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  1.  Slow it down Collins, slow it down...


    I would not dare to call this an absolute failure, after I quite enjoyed the two first books of this trilogy. But it seems midway into this project, Suzanne Collins is getting sick and tired of everything and just hurries through the book.
    Nothing is in place, and there is no blockades in the road, sort to speak, as things just...Happens.

    Throughout the book, we get to meet some new characters. But as I mentioned, Collins is rushing through the book so fast, we don't get to establish a good enough relationship whit the new characters at all.

    And to top it of, during "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay", I can't say that I enjoyed the depressed Katniss scenarios.
    For me it was like another Twilight read all over again (For some, I may as well be swearing in church right now, and I'm terribly sorry).
    And I understand quite well where it all took place in the book,

    but from what I experienced from "Hunger Games", I imagined a strong independent person who stood up for her rights. Not crying and moaning every second chapter.

    But as I mentioned to begin with,
    it's not a terrible book, and you might as well read it if you already read the previous two.

  2.  Hooked after 12 pages


    Managed to get hooked after 10 pages.
    The writing is somewhat simplistic, hence the 4/5 stars. But besides that, an amazing book that will keep you indoors, and away from the sun until you're finished reading.

  3. Replay



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    This book totally blew my mind!
    Never in my life had I ever imagined too be this hooked up on a book.

    easily 5/5 stars