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  1.  Very slow loading times...


    I bought Oblivion after playing the excellent fallout 3 as it is created by the same developers, however Oblivion was a BIG disappointment as it suffered very...very...VERY long loading times during gameplay which made the game slow and boring. Each time you walked through a door or into another area (which you do a lot in the game) you had a 60+ second wait before you could continue playing, this was something I just couldn't put up with and traded the game in within a few days. I also found the graphics textures to be of bad quality and the menu systems very confusing.

    Overall a very bad game in my opinion, if you haven't played Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas then spend your cash on them instead, they are 100 times better!

  2.  A Must Buy Game!!!


    Having played through Fallout 3 which I enjoyed a lot I decided to buy Fallout: New Vegas and can confirm this game is excellent too, although very similar to Fallout 3 which isn't a bad thing. I've been playing the game for over 100 hours but still don't want to see the end as I like it so much!!! Many people have said this game is full of bugs which is absolute rubbish....although I did download all the updates before playing. I have only found one bug and thats a graphical error which causes your character to keep holding his rifle (or other 2 handed weapon) above his head, apart from that the game is faultless and a MUST BUY!!! Can't wait for Fallout 4, 5, 6, 7..............wishfull thinking!!!

  3.  Xbox 360 Premium 60GB - Now a good purchase!


    A few weeks ago I was very close to buying a PS3, just because it seemed better value for money at the time due to having Wi-Fi and Blu Ray.

    However, now that Microsoft has slashed the price of its Xbox 360 console (which is the BEST decision they have ever made) and I have done extensive research into the Xbox 360 - I have just purchased an Xbox 360 myself.

    For anyone thinking of getting an Xbox 360, here's some info aquired from my research:

    1) IGN have rated over 19 Xbox 360 games superior to the PS3, this clearly shows the amazing power of this console.

    2) The Xbox 360 can be connected directly into a cable modem that has an RJ45 Ethernet socket. This means you don't need to buy a router, you don't need to buy the optional Wi-Fi adapter and you can achive the fastest most secured connection to Xbox LIVE available.

    3) The Xbox 360 controllers can be fitted with 2 disposable or rechargable Ni-MH AA batteries. You can also buy the Official Battery Pack if you don't own a battery charger.

    4) Xbox 360 allows you to play ANY music in a game, so if you want to listen to Des O'Conner whilst playing GTA IV you can!!!

    5) Xbox 360 will be getting a dashboard update on the 19th November 2008 via Xbox LIVE. This update will offer many new features; including the ability to install games on the Hard-Drive; resulting in faster loading games and a cooler quieter console. Xbox Experience will also be available allowing users to create Avatars!

    6) Xbox 360 is getting exclusive add-on packs for GTA IV and Tomb Raider: Underworld. Xbox 360 owners can also buy the excellent Fable II which is a fantastic game!

    7) The new Xbox 360 60GB is a much more reliable console than previous versions and is fitted with improved technology. Older consoles suffered from overheating (known as the Red Ring of Death) but this problem should now be history.

    8) The Xbox 360 dashboard is clear, colourful and very easy to use. Out of all the next generation consoles, this dashboard is the most logical and enjoyable to use.

  4.  Avoid this game like the plague!!!!


    Road To Vegas on DS is absolutely awful, the graphics look good in reviews but don't let this fool you like it did me! Out of the 27 mini-games I was expecting to find just ONE that was any good, but I was wrong - every game is really bad. The fruit machines are nothing like the arcade machines (i.e. Crazy Fruits) and will bore you to death, especially the machines that only require you to pull a single lever!

    If developers are going to include fruit machines in their games then they should at least visit a proper arcade so they can see what makes a fruit machine fun.

    If anyone has trouble sleeping then buy this game! It does not deserve one star!

  5.  Good.....but is it required?


    As you can now buy "1 Hour Fast Chargers" on the internet for under £20 which come with four "2500mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries" can anyone please tell me what the "Official Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit" offers over this?

    I have read on the internet that the battery pack included in the "Official Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit" only encloses two "1800mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries" which are not as powerful.

  6.  Fine example of a quality title.


    After purchasing the "awful" Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings a few weeks ago (which I traded-in sharpish) I was a bit worried about buying another Square Enix game for £9.99; however I am pleased to say that Square Enix stayed off the gin whilst developing Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker which has turned out to be a fantastic game! This game is worthy of 5 stars as it offers everything a gamer could want; such as addictive gameplay, colourful smooth detailed graphics, the ability to save your game at anytime, large areas to explore, lots of items to find, shops to purchase new items and weapons, 200+ monsters, and the option to play online via Wi-Fi! If you are an RPG fan that doesn't mind a bit of level grinding (like me) then this game is an essential purchase.

    I just can't believe a game of this quality is being sold for just £9.99!!!

  7.  Oh Dear....its the worst game on DS!


    Having played Final Fantasy III a few months ago; which I thought was a fantastic game I was really looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings, unfortunately this game has turned out to be a real stinker and is the worst designed game I have played on the DS so far.

    The first (and main) thing I dislike about Fantasy XII Revenant Wings is the control system, having played the game constantly for 3 hours I just couldn't get used to them and found them very frustrating. I also dislike the very slow character movement which makes the game a bit of a drag to play. Finally; I was also disappointed by the games graphics which I thought were very pixally compared to other DS games; why many reviewers have praised this game for its excellent graphics I don't know.....but thats certainly NOT my opinion!

  8.  If you own a DS....buy this Masterpiece!


    I have played many Adventure and Role Playing Games on the Nintendo DS and I can honestly say that Magical Starsign is one of the best! It features colourful graphics, good gameplay, excellent soundtracks, a user friendly interface, the ability to warp to different parts of game, the ability to save your game at any time, 50+ hours of gameplay, and full touch-screen control....you just couldn't ask for more!!

    If you enjoy RPG and Adventure games then Magical Starsign is an essential purchase.

  9.  Good Quality Product - But Beware!!!


    I have found the HORI DS Lite Protective Filters to be of very good quality with the plastic being as good as the DS screens themselves! To avoid ruining your new set of filters during installation (as I did with my first set) I recommend you read my following advice:

    1) Cut out some small squares of plastic to use for smoothing out the filters and to remove any trapped air bubbles, an old credit card is ideal for this. DO NOT use cardboard as this releases dust particles!

    2) Clean all dirt and smears from your DS screens with the cloth provide by HORI.

    3) Use a tin of compressed "Air Duster" to clean the dust from your DS screens before applying each filter. DO NOT attempt to install your filters without having a tin of air duster - you have been warned!

    4) If any dust particles do get trapped under the filters DO NOT use sticky tape to remove them, it tells you to do this in the HORI instructions but this WRONG! Not only does the sticky tape remove the dust particles it also removes the special silicone adhesive from your filters making them unusable! A blast with the air duster is a much safer way to remove the dust, or if stubborn you could try using the tip of a very small "clean" artist brush - although having NOT tried this myself I cannot tell you the result.

    Good Luck!