut scene relevant to the story. This adds more to the story and makes you aim high when playing the game just to see what is available and how involved the game can be to the anime.

    Sorry but I am a huge fan of both the games and the series (you've seen nothing until you watch the fully uncut Japanese versions by the way) and I love this game, it has fantastic graphics, it true to the series, its fast paced action without having to faff on with loads of buttons. So what there aren't loads of characters just gives us summit to look forward to for the next game. The only problem with the game if any is that it is a bit on the short side. Great game for dbz fans and fighting fans alike

  7.  The eye has you


    Hmmm where to start with eye of judgement? Well it's certainly not for everyone. It's a very interesting idea and if you can pick a copy up cheap as I did (£25) you getting a hell of a bargain since the camera is worth about 20 on its own.

    The idea of the game is to capture 5 of the 9 squares on the board using skill, magic, and brute force. It's not as easy as it sounds either. The computer can be quite tough especially if you haven't bought any booster packs as the cards you get with the game are only basic. You get a 3 by 3 cloth matt with the game, this is where all the action takes place, and the matt is really detailed and looks the part on the matt there are 4 markings that indicate where the camera can go so it can get a full view of battle area. Once set up and in a match there are also marking to show where your deck goes and places for all you discarded cards (the grave yard). When you place a card on the mat the camera scans is then displays the monster of that card on screen, if you facing an enemy then you will attack. Each card has special abilities and attributes so you have to think a head. Also on screen you will notice you board has changed to different elements, Fire, water, earth etc each card has its own prefer field so if you can try and place on that field to raise your characters stats. If you place say a water card on a fire field, if the card is automatically destroyed it will be weaker.

    Sound good so far. Just like Yu Gi Oh ... Yes I'd love to see Yu Gi Oh made into a game like this. The problems start with light. If you're not in a very well lit room then the camera can have trouble picking up cards and you have to keep re placing the cards, or waving your hand in front of the camera ... Which helps... to re register the card. This can get really frustrating.

    Another problem there is no story mode to it meaning once you get bored of beating the computer you have to get friends or go online to get a challenge. The game would have kept me interested for a lot longer if it had a story mode to it. Hopefully they will realise one other wise unless I have friends round (I don't have online access) it's just going to gather dust on my shelf.

    The graphics of the game are really nice and the beasts look fantastic. You can sort of pet them to an extent as you scan then into the computer.

    At the end of the day though it really does depend if your into this sort of thing the graphics are great and it really is a good and original idea but I wish it had a story mode without one I can only give this a average score as once your finished beating the computer unless you have online access or a friend to play it with you may find youll get bored quick.

  8.  The odd couple


    The thing with Kane and Lynch was that it built up get a hype like most things I think people got the hopes about the game thinking it was going to be the be all and end all and because of this when the game was finally released people saw the end product and thought "all that hype for nothing" I've seen this game quickly drop down in price, get average reviews and some bad ones and I think to myself if it wasn't hyped up from the start would people have seen it in a different light?

    You player as Kane a guy that has done the dirty on his former colleges (the 7) and spending his days in prison until the 7 send lynch, a complete nut case, in to free him so they get use him to retrieve back what he stole from them if not his wife and daughter will pay the consequences.

    So the odd couple is born. Throughout the game you control Kane however you can point lynch in the right direction, who to attack, to hold back and give him weapons. You can do this with over team mates when they come available but you stick with lynch throughout. From the start of the game you're treated to some fast and furious action levels such as escaping from jail, breaking back into one, shooting your way through the streets of Tokyo and getting thrown into the middle of a warzone. Just because the action is furious though don't expect to rush into things; this will just get you killed. You have to take your time a bit, make sure you keep your men in check and keep an eye out for snipers and other sly enemies. If you do die don't panic too much if you do die then if a team member is close by he will inject you with adrenaline to bring you back. This won't happen all the time and if you use it to much then after a while it won't have any effect but it certainly makes the game a little easier and less frustrating. Another good thing about your team mates is that if you run out of ammo your team will give you extra rounds. Again though they will only do this three or so times.

    The story is quite good in the game as well it keeps you interested in finding out Kane and lynch's past, why the are they way they are and why they are targeted dead men. Every time you die/ get knocked out while your characters on the floor you hear voices that help fill in some of the blanks, like why kane's family hate him etc. These little touches make the game that little more interesting.

    The only criticism I have with the game is the graphics there not fantastic by any means at the time of it's realise I expected more. Don't get me wrong there not dreadful, there ok and that's about it.

    Another thing near the end of the game you finish a level in a city then the next thing you know you find yourself in the middle of a warzone. This is a minor criticism but I'd like to have seen a cut scene or summit to wean your way into it. Like I say minor and it may be just me being picky.

    Anyway this is a great game and you can get it so cheap these days and it's certainly worth it, the game has tones of great action, an interesting story, two ending to see, and a bound of an unlikely friendship. Defiantly worth the 12 - 15 quid you can pay for it 2nd hand these days.

  9.  Times up


    Everyone is asking why the wires? Are they such a bad thing? Does this really affect the game? Well I thought so in fact it put me off the game altogether for a while until I read (mind I don't know if this is true) there was a problem making the gun wireless as the Bluetooth was causing problems what and why I don't know (has anyone else heard this?) . After reading this though (and after running across number 3 in the arcades) I thought what the hell and bought the game pre owed for nearly half the rrp.

    The first thing you will notice about the game is the gun, its orange and hard to miss, you'll notice if you left handed you may have some trouble and you will notice all the buttons you have to get used to. The gun is quite light and there is quite sufficient wire to stretch comfortably across your room, although there are a lot of buttons to get used to they are all positioned nice and close with most only a thumb distance away and like most things after a short while it becomes 2nd nature and you will wonder what all the fuss was about. That said though why orange?

    The major problem with the gun is it calibration, be prepared to sit in the same spot without moving for the time playing the game. An inch or so in either direction, left, right forward or back will knock your aim to whack. You can access the options and re calibrate the gun in game if this happens but it is very frustrating.

    The game itself you have 3 modes:

    The classic arcade shooter where the aim of the game is to clear out the enemies on screen within the time limit or you will loose a life, there are two characters to play as each with their own path within the game, 4 weapons to use and they've also tried to keep things interesting and challenging by adding 2-3 way/ multiple screen battles. There are 3 stages to play through and once you have completed a stage you can play through each separately.

    The new FPS mode which you use your gun to control your character through various stages as if you were playing a first person shooter such as Call of Duty... just less impressive. This for me was the highlight of the game I could quite happily play more first person shooters like this. This mode also throws the arcade levels in as well.

    Then you have the mini games which mainly consist of target practice games trying to shoot as many targets as possible before the time runs out. Once you've completed the game more advanced training missions become available.

    The game won't take you long to complete and once you have done so you may loose interest. The FPS mode was for me the best thing about the game I really enjoyed it and would love to see other games done this way. Overall though the game has weak average graphics and poor acting but you expect this in a shooter like this, the gun is the game's biggest fault with or without a wire and is why im giving the game a 3 but although it won't last you long you will still find some fun along the way. Not for everone and not worth full price but if you cant get it for about half the price you getting your moneys worth.

  10.  a Fun, beautiful game for all ages


    To be honest this is the first Ratchet and Clank game I've played this upsets me as I saw what I had been missing all this time. This game is really fun and entertaining and is one of the few games I could be bothered to play through more than once.

    The game starts when an alien war lord hunts ratchet down to destroy him for what his race did to the alien's race. From then on your job is to discover ratchets past, find out what happen to your race, and why this guy has it in for you.

    The story is simple but effective and very fun with a lot of laughs on the way. As you travel from planet to planet you meet some very interesting and whacky characters some of which can be very helpful in your journey offering you weapons, gadgets or currency ... of course you getting nothing for free so in return you have to do them favours, such as collect monsters souls, complete various tasks, or pay for them etc. All the weapons you can get your hands on are upgradeable, adding extra ammo, distance to your shots, and of course more power. Very useful especially when you see some of the bosses you will be up against. As well as weapons to buy you can also buy new armour that becomes available from time to time again very useful but very expensive.

    As well as fun weapons to play with there are also some cool gadgets to play with such as wings that will glide you to otherwise unreachable areas, and of course the bike thingy which is mainly used to get around pipes at high speed... which is always fun. Oh and don't forget your space ship. There are a couple of levels throughout the game where you can fly your ship destroying enemy ships collecting various collectables the levels are rail shooters so you can't control your ship freely but they are still allot of fun.

    The graphics in the game are very nice the cartoonish look suits the game beautifully the sceneries are very nice to look at and the graphics on the characters are very detailed.

    The game is a load of fun and if you want all weapon upgrades and armour you'll need to play through it twice but you won't get bored in fact the 2nd time through, since you keep all upgrades and weapons from your first time through, you may enjoy it even more, blasting your way through enemies and bosses that gave you a hard time before with ease.

    The ending ends on a cliff hanger and I can't wait for the next game. I had a lot of fun with the game... twice the graphics are great the story is fun and there is plenty of humour to keep you entertained and as well as this there are plenty of weapons and gadgets for you to try out. Fun for all ages.