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  1.  3D must surely enhance this Chrsitmas Classic


    The Polar Express is an innovative animation that bases itself on several children who are given the chance of a lifetime to go to the North Pole on Christmas Eve via a special train called the Polar Express....The train only has one conductor and no passengers except the drivers....Tom Hanks does a few voiceovers including the conductor whom he looks identical to....The Polar Express has a certain magical christmas feel to it with the Children 's belief of Santa Claus enhanced as they see the elves work their magic in the North Pole....The scenery is exceptional the animation is colourful and very realistic and this 3D Blu-ray really makes high definition look so exceptional with pin sharp detail,fantastic surround sound with a clarity that beats the standard blu-ray version (which I owned myself) beyond a shadow of a doubt.....Look out for the scene of Santa and the reindeers taking off amidst the thousands of elves you will see just how spectacular 3D high definition when an Elves Santa hat almost comes out of the screen as well as getting you into the Christmas mood.....The 3D of the lost ticket travelling through a wooded forest and vivacious waterfall only to return to the train..If you want this Christmas Classic with the best 3D picture and sound available then look no further than this fantastic detailed 3D blu-ray version you will not be disappointed.....

  2.  Singin in the Rain worth the upgrade to Blu-ray


    Gene Kelly's famous song and dance sequence from the title has become a household name.Added to this a young Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor and you have a film that connects both musically and with dance sequences that are colourful and imaginative even today....Donald O'Connor's rendition of "Make em laugh" shows how superfit and talented he was...In the background of the silent movies the competition into talkies made the big studios have to pull out all the stops..This is a talented if not tongue n cheek look at those times....Kelly is masterful with the Broadway Melody sequence with Cid Charise dancing charisma to enhance the mood...."You are my lucky star" is one of many heart stopping hits to top the romance love tale that intertwines between Kelly and Reynolds.......a tale of when Hollywood was at it's best in it's musical hey day and with an all star cast this is a must see musical for any fan of the genre and even for those who are not....Kelly is a genius..This blu-ray shines through with a multitude of fantastic colours especially in the Broadway melody sequence and "Beautiful Girl " song and dance sequence. Watch the tweed fibres of the fine detail in Gene Kelly's suit or the fine detail of the various shops and brickwork as Gene performs Singing in the rain.It's the first time I noticed the eye shadow Gene Kelly was wearing in the close up of his face at the start of the movie whilst he stood on the red carpet reflecting on his past career. You can even notice Debbie Reynolds trying to hold in the laughter as she mistakenly throws a cream pie into Jean Hagen's face (Lina Lamont) This blu-ray shows black bars either side as it was the old 4:3 aspect ration...i.e. square tv compared to widescreen but this doesn't take away from the fact it is a very worthy upgrade from dvd to a shining blu-ray example of the old movies shown in modern day 1080p high definition glory...buy it you'll be amazed

  3.  The Best Disney HD Restoration that I have seen


    Lady a full Bred Cocker Spaniel is part of a well to do owners of Jim Dear and Darling who when it is announced that Darling is expecting a baby, things change for the worst for Lady . It is when cat loving Aunt Sarah comes to babysit that Lady is thrown to the streets only to be rescued from a gang of fighting dogs by a loveable heart of gold Mutt called Tramp. Capture one of the finest Disney moments on the blu-ray cover of Romance Love Friendship when two dogs from the complete opposite side of the track have candlelit dinner to the sound of Belle Notte.Now to the superb part. This has to be in my humble opinion one if not the finest Disney Restoration onto blu-ray that I have seen. It is so very hard to believe this was made approximately 50 years ago when the picture in High Definition looks like a fantastic modern day release (I kid you not)....The colours are breathtaking the clarity even more and shot in 2:55:1 cinemascope aspect ratio only adds to the quality of the print. As for the sound it too does this blu-ray disc great service in DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track. An Absolute must have Disney release you'll be amazed at the quality...Very Very Highly Recommended.

  4.  Great Family Fun especially for the Kids


    Mr Popper (Jim Carey) has a past of being a young boy who follows his father's expeditions around the world via a cb radio only to find that one day his father doesn't answer his call. Grown up now he works for a ruthless company who asks him to acquire land or buildings only to demolish them for profit. Things change when his father leaves him what he initially thinks is a stuffed penquin but develops much more than that. Carey plays this role to perfection with a family story intertwined of his divorsee wife and two kids being subject to his choice of two personalities the good and the not so good. The blu-ray is crystal clear and the sound is good as it is not a surround sound type of movie but more of a storytelling family movie. Young kids will love the penguins with Carey doing what he knows best ...pulling faces. Delightful family film that sure to please even the most hard of hearts....Recommended

  5.  5 star tongue n cheek Western turned Sci-fi Film


    OK.....so my expectations were not high when I seen the title but boy did they change after viewing this blu-ray. The Story starts off as a classy Western with Daniel Craig as a lone Drifter wanted by the Law in the middle nowhere only to be challenged by a few bounty hunters. Harrison Ford plays the cliched owner of many establishments in a small town and Olivia Wilde is a mysterious sidekick who is interested in Craigs past, What I didn't expect was the introduction of space ships hurling people from the ground like a lasso only to take them to their mothership the reason of which becomes clearer further into the film. It is very entertaining stuff if you can switch your brain off and enjoy the ride. Special effects are very good but the blu-ray shines in both the visual and particularly audio department.With both Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard down on a list of Producers and Executive Producers then it would encourage you to think that it's not a bad film and you'd be right. Good family entertainment on a sublime blu-ray disc so I'm going to stick my neck out and say Highly Recommended...

  6.  Best Musical Scrooge with Albert Finney


    Immerse yourself in a truely musical Scrooge that captures the period with great imagination and authentic sets. Albert Finney plays the old miser with great pinnache in this Classic Dickens well known tale with a twist...yes a musical, Songs fill the screen enhancing the tale in an unique but sometimes upbeat way with numbers like "Thank you very much" and "Father Christmas" to name but a few. The Only drawback is that the Overture was left out on this blu-ray version compared to being present in the previous dvd release which seems strange as it takes away a bit of the films authenticity. The picture quality whilst not Top Drawer is much more contrast orientated than it's dvd counterpart with the colours being much more vibrant too. Fine detail is were the blu-ray shines but not in all cases as there is is thin layer of thin grain at times. The sound is much better compared to the dvd with a much clearer, louder soundtrack. However this is still a much better transfer than the dvd counterpart with the film being a Chriistmas Family Classic ideal for this Season to get you in the mood....Recommended

  7.  Pure Genius but eccentric...Fantastic Concert on Blu-ray


    To all the Reviewers stating Lady GaGa has to copy Madonna - This Lady Does not have to copy anyone. Her Musical talent and originality is pure Genius from a truely gifted individual. Shot by H.B.O. in Madison Square Gardens in New York be prepared to be thrilled with both picture and sound quality in a Top Drawer Blu-ray. Look out for Fantastic Performances in Born This Way, Bad Romance, Telephone and Just Dance to name but a few. I especially liked the back stage A Capella performance of Born this Way. The sound quality almost makes you feel your live at the event with great audience participation. The backsatge scenes are not laboured on with just enough of the behind the scenes footage to wet your appetite. The Costumes Colours singing dancing and great sets are in typical GaGa style. A truely sensational artist in an equally sensational blu-ray disc. Very Highly Recommended

  8.  A Timeless Christmas Classic Feelgood Family Film


    George Bailey played by James Stewart is an ordinary guy who wants to rid himself of his home town of Bedford Falls and see the World......Fate however has it that he stays in Bedford Falls and gets married to Mary aka the beautiful Donna Mills and has kids taking on his fathers Building and Loan small business struggling to make ends meet he comes up against a ruthless business shark in Mr Potter played with perfection by Lionel Barrymore....what transpires from here is a desperate man at his wits end looking for an answer only to find it in an angel named Clarence.....will George survive and see the light? It's a Wonderful Life is undoubtedly the best film ever to hit celluloid and probably James Stewart's greatest ever role...This film inspires you to a higher level when watching it ...taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride of life which there is a lot of identification.....This Blu-ray has both black and white and colour versions of the film on one disc. The black and white is a big step up from the dvd version with bold blacks and crisp clear images it's a visual treat. The Colour version is a great fun extra and they have made a great attempt at making this film look really good for it's age in colour so a fantastic package overall. The cast is exemplary the storyline oozes class and this film will still be popular in another 100 years it's a gem...Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without watching It's a Wonderful Life....A must have film for all the Family.

  9.  The Vampire Diaries is a Romantic Classy Series


    This is actually a 4 disc blu-ray boxset and not a 3 disc as described. The Vampire Diaries will capture your imagination in a tale of intrigue , romance and suspence. It is a Top Drawer Series where Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev....phhhheeewwww) and her lady friends become fascinated by a new guy in town Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) who is smart good looking but no one seems to truely know where he comes from as he joins them at Mystic Falls High school. Elena keeps a diary of her life up till now and at 17 years old she has just lost her parents in a car accident of which she is the sole survivor. When the attraction of Stefan develops she learns that he too keeps a diary of his life events. It's not until Stefan's bad boy brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) hits town that things really get hot. Whilst Mystic Falls encounters a random amount of apparent animal attacks which are fatal a new breed of vampires have come to town with a love story entwined as Elena is hauntingly identical to Catherine an 1864 girlfriend of both Stefan and Damon Mystic Falls is just about to become food for thought....The Blu-ray is pin sharp during daylight scenes with no apparent grain or blemishes and at night-time the black level and depth of the image is generally very good with a small amount of fine grain in certain scenes. The Sound is more impressive than I thought with a few jumpy moments although it would have been nice if it had had a DTS lossless track. Extremely entertaining addictive 5 star entertainment . Very Highly Recommended

  10.  Sensational Family Fantasy that will entertain all


    Chris Columbus Director of such films as (Home Alone,Mrs Doubtfire,Rent,Harry Potter) Directs this fantasy extravaganza of state of the art special effects and Greek mythology to boot in an enchanting fantasy adventure that is sure to please all the family..Percy Jackson is a teenager trying to find his roots only to eventually find through a sequence of bizaar events that he is the son of Poseidon the Greek God of the Sea who has been accused by Zeus that Percy is suspected of stealing his lightning bolt and it must be returned or else war would take place...A cameo role by Pierce Brosnan and Zeus played by Liam Neeson are to name but a few top actors with Uma Thurman as Medussa the Gorgon.If you like Chris Columbus style of directing from his previous films then you are certain to be enthralled by Percy Jackson and his adventures to try and retrieve his good name.....A visual treat not to be missed....Very Highly Recommended Family Entertainment